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Nabertherm: Laboratory and Industrial Furnaces

The success story of Nabertherm began when Conrad Naber founded his family business for the production of pottery kilns in 1947. In the meantime, the company has established itself as a global corporation that designsprofessional furnaces and heat treatment systems for laboratories and industrial areas of all kinds. The quality of the product innovations is outstanding. On you will find a wide range of laboratory and industrial furnaces for your needs.

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The success of Nabertherm

For almost 75 years, the Lilienthal-based company has been synonymous with quality, professionalism, experience, customer orientation and reliability when it comes to laboratory and industrial furnaces furnaces. What began as a small family business in 1947 has long since advanced to become a renowned global corporation. Today, the manufacturer employs more than 500 highly motivated employees and has more than 150,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

The DIN EN ISO 9001 certification is the highest possible ISO nomination, marking the excellent quality of Nabetherm products. With a spirit of innovation, perseverance, financial strength and, last but not least, the continuous use of powerful, modern technologies, the company continues to stand out from the competition time and time again.

Nabertherm: Fields of Application

The areas of application for this manufacturer's laboratory and industrial furnaces are extremely diverse. They are particularly important in four specific areas .


Muffle furnaces as well as High-Temperature Furnaces are indispensable in the modern laboratory. The products of this world-renowned manufacturer are characterized by their excellent performance and functional portfolio as well as the wide range of programs.


For drying or heating of metal or steel products in the industry are drying ovens and convection ovens indispensable. Whether large devices or compact models - at you will find a wide range of products.

Arts and crafts or hobby area

For handicrafts or for the production of clay or loam products as well as porcelain painting and glass painting in retail stores, ceramic workshops or schools, Nabertherm kilns or chamber kilns with brick or fiber insulation in high quality are needed. Also for these products you will find an extensive product portfolio of Chamber kilns from the manufacturer at

Dental area

Sintering and preheating furnaces have been used in modern dental practices for many years. Find out more about the excellent solutions that Nabertherm has to offer.

Nabertherm: Ovens and drying cabinets

Let yourself be inspired by the quality and performance portfolio of the diverse ovens and drying ovens from Nabertherm at MedSolut. Their specific features and the advantages they offer for your laboratory or work area will convince you.

Melting furnace

Nabertherm melting furnaces are equipped with high-quality ceramic heating plates with integrated heating wire. Thanks to the robust stainless steel sheet housing, uniform heating on both sides is guaranteed.

Drying oven

The drying ovens or the corresponding oven systems of this manufacturer are excellently suited for routine use in everyday laboratory work.

Fast firing furnace

For the production of various materials Fast firing furnaces from the Lilienthaler Group are indispensable in many laboratories worldwide. The implemented NT-Log-Basics as well as the double-walled housings and the excellent insulation are a guarantee for first-class work, efficiency, user-friendliness and durability.

Annealing and curing oven

Nabertherms Annealing and curing furnaces are ideal for use in dental practices or in industrial areas. The splash- and exhaust-proof design, a long service life and excellent heating technologies make these units something special.

Protective gas retort furnace

When it comes to the production and drying of various dental or industrial products, you need a protective gas and retort furnace from the production halls of Nabertherm.

Muffle Furnace

Without a powerful muffle furnace nothing is possible in the modern laboratory. Contact us directly to find out about the numerous features that the state-of-the-art muffle furnaces from Nabertherm GmbH have to offer.

Preheating Furnace

In tool and fitting construction, as well as in many other areas of industry and trade, the modern preheating furnaces of this well-known manufacturer are used.

Tube furnace

Tube furnaces from Nabertherm's production halls occupy a high position on national and international plateaus. Thanks to the complexity of the installed technologies and the very well thought-out safety features, with the tube furnaces from the range, you always have the perfect solution at hand.

Rotary tube - or continuous rotary tube furnace

The modern rotary tube and continuous rotary tube furnaces can generate temperatures from around 1,100 °C to 1,300 °C if required. Contact us if you need more information.

Sintering furnace

With a sintering furnace for cobalt chrome, you can achieve temperatures of up to 1,300 °C thanks to the high-quality heating system installed. Such performance capacity makes Nabertherm's innovations so hotly sought after by demanding corporate customers around the world.

High-temperature furnace

The heating plates in Nabertherm's innovative high-temperature furnaces are extremely easy to change. In other respects, too, the product range impresses with its value, high volume and class.

Gradient or pull-through furnace

As powerful and functional as Nabertherm's gradient or pull-through oven-range is, the individual models are also attractive in design. Take a look at the latest models in this category in our online catalog now.

Shaft furnace

With a view to the production of various materials of high quality, you need a cupola furnace/ashing furnace. The well thought-out design and robust construction of the systems and equipment in this category is consistently convincing. See for yourself.

Chamber furnace

NaberthermsChamber furnaces for targeted heat treatment after laser sintering are in demand all over the world. The new models on reach temperatures of up to 1,250 °C. What are your expectations for your new chamber furnace?

Vacuum furnace

For materials testing in laboratories and for the preparation of a wide variety of materials and substances, Nabertherm's vacuum furnaces are a must. We will be happy to show you which of the models best suits the requirements of your daily laboratory or company routine.

Cupola or Ashing Furnace

In technical ceramics, glass and solar production, as well as in the metal and plastics processing industries, success-oriented companies can do without a cupola or ashing furnace without a cupola or ashing furnace. We have the perfect technical solution for you in every case.

Universal furnace

Universal high-temperature tube furnaces are used, among others, in semiconductor manufacturing, in valve and tool making, in laboratory analysis, and in some branches of the plastics and metal processing industries . Find the best universal furnaces Nabertherms in our online catalog.

Elevator Furnace

Because modern elevator furnaces Nabertherms can achieve such a high temperature level as well as optimal temperature uniformity, they are essential in everyday laboratory work as well as in numerous industrial fields. Take your time and choose at the Elevator Oven that fully meets your requirements.

Ashing furnace

Whether with hinged, lift or pull door - Nabertherm's Ashing Ovens convince with their unique usability. The high functional portfolio and remarkable safety standards are also just about proverbial when it comes to Nabertherm's innovations.

Furnaces from Nabertherm - professional equipment for your laboratory

Solidity, stability and durability - these are the basic factors that speak for Nabertherm's industrial and laboratory furnaces. You are also welcome to make use of our professional service. We will be happy to help you find the ideal furnace from Nabertherm. Contact us or send us an e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you!