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Laboratory thermometers or fine thermometers are indispensable tools for various laboratory tasks. It is important to have high-quality and reliable devices at hand. Our top manufacturers offer state-of-the-art technology and a high quality guarantee: Robust housings as well as precise and reliable measured values are standard with us.


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Types of a laboratory thermometer for special use

In our online catalogue you will find a selection of certified laboratory thermometers that meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. You will also find detailed descriptions of all features and available equipment. For example, many of our instruments are available in a waterproof version, are break-proof or are particularly intuitive to use. Our professional MedSolut team is always at your disposal for individual advice.

Thermocouple measuring device

Thermocouple gauges are made for a wide range of applications when it comes to measuring temperature. This is why they are used in a variety of ways: for example, they are used in air-conditioning technology, but are also often built into devices. In order to determine the right thermocouple, the temperature range that the device is to measure must be specified.

Make sure you choose the right material and determine the desired resistance, as the laboratory thermometer will be exposed to vibration and abrasion. DOSTMANN thermocouple meters are equipped with the innovative P400W technology and are therefore able to deliver exact measuring results.


The thermo-hygrometer measures relative and absolute humidity values in conjunction with temperature and can thus detect sources of humidity. This laboratory thermometer is therefore mainly used for maintenance work like measure temperature, but it can do a lot more. Our DOSTMANN thermo-hygrometers are specialised for a wide range of applications. They are used, for example, in DNA analyses, enzymatic reactions and as thermometers in chemistry.

Digital thermometers

A Digital laboratory thermometer is needed when fast and precise measurements are required. For example, they are used for temperature controls in storage or for various laboratory substances. Our lab thermometers are also created for mobile use browse our range of pocket thermometers from Ludwig Schneider and find the right device for the specific requirements of your application.

Depending on the instrument, our digital thermometers for the laboratory are available with different types of sensors such as temperature probes or infrared temperature sensors.

Penetration thermometers

Penetration thermometers are designed for measuring core temperatures in mostly liquid, but also powdery and plastic materials. The values provided by the device are precise and allow reliable statements to be made about the condition of the materials. Our immersion thermometers from Ludwig Schneider and DOSTMANN are available in waterproof versions and have robust housings and variable measuring times.

Infrared thermometers

Laboratory thermometers with infrared are designed for measurements on moving objects that require fast measurements. However, they are also often used when the object to be measured cannot be reached directly. For example, if it is protected by an electromagnetic field or is in a vacuum.

With the infrared thermometer you can achieve accurate results without contact. Another field of application of the Infrared Thermometer is medicine. But this device is not only used in hospitals, but also at airports, for example. There, it is necessary to detect elevated temperatures among passengers in order to prevent the introduction of diseases such as Ebola or COVID-19.

Precision thermometer

Precision thermometers are used when the highest demands are made and the most accurate reading of results are required. They play a particularly important role in quality assurance. Ludwig Schneider's precision thermometers provide accurate data and feature ACCU-SAFE technology.

Models of thermometers

In our product range you will find a wide selection of laboratory thermometers in different versions. When buying, it is best to pay attention to the exact requirements of the area in which the thermometer is to be used. In our product descriptions you can find out more about the exact data and properties of the individual instruments. Below you will find general information about our laboratory thermometers to help you make your decision:


Many of our measuring instruments are available in inclusion or rod form. Please note that the rod shape is much more stable and robust. Often, these are glass rods that can be used to stir substances consistently while keeping an eye on the values. The enclosed form is less mobile and more suitable for stationary use, as the glass is quite thin and therefore less break-resistant. This form is used, for example, in distillation apparatus, where the easier-to-read scale is practical.

Thermometer liquid

When buying, make sure you choose the right thermometer fluid for your professional requirements. For example, mercury is useful from -30 °C to +350 °C, whereas pentane is more commonly used for low-temperature measurements from -200 Celsius to +30 Celsius.

Manufacturers in the Medsolut range

Our manufacturers are long-term partners and convince through the quality of their products as well as consistent customer satisfaction. Ludwig Schneider and DOSTMANN are the leading manufacturers for our laboratory thermometers.

Ludwig Schneider

This company stands for measuring instruments made in Germany. Since 1910 it has developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments for temperature and density. Close cooperation with customers and partners and a reliable quality management system make Ludwig Schneider one of our most reliable and valuable manufacturers.


Equally adept at quality, DOSTMANN focuses on innovative and advanced solutions. The manufacturer's devices comply with the national standards of the Physikalische Technische Bundesanstalt or equivalent institutes with equally high requirements. The strict tests and high-quality measuring devices for thermal values make DOSTMANN a manufacturer we trust.

Ordering the right laboratory thermometer

Whether you need a stable thermometer for mobile use or a high-precision laboratory thermometer for quick measurements, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Are you looking for calibrated thermometers for the laboratory? You want the best precision laboratory thermometer? Our customer service will be happy to advise you on +49 30 209 657 900 or via e-mail ( We will help you order the best laboratory thermometer for your needs.