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Laboratory vessels – selection at

Whatever laboratory vessel you need – at we have the right product in outstanding quality ready for you. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right laboratory vessel.

Dewar Vessels

A Dewar flask is a mirrored, double-walled glass laboratory vessel. It is used for thermal insulation of the substance stored in it and is intended to maintain the cold or heat of the filling product as permanently as possible. The laboratory vessel named after the Scottish physicist Sir James Dewar is available in our online store in various designs and in best quality.

Reaction vials

In a high-quality reaction vials from the MedSolut range, you can carry out experiments as part of your daily office work to test chemical reactions. Whether sulfation flasks, multi-necked flasks or glow scoops – we carry laboratory vessels with a wide range of volume capacities. Order now on the reaction vessel that is right for your applications and work areas.

Disposal Kegs

When conducting tests, experiments, analyses and examinations, it is important to collect or collect the resulting waste products in suitable disposal kegs. To ensure proper disposal of chemical waste, certain wastes must be classified, possibly packaged, and assigned to their final destination in accordance with further disposal logistics.

Transport containers

With regard to the transport of samples, specimens or larger quantities of chemicals or specific substances, you need suitable transport containers in your laboratory or institute. With us, you will find the right container with ideal volume capacities for every project. Whether made of steel or stainless steel or aluminum, whether with special holders or flaps – with the help of our experienced team, discover the transport containers that will make your professional or business day more efficient.

Safety bottles

Safety bottles made of glass or plastic are part of the standard equipment of a laboratory. The product portfolio on is accordingly diverse and ranges from narrow- and wide-necked bottles to dosing and dropper bottles, as well as suction and spray bottles.

The bottles are offered in our online catalog in sizes with a wide range of capacities. In addition, we offer the matching tops, filters and lids. Feel free to contact us to find the right safety bottles for your laboratory or institute.

What materials are used for laboratory vessels?

When it comes to thermally treating solutions, liquids or similar substances, laboratory vessels made of porcelain or glass are ideal. Metal and plastic bottles, on the other hand, are less suitable for carrying out thermal work.

Narrow and multi-neck bottles as well as spray bottles are mainly made of PE or PFA plastics because materials of this type are very stable and durable. Even chemical substances can be permanently stored in them without any problems.

Volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, but also Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers are today mostly made of solid borosilicate glass, which is characterized by its high robustness and low dead weight.

Mostly, laboratory vessels are made of PE or PFA plastics. Other common materials besides glass and porcelain are polymethylpentene (PMP), polypropylene (PP) and perfluoroalkoxy (PFA). The latter is a thermoplastic that combines the properties of Teflon and poly-fluoroethylenepropylene. This makes the material perfect for storing toxic or aggressive liquids and powders.

Our service at

Our outstanding product range already explicitly sets us apart from the competition. You will be impressed by the qualitative value of the laboratory vessels as well as the entire assortment.

The experienced team of is always there for you with all questions concerning your desired products and supports you professionally and reliably. With our help, it is easy to find exactly the laboratory vessel that best suits the requirements and conditions at your workplace. works exclusively with renowned brand manufacturers, so you can be sure to receive first-class products, performance and services. Also, the short delivery times as well as the customer-oriented payment methods make our well-known online catalog so special.

You would like to pick up your ordered items directly at our premises? That’s no problem either – simply make an appointment to pick them up. We welcome you!

Procedure of ordering laboratory tubes

Ordering selected laboratory vessels from well-known brand manufacturers is particularly easy and uncomplicated on We will gladly show you how to secure your favorite items:

1.The search for the right laboratory vessel

As your partner for innovative products for laboratory and medical equipment, we offer you an exceptional all-round service.  Simply select your desired items from more than 100,000 products. To ensure that you always benefit from the excellent quality made in Germany, we are always available to advise you.

You can’t find the laboratory vessel you need in our store right away? Together we will find the optimal solution for you. In the course of our consultation, we individually address your needs and requirements and also take your specific work areas into account when selecting products.

2. the ideal pricing

Our customers appreciate that we offer them the best possible price with optimal performance at all times. Thus, we also create an individual offer for you. You have the option to place the selected goods in the virtual shopping cart and then go through the customer-oriented electronic ordering process. By confirming the order process, your purchase is binding, and you then choose the payment method that suits you. Of course, the security of your data is guaranteed at every step.

3. perfect service – from the very beginning

Within a very short time you can receive your delivery at your desired address. Moreover, you have the possibility to pick up the ordered goods personally at our premises. Please let us know when we can welcome you at our premises. We look forward to seeing you! At MedSolut you can expect even more. We will not leave you alone after the purchase of your products.

Our experts guarantee you professional technical support in the commissioning of your ordered items, and we also assist in the maintenance and repair of the products ordered at Do you have any questions regarding the disposal of goods? Even then, we are always happy to help you.

Buy laboratory vessel online – we will be happy to advise you!

Order your laboratory vessel now directly on Benefit from our excellent consulting service and take advantage of our comprehensive range of services. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the technology, repair, maintenance and disposal of our range of products. Simply call us on +49 30 209 657 900 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]