Nabertherm High Temperature Tube Furnace RHTV

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Nabertherm High Temperature Tube Furnace RHTV

The Nabertherm furnaces of this series can be selected horizontally or vertically. The horizontal model is available under the designation RHTH and the vertical models under RHTV. The furnaces are made of high quality insulating materials. These are special fiberboards, which guarantee energy-saving use. With the help of various gas supply packages it is possible to work in vacuum or with combustible reaction and protective gases as well as non-combustible gases.

All devices of the manufacturer are made in Germany and offer high quality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Practical furnace model for your laboratory

With the Nabertherm high-temperature tube furnace RHTV , maximum temperatures of 1,600 °C, 1,700 °C and 1,800 °C can be reached. The double-walled housing is made of a textured stainless steel sheet. This makes the unit well suited for low outside temperatures.

The material offers high stability. With this unit, you are offered a single design that is equipped with ceramic vacuum-formed fiber plates. The heater is equipped with a high-quality solid-state relay and offers quiet operation.

Since a wide range of accessories is available for this model, optimal process design is possible. In addition to the ceramic tube, a fiber plug is included in the scope of delivery. It is required for operation in air. The switchgear of the furnace is separate. It can be stored in a floor or wall cabinet and thus protected from dirt and dust. The plant can be controlled by a controller. A recording of the process data is easily possible via a USB stick.

The MoSi2 heating elements are arranged in a suspended position. This also makes them much easier to replace. A special feature of the furnace model is also the temperature selector limiter with adjustable shutdown temperature. The shut-off temperature for thermal protection class 2 is provided in accordance with EN 60519-2 as overtemperature protection. It is used to protect the tube and the complete charge.

Discover the product series

The devices of this series are available in different sizes. In addition, a distinction can be made between a horizontal and vertical version.

  • RHTH 50/150/17 horizontal: this model offers a maximum temperature of 1,600° C and has a weight of 70 kg.
  • RHTH 80/300/18 horizontal: the horizontal version is suitable for temperatures up to 1,700° C and has a weight of 90 kg.
  • RHTV 50/150/17 vertical: the manufacturer also offers three vertical versions. The RHTV 50/150 model measures 500 x6 50 x 510 mm and weighs 70 kg.

High quality design and first-class equipment

This model is available in three sizes horizontally and vertically. Due to the thermal conductivity and low heat storage, energy-saving operation is possible. Depending on the process requirements, alternative working tubes are available for laboratories or industrial companies.

The gas-tight flanges ensure safe vacuum and inert gas operation. The furnaces can be used with an automatic or manual gas supply system . This allows the furnaces to be used individually.

The temperature can be read at any time via a thermocouple located on the furnace tube. A check valve at the gas outlet can prevent false air from entering the system.

For monitoring, control and documentation of the furnace, process control and documentation is available via the Nabertherm Control Center NCC or VDC software package. The switchgear with controller is installed in a separate floor-standing cabinet, separate from the furnace.

Important safety measures

For safety reasons, all units are equipped with a passive concept, which ensures slow evaporation of the fuels. The heated furnaces operate on a dilution principle. A fan provides fresh air individually. It is adjusted at the factory so that it always provides a sufficient amount of fresh air.

The maximum temperature gradients to protect the pipes are also guaranteed. The models offer protection class 2. To prevent the furnace from overheating, the rectangular outer casing is equipped with slits. The ventilation slots are used for convection cooling. The ceramic heating plates have an exhaust and splash-proof heating wire that can be easily replaced.

Technical details at a glance

The units of this series are available in a wide range of sizes in horizontal and vertical configuration. The following details refer to the horizontal model RHTH 120/600. This model has the dimensions: 920 mm x 550 mm x 640 mm and has a weight of 110 kg.

The energy consumption is approximately 14.4 kW. It can reach a maximum temperature of 1,800° C. The tube furnace has EN 60519-2 protection class 2, which provides high overtemperature protection. The tube length of the furnace is 830 mm.

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Additional information

Oven temperature max.

1600°C, 1700°C, 1800°C

Stove appliance type

high temperature furnace, Hochtemperaturofen, Rohrofen

Depth outside (oven)

650 mm

Pipe diameter (outside)

120 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm

Pipe length

380 mm, 530 mm, 830 mm

Width outside (oven)

500 mm, 580 mm

Height outside (oven)

510 mm, 660 mm, 960 mm

Power (oven)

10,3 kW, 19 kW, 5,4 kW

Heated length

150 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm