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As a leading supplier of laboratory supplies, offers an extensive selection of labbaths for various applications. Whether you are setting up a new lab or expanding your existing equipment, you are guaranteed to find the right product. Our laboratory baths are specially designed for use in laboratories and meet the highest quality standards. Convince yourself of the variety of our products!

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How do laboratory water baths work?

Water baths are a fundamental product and mainly used in chemical or biological laboratories to gently bring samples to a defined temperature and keep them at a constant temperature. The water bath in the laboratory is filled with water and electrically tempered. The samples are placed in a waterproof seamless chamber like a laboratory vessel into the water bath and thus heated continuously and evenly to the water temperature. In such a process, water baths can maintain temperature uniformity of around 100 °C, while other laboratory baths such as oil baths can even reach temperatures of up to 250 °C.

Water bath: laboratory device for sensitive applications

Water baths are used in a wide variety of applications. Due to the high heat capacity of the water and the associated slow temperature adjustment, samples can be tempered particularly gently and precisely. For this reason, a water bath is particularly suitable for chemical laboratories in which, for example, reaction controls are carried out. High performance baths are also used in biological or microbiological environments with sensitive tasks, such as

  • carrying out chemical reactions at defined temperatures,

  • the gentle thawing of samples

  • and the incubation of samples.

Buy a water bath for the laboratory - your benefits at

If you are looking for the ideal water bath for your work area, you will find the entire range of design variants at In addition to the large selection of high-quality products and accessories from well-known brand manufacturers, you also benefit from an incomparable price-performance ratio. We also offer you

  • perfect service and worldwide delivery

  • non-binding, competent and excellent advice

  • Direct comparison of all brand manufacturers

The right water bath for your laboratory - selection criteria

To help you find the right water bath for your needs, we are happy to provide you with some selection criteria. This is because the various models can differ in terms of factors such as temperature control, capacity or various additional functions. You should therefore consider the following aspects before purchasing a water bath for your laboratory:

Temperature range

Many devices differ in their respective temperature range. Most water baths can reach water temperatures from room temperature up to at least 95 °C, while some water baths can reach up to 100 °C. The material stainless steel ensures a good isolation of the inside so the water can bet kept on the temperature for a long period.

Accuracy and temperature uniformity

The required temperature stability is also very important when selecting a laboratory water bath. If you need very precise temperature control, you should opt for baths with low temperature variances of +/- 0.1 °C, for example the water bath JB Academy from GRANT. In some cases, temperature stability is achieved by a continuous flow of water. This means that small temperature differences can be reliably compensated for.

Holding volume

The capacity of the water tank is of great importance for usability. With most appliances, you can choose from different sizes. The volumes range from 0.8 liters to over 40 liters. If you need a particularly large bath for your work area, we recommend taking a look at the baths in the Pura series from our manufacturer JULABO. This model is also available in larger sizes with a capacity of up to 36 liters. Sometimes you can also chose a personal sized bath.

Stirring and shaking functions

Many water baths also have a stirring or shaking function and are microprocessor controlled and come with a bright led display. The stirring systems often used here are magnetic stirrers which ensure that the water is continuously swirled. With a shaking water bath the samples are kept in motion with a linear or circular shaking motor, such as the Wisd shaking water bath WSB from witeg. Sometimes the baths can also be used as dry bath.

Cooling and heating

Water baths with an additional cooling function can be used not only as a heating bath but can also be used as a cooling bath. This combination significantly extends the temperature range. In our MedSolut range, the JB Nova water bath from GRANT offers this function, allowing you to achieve negative temperatures down to -47 °C.

Laboratory water baths - manufacturers in our range

Due to the versatile properties of water baths, you can choose from a large number of brand manufacturers at All manufacturers are known for their excellent quality. Take advantage of our non-binding service and let our team of experts advise you individually on your desired device.

  • IKA laboratory technology: The IKA Group stands for first-class and unique quality "made in Germany" in the field of laboratory and analysis technology.

  • Aerne Analytic: The family-owned company, which has been successful for 20 years, is characterized by quality down to the smallest detail and a high level of innovation.

  • PHOENIX Instrument GmbH: Phoenix Instrument GmbH has been manufacturing quality equipment for everyday laboratory use since 2010. Affordable prices and top service are their trademark.

  • BioSan: This Latvian company with a high level of scientific expertise manufactures modern products for a wide variety of laboratories. The focus of its activities is in the field of cell research and genomics.

  • LAUDA: LAUDA is one of the world market leaders when it comes to accurate and precise temperature control. The innovative and highly precise devices from this full-service provider are used in research, production and quality control.

  • GRANT Instruments: The brand manufacturer from Great Britain stands for excellent service, high innovative strength and absolute reliability. With a laboratory bath from Grant, you are always on the safe side.

  • Harry Gestigkeit GmbH: The laboratory equipment factory is the specialist for laboratory heaters. More than 60 years of experience lead to a large product portfolio, which is exported worldwide.

  • Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH: The company in the Markgräfler Land region has been developing laboratory equipment since 1976 - customized, tailor-made and with high quality.

  • JULABO Labortechnik: JULABO is one of the world's largest manufacturers of temperature control units and supplies industry, research and science. Precise and simple temperature control technology makes JULABO a top address when it comes to high-quality, high-performance and reliable devices.

  • Witeg Labortechnik GmbH: Witeg is another well-known laboratory equipment manufacturer and producer of laboratory consumables. Quality for customer benefit is at the heart of the company's philosophy. With innovative thinking and high-precision engineering, new products are constantly being created and delivered all over the world.

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