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Nabertherm Preheating Oven: Areas of Application

Nabertherm preheating furnaces are used for a wide variety of applications. The most important application is in medical laboratories, especially in dental laboratories. However, pre-heaters can also be used in industrial environments, for example in the automotive sector. Typical tasks of Nabertherm pre-curing furnaces are the burning out of investment materials in the production of model casting prostheses or the burning out of muffles. Preheating furnaces are also used in the production of tools.

For all tasks, uniform heat development, energy-efficient operation and flexibly adjustable preheating parameters are essential. Therefore, preheaters from Nabertherm are characterised by

  • a particularly high-quality insulation,
  • a multiple-sided and therefore particularly uniform heating
  • and low-noise operation

The focus of the furnaces with adjustable temperatures up to 1,280 C is on high quality and flexible usability.

Nabertherm Preheating Ovens: Selection at MedSolut

When selecting the right Nabertherm preheating oven, you can choose from many different versions. The following designs are available at

Nabertherm preheating oven with stone insulation

A Nabertherm preheating oven with stone insulation is particularly suitable for daily use. The insulation of the oven chamber is achieved by high-quality lightweight refractory bricks. In addition, heating elements on support tubes on several sides ensure free heat convection and thus a particularly even temperature distribution inside the stove. The bottom heating is specially protected by a SiC bottom plate, which ensures a long service life.

Nabertherm Preheating Kiln Compact

The compact version of the Nabertherm preheating kiln is characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio. It also has a particularly attractive design. The double-walled stainless steel casing and the heating elements in quartz tubes ensure very short heating times. The light and compact design makes this version of the preheating oven a good choice when flexibility is required or the available space is limited.

Nabertherm Preheating Furnace with Lifting Tray

As a preheating kiln with lifting door, the Model series L and LT from Nabertherm are ideal. These models offer heating on both sides by means of ceramic heating plates. An integrated heating wire is protected from environmental influences such as humidity, splash water and laboratory damp. Heating wire and heating plates can be easily replaced if necessary.

The robust housing made of textured stainless steel sheet ensures high durability and a long service life. The stable lifting door is particularly space-saving, but can also be replaced by a folding door on these models.

Nabertherm preheating oven with hinged door

Analogous to the preheaters with lift door, various model series can also be equipped with a folding door. In most variants, this can be used as a practical additional shelf. Ceramic heating plates and an optimised heating wire ensure energy-efficient heating rates and even heat distribution.

The heating components can be replaced easily. This makes this range particularly low-maintenance and flexible. The double-walled stainless steel housing is not only durable, it also leads to low outside temperatures and thus to comparably low heat losses.

Advantages of a Nabertherm preheating furnace

All Nabertherm preheaters can be selected in various dimensions and thus adapted to your specific requirements. Additional special features that you willfind in every Nabertherm preheating furnace are shown below.

  • Integrated ventilation: All models have an opening for supply air in the front and an opening for exhaust air in the rear wall of the stove.
  • Software: Software is pre-installed for control and operation.
  • Digital documentation: The process data is digitally available via a USB stick, thus facilitating documentation.
  • Particularly quiet: Due to the operation of the heating with semiconductor relays, the preheating oven is particularly quiet.
  • Base frame: All models can be supplied with a suitable base frame.

Find your Nabertherm preheating oven at MedSolut

If you are looking for a Nabertherm preheating oven for your practice, dental laboratory or any other special application, we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us and our team of experts will go through all the relevant aspects with you personally and competently. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected]