Nabertherm Ashing Furnace with Hinged Door

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The Nabertherm Ashing Furnace with Hinged Door for the Laboratory

The Nabertherm ashing furnace with hinged door is ideally suited for ashing in the laboratory. The various furnace models have a special supply air and exhaust air system. With this system, an air exchange rate of more than 6 times per minute is achieved. The furnace also has numerous safety features.

This furnace is used in particular for ashing samples in the laboratory as well as foodstuffs in industry. We will be pleased to provide you with detailed information about this unit.

Effective work with the furnace

This model of furnace works with a maximum furnace temperature of 1050 °C, heating from two sides. The nominal power of the models from this range is 1100 °C. Here, the incoming air is preheated by an innovative supply air and exhaust air system.

Quiet operation of the heater is possible thanks to the integrated solid state relay . Thanks to the perforated plates for loading, this part of the practical use of the furnace is also very simple. Optionally, a lift door can be used for the ashing furnace instead of the hinged door.

Good working results can be guaranteed for the reason that the temperature uniformity in the furnace according to DIN 17052-1 is ensured up to +/- 10 °C in the predefined empty usable space from a temperature of 550 °C onwards .

Quality design and high-grade equipment

This model has a housing made of durable textured stainless steel sheet. This is a double-walled housing, which ensures optimum protection. The insulation of the device is made of a non-classified fiber material. The ashing furnace also features durable ceramic heating plates with an integrated heating wire.

The heating plates are splash and exhaust protected and easy to replace. The door is equipped with a handle made of robust stainless steel. Both hinged door and lift door have as a feature that the hot side is turned away from the user. This provides you with the best possible protection against burns.

Optimal monitoring and control of your processes

The heart of the model is the special supply air and exhaust air system. This ensures good temperature uniformity . More than 6 air changes per minute take place.

The models of this series feature the NTLog Basic for the Nabertherm controller. This enables seamless recording of the process data with a USB stick. This means that you always have everything at a glance and can be precisely informed of any changes.

Depending on the model of the ashing furnace, the controller is either a B410, B510 or C450 controller. The manufacturer's ashing furnaces comply with EC Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP). This is based on the exclusive use of insulation materials without classification.

The technologies used ensure that the ashing furnaces with hinged door from Nabentherm are suitable or approved for a whole range of standardized ashing processes in accordance with ASTM, ISO, EN and DIN standards.

Maximum safety

The furnace is equipped with a temperature selector limiter with adjustable shut-off temperature. This allows you to determine yourself at which temperature the furnace should be switched off for protection. A double-walled housing for low outside temperatures and stability also ensures safety.

Since the hot side of the hinged door faces away from the user, you can also use it as a shelf – if needed.

Technical Data at a Glance

The technical specifications of the Nabertherm Ashing Oven with Hinged Door vary from model to model. For example, you can choose from a width (outside) of 385 mm or 415 mm and a height (outside) of 735 mm, 790 mm, 845 mm. Depending on the dimensions are the external and internal volume of the furnace. Here you can choose between volumes of 3 l, 5 l, 9 l and 15 l.

The working capacity of an incinerator depends on its nominal capacity. As an example: For the furnace models with a nominal power of 1100 °C as the maximum temperature, the working line, i.e. the maximum working temperature is 1050 °C.

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Additional information

Oven volume

15 l, 3 l, 5 l, 9 l

Oven temperature max.


Stove appliance type

ashing furnace, Veraschungsofen

Width inside (oven)

160 mm, 200 mm, 230 mm

Width outside (oven)

385 mm, 415 mm

Power (oven)

1,2 kW, 12 kW, 2,4 kW, 3 kW, 3,5 kW

Height inside (oven)

100 mm, 130 mm, 170 mm

Depth inside (oven)

140 mm, 170 mm, 240 mm, 340 mm

Depth outside (oven)

360 mm, 420 mm, 485 mm, 585 mm

Height outside (oven)

735 mm, 790 mm, 845 mm