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Gas cylinder cabinet: safe storage of pressurised gas cylinders

Safety is the top priority in any laboratory. Compressed gas cylinders are classified as particularly risky here and require a particularly safe form of storage. At, there is a large selection of gas cylinder cabinets of the highest quality, which safely protect the cylinders from external influences. Our team of experts will be happy to help you select the right gas cylinder cabinet for your application and thus reduce the potential risk in your laboratory to a minimum .

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When is a gas cylinder cabinet necessary?

Compressed gas cylinders have an enormously high internal pressure. If the gas cylinder is damaged, there is therefore an increased risk of fire, accident and explosion. For this reason, there are numerous regulations in Germany governing the professional storage of compressed gas cylinders. For example, cylinders with a gas volume of more than 2.5 l or total gas quantities of 20 kg must comply with the relevant safety measures. The gas cylinders must be protected against falling over and, for safety reasons, must be stored in a locked gas cabinet. Appropriate technical ventilation ensures that no locally higher gas concentrations occur.

Compressed gas cylinder cabinet from Manufacturer and assortment

If you would like to equip your laboratory safely with gas cylinder cabinets, you have a competent partner at your side in A pressurised gas cylinder cabinet from meets the highest quality criteria and in many cases exceeds the applicable safety standards. Our range includes only leading brand manufacturers such as Asecos or Dperthal.

Gas cylinder cabinet from Asecos

Asecos stands for Security and Ecology and thus places safety and environmental protection at the centre of its company policy. Founded in 1994, the company has since risen to become Europe's leading manufacturer of tested safety cabinets. With a gas cylinder cabinet from Asecos, you are always on the safe side. The manufacturer supplies gas cylinder cabinets in many different sizes for up to 4 x 50 litre gas pressure cylinders and for a wide range of industries.

Gas cylinder cabinet from Dperthal

Dperthal is the German quality and technology leader. As a family business, the manufacturer sets the standards for the safe storage of chemicals and other hazardous materials. Customer orientation and quality are in the foreground. The product portfolio includes a wide range of different cabinets for up to 4 x 50 litre bottles.

Cabinet for gas cylinders: What regulations apply to storage?

The regulations applicable in Germany for the storage of pressurised gas cylinders are the Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances (TRGS), in particular TRGS 510. The gas cylinder cabinets required for storage must comply with the current European standard EN 14470-2. The most important regulations are briefly presented below.

Possible storage locations

Gas cylinder cabinets can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, depending on the contents of the gas cylinders, they should be equipped with a technical ventilation system that ensures a complete air exchange up to ten times per hour. Underground storage is also possible. However, more stringent regulations apply here, as the risk is significantly increased. In general, care must be taken to prevent gases from accumulating or spreading. Therefore, waste, sewers or similar draughts must not be located near the gas cylinders.

Structural design

When storing the gas cylinders, it must first be ensured that the gas valves cannot be damaged. Therefore, the gas cylinders must be stored upright on level ground. Safety measures such as gas cylinder holders prevent them from falling over. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the gas cylinders are not heated. Machines with waste heat or similar heat sources must be at least 0.5 m away from the gas cylinder cabinet .

Organisational measures

Access to gas cylinder cabinets by unauthorised persons must be prevented. To this end, the gas cylinder cabinet can, for example, be locked with a padlock. In addition, the repair or refilling of gas cylinders is not permitted inside the gas cylinder cabinet. The valves of the gas cylinders must always be secured with the appropriate protective caps.

Fire protection

Indoor gas cylinder cabinets shall be made of fire retardant material and shall be capable of withstanding fire for at least 30 minutes. In a gas cylinder safety cabinet, it must also be ensured that the cabinet roof provides protection against flying fires and that the floor coverings are flame retardant. A fire extinguisher must be located in the immediate vicinity and an emergency telephone must be quickly accessible.

Shared storage with other substances

Gas cylinders should never be stored with other materials. Especially highly flammable materials such as corrosive chemicals, oils or fuels can lead to a hazardous situation when combined with gas cylinders. Gas cylinders containing flammable or explosive gases should also never be stored together with other gas cylinders.

Gas cylinder cabinet for the floodplain

The gas cylinder cabinet for outdoor use is exposed to wind and weather and must therefore be robust. Rainwater should not be able to penetrate so that the gas cylinders do not corrode. In addition, gas cylinder cabinets installed outdoors should maintain a safety distance of at least five metres from adjacent installations. The safety area must not extend onto the neighbouring property and may only be restricted on two sides by high protective walls. Especially in the case of an outdoor gas cylinder cabinet, it must be ensured that unauthorised persons have no access.

Safety cabinet for pressurised glass cylinders: Design variants

Different gas cylinder limits, as well as different substances to be stored , have an influence on the type of your potential safety cabinet. The possible designs in which the safety cabinets can differ are briefly explained below.

Fire safety conditions

A distinction is made between gas cylinder cabinets without fire resistance for outdoor applications, a fire resistance of 30 min (G30) and gas cylinder cabinets with a fire resistance of 90 min (G90). All cabinets can be ventilated and are equipped with the appropriate connections.

Size and equipment

The cabinets differ in size and thus in the number and size of the gas cylinders to be stored. High cabinets or half-height cabinets can be used, which can be equipped with one or two doors.

Substances to be stored

The safety cabinet for pressurised gas cylinders can also be suitable for different substances. For example, a distinction is made between cabinets for storing non-hazardous gases, such as oxygen, and cabinets for flammable, toxic explosive gases.

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