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How does a CO2 measuring device work?

A CO2 measuring device for room air is equipped with IR sensors or probes. Whether in the form of an antenna or a cable, whether externally mounted or inside the housing – the quality of the room air is measured by means of this complex technology.

Other essential components are a measuring chamber, a light source and an interference filter. Infrared radiation is transferred through the measured gas with the help of the light source. The integrated filter ensures that only the wavelength of the gas reaches the sensor.

The mode of operation of laboratory analyzers of this type can vary depending on the instrument. For example, the following measurement methods have proven successful:

Non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR).

In non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR), infrared rays are absorbed by carbon dioxide and other gases. This can be measured and distinguished with IR sensors. Against this background, infrared radiation is passed directly to the sensor through a measuring chamber filled with the ambient air.

In the course of this, the upstream filter allows only the defined wavelength of CO2 to pass through. Based on the incoming light intensity, the carbon dioxide concentration can be determined.

Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS)

A physical method has also proven effective for measuring the CO2 content in indoor air. This is known as photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), in which specific density and temperature fluctuations are recorded with a microphone and the number of molecules in the room air is determined in the course of this.

Applications for a CO2 meter

At, with the professional support of our specialists, you can easily find the carbon dioxide meter that best suits the needs of your company or institute. Whether it’s for public facilities, for industry, or to provide more efficient protection against Covid-19, we have the perfect carbon dioxide meter for you.

Public facilities

A CO2 meter for school, university or hospital use can be extremely helpful, especially in times of a pandemic. Wherever there is a lot of exhaled carbon dioxide in the ambient air, there are also a lot of aerosols in the air. These are tiny particles to which SARs-CoV-2 viruses can attach.

Because they are so small and light, they do not sink to the ground as quickly and can spread over greater distances. Therefore, a high aerosol concentration can dramatically increase the risk of contracting the virus.

Use of CO2 measuring devices to prevent covid-19

CO2 meters can be a key component in minimizing the risk of indoor infection. Assuming there are many people in a room, the number of aerosols in the exhaled air containing CO2 is sometimes very high. This in turn results in an increased risk of infection, as the virus binds to the aerosols in the air that is breathed. The CO2 measuring devices draw attention to poor air quality so that ventilation can be provided in good time.

CO2 measuring devices should be used here in any case:

  • in classrooms and auditoriums of schools and similar institutions
  • in school and university canteens
  • in lecture halls
  • in public facilities such as government offices and medical institutes
  • in hospitals and (day) care facilities, etc.

If the proportion of respiratory aerosols in a room is too high, the risk of infection with Covid-19 increases. It is therefore essential to always ensure that rooms are well ventilated to minimize the risk. Not to mention, oxygen-rich air improves the ability to concentrate.

The German Federal Environmental Agency considers a concentration of 1,000 ppm to be of no hygienic concern. However, if the aerosol concentration in the air of classrooms, lecture halls and the like exceeds 1,000 ppm, action is required. To achieve a target value of about 700 ppm in classrooms and lecture halls, the use of CO2 measuring devices can be helpful. In this way, the carbon dioxide concentration is measured regularly and an alarm is sounded if the target value is exceeded.

CO2 measuring device in industry

During alcoholic fermentation as well as during the so-called malolactic fermentation, a gaseous fermentation by-product is formed. If this CO2 escapes, it can be life-threatening for employees in wineries, breweries and food production.

This is why a CO2 measuring device is indispensable in the industry, because it can indeed save lives. Feel free to contact the MedSolut team with confidence. We will help you to choose the right CO2 measuring device.

When buying such a device, pay attention to the following:

  • The measuring range should be adapted to the size of the room.
  • Ideal in the food industry are measuring devices with which you can also measure the room temperature and the air humidity content.
  • If the permissible CO2 guideline value is exceeded, the measuring device should emit a signal tone so that you and your team can react immediately.
  • It is recommended to preset a lower guideline value in order to specifically prevent possible limit value exceedances.

CO2 meter after extinguishing a fire

In more than 60 percent of all deaths caused by fires, poisoning with acutely toxic gases is the main cause. A fire produces large quantities of smoke gases, which include the invisible, odorless carbon monoxide (CO). Even after a fire has been extinguished, the CO or CO2 concentration in the smoky area is high. The transport of oxygen in the blood or the utilization of oxygen in the body cells is reduced.

Prolonged exposure to these hazardous areas can have fatal health consequences, and in the worst case scenario can even lead to death. Therefore, a functional CO2 measuring device is an indispensable tool, e.g. to avoid endangering security forces during clean-up operations.

Quality features of CO2 meters

The qualitative value of a CO2 measuring device is decisive. Order now in the MedSolut store your CO2 meter in excellent quality. We will be happy to help you with your selection.

This is what distinguishes high-quality CO2 measuring devices:

  • The device precisely and reliably measures the carbon dioxide content in the ambient air.
  • If the device also measures the relative humidity and the temperature in the room, this is another indication of high product quality.
  • The measured values should be clearly legible on a large display – even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Devices that provide an automatic indication of when to ventilate in the event of poor values are particularly in demand among discerning customers.
  • It should be possible to set the alarm limits and the signal frequencies individually so that the device can be used flexibly depending on the area of application.

Tip: Some CO2 measuring devices have a traffic light system. This makes it even easier to see when a possible guideline value has been exceeded.

CO2 meters from brand manufacturers – advantages

When looking for a CO2 measuring device, opt for first-class quality. Because that means safety and maximum functionality. Discover the advantages of selected brand products, such as those from Dostmann, at

  1. CO2 meters from Dostmann shine with their highly precise measurements and outstanding reliability.
  2. thanks to their practical designs, the meters can be integrated very well into the working environment, so that they do not take up any unnecessary space.
  3. lengthy training is not required. The Dostmann meters are self-explanatory in terms of their usability and provide meaningful readings.

Price of CO2 measuring devices

Demanding corporate customers who want to play it safe when buying a CO2 measuring device and at the same time want to act cost-oriented, ask themselves the question: “How much does a CO2 meter cost?” Basically, the price of a CO2 meter cannot be determined across the board; it depends on several factors.

On, you can find CO2 measuring device starting at 138 euros. For general CO2 measurements, devices in this price category are ideal. They measure the carbon dioxide content in the room air reliably and provide precise readings.

Higher-priced laboratory analyzers in this product category cost around 538 euros and offer the option of measuring not only the CO2 content, but also the relative humidity and room temperature. Moreover, such a measuring device can also be conveniently connected to your smartphone.

Limits for the CO2 content in indoor air

  • Studies have shown that a CO2 concentration of over 1,000 ppm in a room leads to fatigue and reduced performance. In unventilated rooms, the CO2 level rises very quickly.
  • The German Federal Environment Agency recommends about 700 ppm as a guideline value for acceptable room air. In general, a value of 1,000 ppm should not be exceeded.
  • The upper limit is given as 1,400 ppm.

MedSolut expert tip:

To achieve values that are compatible with health, you should actively ventilate every one to two hours.

FAQs: Measuring device for CO2 concentration

What does a CO2 meter measure?

A CO2 meter measures the carbon dioxide content in indoor air.

Does the CO2 measuring device detect the concentration of coronaviruses?

No, it does not detect Sars-CoV-2 viruses, but is only intended to guarantee good air quality. If the CO2 content is too high, ventilation is required to reduce the number of aerosols in the room, which are sometimes contaminated with viruses. In this way, infection can be prevented.

Why do you measure the CO2 content?

Humans exhale CO2 or carbon dioxide. The higher the CO2 content in the ambient air, the higher the potential viral load if there is a sick person in the room. The CO2 content thus serves as an indicator of the risk of infection with diseases transmitted via the air we breathe. In addition, a high CO2 content or a low oxygen content can lead to reduced performance and fatigue.

What does ppm mean?

The PPM value is a relative measurement and stands for “parts per million” or “milligrams per liter.”

How high can the CO2 level be in the office?

The ideal value is 700 ppm, and the highest acceptable value is 1,400 ppm.

How is the CO2 concentration measured?

The most common methods are measurement with infrared rays and by means of a special physical method that determines density and temperature variations in the ambient air.

Order CO2 measuring device for indoor air online

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