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Wide selection, high quality laboratory equipment: Manufacturer at MedSolut

Professional laboratory operations in research and industry require a wide range of equipment on a daily basis. The selection of renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers at MedSolut is correspondingly diverse, offering laboratory equipment for precise applications with high safety standards: From extraction and heating systems to cooling technology, collection trays, incubators and shakers, you will find laboratory technology at the highest level here.

We would be pleased to introduce you to our current manufacturers:

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Convince yourself of the laboratory, analysis and process technologyof the manufacturers at MedSolut:

The manufacturers at MedSolut are particularly characterized by a high level of expertise and many years of success on the international market. Thus, MedSolut has a portfolio of small, medium and large companies that stand out from the rest of the market due to the outstanding quality of their products. Thereby, the quality “Made in Germany” is strongly in focus for more than 150 000 products of our laboratory equipment manufacturers, which is …

  • … Innovation,
  • High safety standards in research
  • and excellent functional design.

Laboratory equipment for every need

The laboratory technology at MedSolut thus meets all the requirements placed on laboratory equipment manufacturers and offers a truly wide range of research equipmentthat cannot be missing in everyday laboratory work. As a research institution you will find here:

It is not only the direct use of instruments that is the focus of manufacturers: the rest of the laboratory equipment must also meet the highest standards. For example, the safe storage of substances in safety cabinets and cabinets for hazardous substances, clean room cells and collection trays is an essential part of everyday laboratory work.

In addition, each laboratory must be equipped with the proper protective equipment (e.g., gown, half mask and cleanroom equipment) and each measurement result must be recorded throughaccurate documentation.

Requirements for laboratory equipment manufacturers

The manufacturers at MedSolut understand the demands of everyday laboratory work and are constantly developing new,innovative solutions for precise examinations. Durability and reliable functionality of devices and equipment are essential:

 In everyday laboratory work – and especially in the chemistry lab – the equipment comes into contact with aggressive substances almost every day, so it has to be extremely robust and resistant. Constantly changing temperatures during sample testing and many other influences also place demands on the equipment, which is expected to be in operation for many years. A high level of expertise in the development and manufacture of laboratory equipment is therefore essential.

Professional laboratory equipment requires flexible application options

Since work in research facilities is multifaceted and always facing new challenges, it is necessary for laboratory equipment manufacturers to keep this in mind when developing tools and equipment. Therefore, laboratory equipment is often designed according to the modular principle and can be supplemented by individual modules.

This allows our customers to add additional features to the laboratory equipment as required when ordering, perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of everyday laboratory work. This makes it possible to find equipment for very specific requirements.

Excellent products, excellent service

Like the laboratory equipment manufacturers at MedSolut, our customer service specializes in special requirements in research facilitiesand convinces with high expertise and excellent expert advice.

So, thanks to the excellent cooperation with numerous renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers, it is possible for us to offer youtransparent exchange, fast feedback, optimal price-performance ratio and comprehensive service. In addition, you benefit from lifetime service not only when purchasing but also when maintaining laboratory equipment or designing a new laboratory space.

Professional equipment: Laboratory equipment manufacturers at MedSolut

Are you looking for very special equipment or an instrument from a particular labware manufacturer? Contact us – we are looking forward to your inquiry. You can reach us daily by telephone at +49 30 209 657 900.You can also send us your request by e-mail at [email protected] or contact us via the Contact form with us.