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Buying a laboratory dishwasher efficiently and hygienically

In the laboratory, it is essential to clean instruments, vessels and glassware regularly and efficiently. has an extensive portfolio of laboratory dishwashers from industry leader Miele for this purpose. Whether you want to replace existing equipment or are planning to purchase a new machine for the first time, our competent team of experts will advise you in detail and without obligation on the selection of the right laboratory dishwasher for your requirements.


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Laboratory dishwasher: use and requirements

A laboratory dishwasher is an indispensable part of the laboratory equipment in a chemical, medical or biological laboratory. Sensitive or easily breakable glassware, instruments and other laboratory equipment must be hygienically clean in order to be used optimally. Contamination must be avoided at all costs, which is why special process chemicals are often used for reprocessing. A laboratory dishwasher should therefore work particularly hygienically, be able to disinfect and leave no residue during cleaning. Furthermore, the warewashing technology must also reliably clean hollow objects and glassware with narrow necks and openings. As a warewasher is in continuous use in the laboratory, it should always meet the requirements of an industrial appliance in terms of low maintenance and durability.

Laboratory dishwashers from Miele: Products at

In our online catalog, we have various ranges of Miele laboratory dishwashers available for you. Discover for yourself and let us advise you personally if required:

Miele SlimLine laboratory dishwasher PLW 6111

This Miele laboratory dishwasher offers space for large containers, yet is very slim in design and can be loaded flexibly thanks to SmartLoad technology. In addition, telescopic pull-outs increase the ergonomics of the loading process. The cleaning chamber of the PLW 6111 is illuminated and closed with a glass door, allowing visual inspection at any time. The special ProCareLab dosing system enables the precise addition of process chemicals. The exhaust air from this machine is effectively dehumidified by a steam condenser.

Miele laboratory glassware washers PG 8583 / 8583 CD / 8593

The laboratory glassware washers in the PG 8583 and 8593 series have a variable-speed heating pump. The optimum rinsing pressure at all times removes stubborn soiling and at the same time ensures complete wetting of the instruments to be rinsed. The device is optimized for special laboratory requirements and also cleans devices with complex geometries reliably. Laser-welded seams prevent unevenness and joints as potential contamination points. With optional special drying and filter technology, such as the EcoDry or DryPlus system, new hygiene standards are set.

Miele G 7825 / 7826 washer-disinfectors

The G 7825 and G 7826 washer-disinfectors have been specially developed for larger laboratories. With a usable capacity of 225 liters, the series combines a large volume with a space-saving design and a width of just 900 mm. The equipment of the single-door appliance can be customized.

Miele washer-disinfector PG 8527 / 8528

The PG 8527 and PG 8528 washer-disinfectors provide usable volumes of up to 351 liters. The two-door appliance series enables the centralized reprocessing of a particularly large number of instruments and devices. The optimized electronic Profitronic control system and an improved hygienic rinsing chamber ensure increased cleaning performance. An innovative rinsing arm monitoring system and accurate dosing volume control ensure high process reliability and efficiency. This also includes improved drying with a HEPA filter. A full glass door and wash chamber lighting allow continuous visual status monitoring.

Miele washer-disinfector G PG 8535 / 8536

The PG 8535 and PG 8536 washer-disinfectors are suitable for the particularly hygienic reprocessing of laboratory glassware in the fields of chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology. The innovative spray arm monitoring system and automatic trolley detection ensure maximum process reliability. Optimized hot air drying ensures perfect drying results. The freely programmable control software can be used to flexibly program the desired cleaning processes.

Laboratory dishwasher: What price should you expect?

The price of a laboratory washer can vary considerably and depends on the respective equipment, automation, technical options and size. At around EUR 5,500.00, the Miele PG 8583 laboratory glasswasher is in the lower price segment. In contrast, the price of a Miele SlimLine laboratory warewasher PWL 6111, a new model with a large volume and a high degree of automation, is a more expensive purchase at EUR 18,050.

Choosing a laboratory dishwasher - what you should look out for

Before you decide on a laboratory dishwasher, a classification of requirements can help you narrow down your choice. The technical requirements, ecological and environmental factors and practicality should all be taken into account. The following questions and aspects will help you to narrow down your choice:

Technical requirements Economic & ecological requirements Practical requirements
What are the cleaning performance requirements? How important is efficient water and energy consumption? Size of the usable space: What quantities of instruments need to be cleaned, how large are they?
What are the hygiene requirements? How effective must the drying process be? Size of the dishwasher: What space is available?
How flexibly must process chemicals be dosed? Are particle filters required for the drying air? Is a one-door or two-door version preferable?
How flexibly must individual processes be programmable?   Is a visual inspection during the program useful or necessary?
    Is an automatic or optimized loading function useful, for example for high throughputs?

Accessories for laboratory dishwashers

In addition to the actual laboratory dishwashers, there is a wide range of accessories available for laboratory dishwashers. You can choose from the following selection of accessories.

Disinfectants: Disinfectants for laboratory dishwashers, washer-disinfectors and disinfectors protect against pathogens and serious infections. Different types of disinfectant ensure that the reprocessing of materials meets hygiene requirements.

Cleaning agents: Hygiene plays an extremely important role in laboratories. High-quality cleaning agents in laboratory dishwashers or washer-disinfectors can protect laboratory staff as well as patients in the medical field from pathogens.

Cleaning indicators: The first step in cleaning medical or other laboratory utensils is to remove contamination in laboratory dishwashers or washer-disinfectors. In order to qualify laboratory instruments for the next disinfection step, the cleanliness of the instruments is checked using cleaning indicators.

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Would you like to replace existing equipment or are you planning to set up a new laboratory and need a laboratory dishwasher? Our experts will be happy to advise and support you in your selection to help you find the perfect machine for your requirements. Feel free to contact us! You can reach us by telephone on +49 30 209 657 900 or send us an e-mail to