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Hazardous materials cabinet: standard-compliant storage

The hazardous materials cabinet is a necessary piece of equipment in a wide variety of areas. Which model is most suitable for you depends not only on your requirements but also on the conditions and circumstances of your working environment. In addition, standard-compliant securing of all hazardous materials should always be guaranteed. With comprehensive advice, top service and a first-class range, we at ensure that you will definitely find the right product for your area of application.

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Which substances require a hazardous materials cabinet?

A hazardous materials cabinet can be used to store numerous substances. These include, for example, medicines in the veterinary or medical field, chemicals in laboratories or pharmacies as well as liquids or hazardous goods in industry. The legal regulations to which you must pay attention depend on the respective industry.

Regulations such as DIN EN 14470-1:2004 and DIN EN 14470-2:2006 specify which goods may be stored in a hazardous goods cabinet and what you should look out for in terms of the cabinet's properties. They deal with the following hazardous materials, for example:

  • flammable liquids: The hazardous materials cabinet or safety cabinet should be designed to secure the substances even in the event of a fire and to prevent fire exacerbation and explosions.
  • Explosive materials: Slightly explosive substances should always be stored in hazardous materials cabinets. Do you work in an area where blasting, among other things, occurs? Here, too, the cabinets are indispensable. Dangerous substances must be kept under lock and key to ensure the safety of all employees and bystanders.
  • Substanceshazardous to health: Whether toxic, carcinogenic or medicines to inoculate animals: The substances should be safely stored and protected from unauthorised access.

Safe storage: Different types of a dangerous goods cabinet

Since a hazardous materials cabinet is used in various industries, we at offer the appropriate solution for each area. However, due to the wide range of applications, there are differences in the types of cabinets:

Chemical cabinet for laboratory and industry

chemical cabinet is used in laboratories to protect potentially dangerous substances such as alkalis or acids from unauthorised access. In order to provide your employees with the safest possible working environment and protect them from dangerous situations, you should also ensure that the material of the cabinet can withstand the corresponding contents. In the case of chemicals, metal cabin ets are often used.

Drum cabinet for hazardous substances

It is not uncommon for hazardous substances to be stored in special, resistant drums.

Accordingly, when designing the cabinet, care should be taken to ensure that the model can withstand the heavy drums and offers sufficient space for storage. It is also practical if the drum cabinets are mobile. Castors ensure that the drums can be moved and transported easily.

Acid and lye cabinet

Whether in laboratories, surgeries or pharmacies, employees in many work areas have to deal with acids and alkalis on a daily basis. However, since these substances pose potential risks, a lockable cabinet is essential.

In addition to the high safety factor and the health protection of your staff, you can also use it to prevent unauthorised access. In the event of vapours, solids or liquids escaping from the containers, it is important that the hazardous materials cabinet is robust and made of high-quality material to withstand the situation.

At, we have quality and durable hazmat cabinets and lye cabinets available for you for this reason.

Hazardous materials cabinet for flammable liquids

Models such as the asecos Type 90 hazardous materials cabinet protect the contents from heat and fire. On the one hand, this protects substances that react sensitively to heat and fire. On the other hand, accidents are avoided and staff are protected.

Because regardless of whether it is a small laboratory or a large company, many chemicals and liquids, such as alcohol or petrol, are explosive or flammable. For this reason, the isolation of these materials by a hazardous materials cabinet for flammable liquids plays a particularly important role.

Are you still not sure which model is suitable for your needs? Then take advantage of our expert service. We are sure to find the right cabinet for your workplace by phone or e-mail.

Ventilation of the hazardous materials cabinet

In order to ensure optimum safety for your laboratory personnel, it is just as important to introduce proper ventilation and extraction as it is to choose the right type of cabinet. Hazardous material cabinets with an extraction function as well as with simple ventilation are suitable for this purpose.

Which type of ventilation is suitable for your area depends on the substances stored. Therefore, find out in advance from our experts which models are suitable for you and your team. Otherwise, storage difficulties could arise and the vapours could become a hazard. For ventilation, for example, suitable attachments ensure that toxic vapours are automatically extracted electronically and discharged via exhaust pipes.

Storage of hazardous substances in a cabinet

In industry as well as in laboratories or medical practices, there are numerous substances that need to be protected from unauthorised access. The substances and products that can be stored together in a cabinet should be specified in the various protection regulations. No general statement can be made here.

While some chemicals only have a low reactivity, others pose an increased danger. If you have any questions about the storage of special hazardous substances in your work area , our competent MedSolut experts will be happy to answer them at any time.

Hazardous materials cabinet: accessories and design variants

At you will find a comprehensive portfolio of cabinets equipped with floor trays or variable shel ves. Thanks to the wide selection, you will find exactly the right cabinet for your needs.

The hazardous material cabinets in our range offer increased safety for your work area. Thanks to the additional floor trays, liquids will not spill out of the cabinet if one of the containers is damaged. Adjustable shelves also ensure that containers of different sizes can be easily accommodated. Our team is always available to assist you in choosing the right accessories for your cabinet.

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