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Binder Lab Technology: Incubators, drying cabinets and more

Whether in biotechnology, the chemical industry or in human diagnostics, many areas require reliable storage, incubation and processing of samples and products. This is where Binder Lab Technology comes into play, which has been manufacturing innovative and high-performance cabinets for almost 40 years. Find out here what makes the company special, what areas it specialises in and which high-quality instruments you will find in the MedSolut range.


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Binder simulation cabinets: Laboratory technology from specialists

Binder GmbH was founded in 1850 as a family business and has been fully specialised in simulation cabinets since 1983. In 2005, the production facility in Tuttlingen was expanded with a new research and development centre (FEZ). The company's history is characterised by many successes and innovative research. In the meantime, more than 22,000 devices are produced annually by around 400 employees. Over the past 30 years, Binder GmbH has developed into the world's largest specialist for series-produced simulation cabinets.

This is due in particular to the high quality of the products and accessories, the scientific standards and the investments in research and development. Exact requirement analyses and close observation of the market contribute to the fact that ideal solutions can be found for all areas of application.

Binder Lab Technology: the product range

At MedSolut you will find a wide range of products from the Binder World assortment, so that exactly the right equipment can be selected for your requirements and demands. All items reflect the company's years of experience and research with their innovative technology with a variety of useful features. The products can be divided into the following categories:

Environmental chambers

The environmental simulation cabinets are ideal for material testing as they can accurately recreate dynamic conditions. While MK Series models (such as the MK 720 (E3.1)) can simulate demanding temperature profiles between 40 °C and +180 °C, MKF and MKFT Series units can also regulate humidity between 10% and 98% RH.

Drying and heating cabinets

With the Binder fen, the manufacturer offers a wide selection of drying cabinets. All products can in turn be ideally adapted to your needs. They range from safety drying cabinets to vacuum drying cabinets and standard models.

At MedSolut you will find the right drying oven for your application from the E-series (such as the E 28 with mechanical control) to the ED-series (such as the ED 23 with natural air circulation) to the FD-models (such as the FD 23 with forced air circulation). Just take a look at our Binder range!

Safety drying cabinet

The FDL series are safety drying ovens that enable coating materials and varnishes to be dried in accordance with standards. Each Binder oven ensures a defined air exchange and a high temperature accuracy, resulting in particularly short drying times

This also applies to our popular FDL 115 safety drying oven model, which complies with the safety concept of DIN EN 1539:2015.

Vacuum drying oven

Under the series designation VD (such as the vacuum drying oven VD 53) from the MedSolut range, the manufacturer Binder groups together ovens and vacuum drying ovens in various sizes.

Sensitive materials can be dried gently and effectively in these ovens, which is why high demands from industry and science are ideally met with these ovens.

Safety vacuum drying oven

For the drying of flammable solvents, vacuum drying ovens can also be used, which must also be explosion-proof. For this purpose, Binder manufactures safety vacuum drying ovens that are classified in accordance with the ATEX directive and enable optimum heat transfer through large baffle plates. At MedSolut, we offer the VDL115 safety vacuum drying oven from the VDL series.

Climate chamber

Binder World also offers different models of climatic cabinets, so that the requirements and characteristics can be individually adapted. A distinction can be made between constant climate cabinets (KBF, KBF-S, KBF P, KBF LQC and KMF series) and alternating climate cabinets (MK, MKF, MKT and MKFT series). This means you can quickly go from hot to cold - and back again.

Constant climate chamber

Constant climate chambers are used to subject materials to long-term tests that take place under constant temperature and humidity conditions. Binder's devices cover a temperature range between 0 °C and +70C, whereby the humidity range can be maintained between 10% RH and 80% RH.

The KMF series (which includes, for example, the KMF 720 constant climate chamber ) goes beyond this and reaches up to 100 °C or 98% RH.

Interchangeable climate chamber

Alternating climate chambers offer rapid temperature changes, which is ideal for testing materials under dynamic conditions. The advantages of these devices from the manufacturer Binder include the standard high change speeds - the devices achieve a change of 5 K/min, which is why they can be used for testing in accordance with standards. In our range at MedSolut you will find, among others, the models MK 240 and MK 720 (E3.1).

Material test cabinet

Special representatives of the drying and heat cabinets are the material test cabinets from Binder World. These are offered in the M Classic.Line (like the M 240 model) and FP Classic.Line (like the FP 400 model) series.

The integrated APT.line preheating chamber of the binder test chamber enables homogeneous tempering, while the extensive heat insulation ensures reduced operating costs. This allows various materials to be tested under controlled conditions.

Growth cabinet

Plants and many other organisms require homogeneous light and specific temperature and humidity ranges in order to grow ideally.

These requirements can be optimally met with the KBW and KBWF series from Binder: The KBW series (e.g. the KBW 400), for example, generates variable temperature ranges between 0C and +70 °C. The light cassettes can be repositioned by means of five lightweight tubes. The KBWF series (e.g. the KBWF 240 model) is additionally equipped with a humidity control system.

Cooling incubator

Even more special are the Khlinkubators of the KT and KB series. These devices maintain a controllable temperature between +4 °C (KT series model KT 053) or -10 °C (KB series model KB 400) and +100 °C, regardless of the ambient temperature. Cooling is provided by a Peltier module or by a compression air-conditioning machine.

CO2 incubator

With the CO2 incubators, the manufacturer offers high-quality gassing incubators in which a lifelike atmosphere can be recreated for cell and tissue culture developments. The devices are easy to handle and clean, which prevents cross-contamination. The MedSolut range includes the spacious incubator CB 220 with O2 control and the compact incubator CB 60.

Ultra-low freezer

Environmental friendliness is at the top of the list for Binder Medizintechnik's ultra-low temperature cabinets. The appliances are provided with a climate-friendly refrigerant and have the best energy efficiency in their class. The temperature range can be set between -90 °C and -40 °C, which makes them ideal for storing vaccines. MedSolut offers the UF V 500 and ULTRA.GUARD UF V 700 models, among others.

Binder World: Laboratory and medical technology from the leading specialist

Those who choose incubators, drying cabinets or other products from the world of Binder Medical Technology have made a good choice. In addition to years of experience, the company offers excellent quality and individual solutions for your requirements.

At MedSolut you can choose exactly the right device from a wide range of Binder products. Our customer service will be happy to help you. You can reach us around the clock by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at