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A Dewar vessel is used in laboratories for the thermal insulation of substances or liquids. At we offer you a first-class portfolio of Dewar flasks for a wide range of applications . With us, you also benefit from excellent professional advice and a comprehensive range of services. Our team is always there for you.

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Structure and function of Dewar flasks

The Dewar flask was named after its inventor, the Scottish physicist Sir James Dewar. In 1890 he developed a laboratory vessel for the thermal insulation of liquids and substances. Due to the nature of the material, all heat transfer processes are restricted. No heat conduction takes place through the glass vessel and heat radiation is prevented by the mirror coating.

Dewar flask - areas of application

Dewar flasks from our online range are suitable for a wide variety of applications. We will be happy to help you find the right laboratory vessel:

Storing hot and ice-cold media

Whether dry ice, liquid nitrogen or hot oil - the flasks from our portfolio can be used for substances with low and high temperatures.

Short-term storage of coolants

Liquid gases and dry ice can be stored very well in the containers and can even be transported safely from A to B. It is important that the stoppers and the lid material can also withstand the extremely cold temperatures.

Shock freezing

If you want to shock freeze biological samples and specimens, high-quality flasks are also ideal.

Gas purification

Gas purification by condensation also plays an important role in everyday laboratory work. Use the appropriately designed laboratory vessels for this and get professional advice from the MedSolut team of experts.

Transferring hot and cold liquids

The laboratory vessels with mirrored glass inlay are ideal for storing and decanting cold and hot liquids.

Testing reactivity

Dewar flasks are also ideal for chemical reactions where, for example, the heat flow must be kept as low as possible.

Features and design variants

In our online catalog you will find a large number of high-quality Dewar flasks in a wide variety of designs. Whether cylindrical or spherical, with a particularly wide base or in a dish shape - we have the right Dewar or laboratory vessel for every requirement.


The inner segment of high-quality Dewar flasks is usually made of double walled boroscilicate glass in accordance with 3.3 DIN/ISO 3585. It is particularly resistant to acids and alkalis, is impermeable to water and has a transformation temperature of 525 °C. The outer walls of Dewar flasks and special temperature control beakers are usually made of lightweight aluminum or chrome-plated stainless steel. Both materials are non-conductive, have a low weight and are extremely robust. The flasks with a glass casing are also available, but these are significantly less resilient than chrome or stainless steel. Nevertheless, the advantage of glass as an inner and outer material is that the reactions taking place inside can be easily observed. It is also corrosion resistant.

Shape and size

We offer you solid flasks in cylindrical form, in a bowl-shaped design or also in a spherical version. You can also choose between different filling volumes and temperature resistance.

  • Spherical containers are particularly easy to swivel so that the substances stored in them like liquefied gases or liquid oxygen can be mixed evenly.

  • The cylindrical shape, on the other hand, is the classic Dewar or laboratory vessel and is suitable for a variety of specific laboratory applications.

Evaporation rate

Nitrogen and many other substances that evaporate must be stored in special vessels. Care must be taken to use stoppers or covers with an opening. This ensures that the vacuum pumped and vaporized gases can escape. The evaporation rate provides information about the insulation performance of Dewar flasks and refers to the type and intensity of evaporation of liquid nitrogen. With our professional support, you can easily find the Dewar flask with the optimum evaporation rate for your work areas in an ambient temperature.

Types of silver plating

The type of silver plating also plays a decisive role in Dewar flasks. We differentiate between vessels with full silver plating, with visible silver plating and unsilver plated or transparent vessels. Fully silver-plated laboratory vessels have the lowest heat radiation losses. This means that you also benefit from the longest service life of the substance stored in the container. The wider the silvering strip, the lower the radiation losses. Consequently, unsilver-plated Dewar flasks are the products with the highest heat loss.

Selection of Dewar vessels on

At MedSolut you can order first-class Dewar vessels in various designs, shapes and sizes. We are pleased to present a small preselection here. If you have any questions about these and other products in our online range, our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you at any time.

Bowl-shaped Dewar vessels

Bowl-shaped Dewar flasks are mainly used in medical and laboratory technology. They are also very popular in biotechnology and for storing substances. They are characterized by a secure stand so that nothing can spill or overflow. Contact us - we will be happy to show you the right Dewar flasks in the tried-and-tested dish shape.

Cylindrical Dewar flasks

Cylindrical Dewar flasks are the classic containers in this product category. Depending on the intended use, you will find cylindrical laboratory vessels in various sizes and with different accessories. Whether with a classic stopper or with a lid including a gassing opening - at MedSolut you always have the choice.

Dewar flasks with a flat base

Similar to dish-shaped laboratory vessels, Dewar flasks with a flat base are particularly stable and therefore extremely reliable to handle. Whether for medium or large quantities - in our wide range you will find exactly the flat-bottomed Dewar flasks that are best suited to your projects and work. Do you need help with your selection? Then please contact us.

Dewar flasks in spherical shape

Spherical Dewar flasks are characterized by their great flexibility in handling. Liquids can be distributed particularly evenly in them, ensuring rapid heat distribution.

Dewar flasks for magnetic stirrers

When carrying out test procedures and experiments in the laboratory, the individual work steps must be precisely coordinated. You can therefore rely on our solid Dewar flasks for magnetic stirrers which are fitted with a special attachment that can be replaced as required. Whether in the pharmaceutical, food technology, textile or materials industry - at MedSolut you can order first-class Dewar flasks for magnetic stirrers in various sizes. - your competent partner for laboratory supplies

Discover the perfect Dewar flasks for your work and projects. If you are not yet sure which Dewar flask is best suited to your facility or institution, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will advise you in detail and individually. We strive to make the ordering process as simple and smooth as possible. To place an order via, proceed as follows: Place your desired product in the shopping cart and, if necessary, continue your search for suitable laboratory equipment and containers. Then select the payment method that suits you so that you can complete your order in the next step. You decide where the equipment is to be delivered. If required, you can also make an appointment with us to collect them yourself.

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