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A good laboratory chair that allows ergonomic sitting as well as sufficient flexibility is an elementary part of every laboratory furnishing. Few other items are used for such a long time. Ergonomics adapted to the user, high durability and a design adapted to the laboratory environment ensure that employees find optimal working conditions in the laboratory. At you will find a wide range of high-quality laboratory chairs with maximum quality, flexibility and functionality. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which model is best suited for your application.

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Where are laboratory chairs and stools used?

Laboratory benches have to meet special requirements. Due to the frequently changing activities in the laboratory, they must be both mobile and extremely flexible in terms of adjustment . In addition, they must have a robust, easy-to-clean surface that is also resistant to chemicals or disinfectants. Such pedestals can then complement laboratory equipment in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Laboratories in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy or biotechnology

  • Dental and other medical practices

  • Dental laboratories

  • Industrial laboratories and materials testing facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Production facilities

Requirements for a good lab stool

Depending on the area of application, different criteria are important for the selection of a chair. However, the following requirements are particularly common and relevant.

Hygienic surfaces

In all laboratories, cleanliness and hygiene is an extremely important constraint. Some laboratories work under clean room conditions. The respective seating must also take these environmental requirements into account. Therefore, it must have a hygienic surface that is easy to clean and offers virtually no possibility of contamination.

No gaps or cracks

In addition to the surface, the design can also have a major influence on the risk of contamination of the chair. Therefore, sharp corners and edges should be avoided, as dirt particles can quickly accumulate in such corners, which are then difficult to remove. The same applies to joints or crevices, where dust, particles and even chemicals can accumulate.

Ergonomic support

In contrast to conventional stools, laboratory chairs are used for many different activities. For example, the most frequent work situations in the laboratory include pre-leaning work such as pipetting or microscopy. Due to the wide range of applications, ergonomic aspects such as desk height or bench height adjustment, adjustable arms, sitting position and rotation must be flexibly adjustable

In addition, equipped with easily swivelling castors for a quick change of the working place, the employees can be offered a maximum of comfort and seating quality for their demanding work.

Design variants of lab chairs

There is an extensive portfolio of different types of seating for the various laboratory areas, such as wet rooms or clean rooms, for the different work processes and for the individual requirements of the employees.

Laboratory chair with castors

A chair with castors allows the laboratory chair to be moved easily and smoothly, thus offering maximum flexibility. The employee can easily move from one workstation to another. Castors are used for various work chairs.

Our range includes standing chairs with castors, swivel chairs with castors and stools with castors. One example is the bimos stool 3.

Wooden laboratory chair

With a wooden laboratory chair you have a particularly stable and robust example. The chairs with backrest and seat made of lacquered beech wood and diversified woodcrafts are easy to clean and have a particularly long service life. WERKSITZ wooden chairs such as the Classic WS1011 are a good example at

Swivel chair

A swivel chair allows a flexible change of direction. This is especially important if the employee has to turn frequently in his or her seat. The swivel mechanism must be easy to move so that rotation does not lead to back problems. offers a wide range of swivel chairs such as the bimos swivel chair All-In-One Highline.

Glider chair

A glider chair is ideal if the chair is to be used in wet rooms. Glider chairs offer a higher level of protection against contamination, as gliders are easier to clean. Glider chairs such as the WERKSITZ WS 1389 KL are also particularly suitable for heavy loads.

Cleanroom chair

For use in cleanrooms, special hygiene requirements have to be met. In addition to its excellent cleanroom properties, a cleanroom chair also has the option of dissipating electrostatic charges. Cleanroom chairs such as the Spetec ESD swivel chair are also available from

Arthrodesis chair

An arthrodesis chair is particularly suitable for people with restricted knee or hip mobility. These chairs can be adjusted very flexibly and enable an orthopaedically optimal sitting posture. At you will find, for example, the WERKSITZ WS 1399.20 KL arthrodesis chair.

ESD work chair

Work chairs that offer protection against electrostatics are essential in many specialist areas. The selection of ESD work chairs in the MedSolut portfolio is therefore also extensive: find ESD swivel chairs made of imitation leather or High chairs made of fabric and choose from numerous comfort settings such as wooden armrests, optional foot crosses, adjustment elements and much more.

Work stool

Work stools are the ideal solution for professions that require constant switching between different work stations . Models with a backrest bar are ideal for changing between sitting and standing positions. Stools are manoeuvrable, flexible, provide a secure seat and can be quickly moved aside when you need the space to stand.

Benefit, for example, from the surprising manoeuvrability of the KL-work stools from Werksitz and also choose between the many different colours of the model.

Buy laboratory benches from all leading manufacturers at MedSolut.

At, you have access to a wide range of brand-name manufacturers who have optimal laboratory chairs in their portfolio that are tailored to your needs. With us you will find the right chair for your work in the laboratory!

Lab chair from bimos

With a Bimos laboratory chair, you are buying a quality product from one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and laboratory chairs. With 50 years of experience, Bimos ensures optimum comfort and healthy sitting at every workplace. In addition, the manufacturer takes care to fulfil its social and ecological responsibility during production.

Laboratory chair from WERKSITZ

Ergonomics are at the forefront of a WERKSITZ laboratory chair. WERKSITZ has been producing ergonomic laboratory chairs since 1980 and ensures that customer wishes are fulfilled with individual adaptations. Durability, quality and products "Made in Germany" are among the principles of the Franconian family business.

Laboratory chair from Spetec

Spetec is the expert for clean room technology. The company, founded in Erding in 1987, not only supplies laboratory chairs for cleanrooms, but also everything that is needed in a cleanroom. With high quality standards, innovative approaches, commitment and entrepreneurial vision, Spetec is expanding as a small company.

Accessories for laboratory furniture

In addition to purchasing complete laboratory chairs, you can also customise your existing seating or add accessories. offers you an extensive range of accessories for the individual laboratory chairs.

This enables you to flexibly and functionally adapt to your specific requirements. In addition to other accessories, our portfolio includes the following items:

  • different armrests

  • variable seat and back shells

  • castors

  • brakes

  • frames

  • Straps

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