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Glove boxes for a protected and controlled environment

Handling harmful materials that a lab worker needs on the job can be dangerous. To ensure that you and your lab stay safe, it's important to take the right protective measures. Glove boxes are an important utensil in this regard to ensure safety. At you will find a range of models specifically designed for use in laboratories.

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How a glove box works

A glove box is a closed system used to protect sensitive materials from air and moisture. It consists of a box with a lockable lid and two arm openings for the user. The user wears special gloves that are attached to the arm openings. These gloves form a barrier between the contents of the box and the ambient air.

The air in the box is purified by a filter to remove impurities. Some models also have a heater or cooling systems to control temperature and humidity inside. Glove boxes are often used in laboratories, especially when working with toxic or reactive chemicals, and when conducting experiments in inert gas atmospheres such as nitrogen or argon.

Overall, they provide a safe way to handle sensitive materials without being affected by external factors such as exposure to oxygen or contamination by dust particles.

What is a desiccator?

A desiccator is a device used to dry materials. It consists of an airtight container with a removable cap or lid and usually contains a substance such as silica gel or calcium chloride that absorbs moisture. The desiccator is often used in laboratories to protect sensitive samples from humidity and maintain their stability.

Glove boxes from the MedSolut range

The boxes from our online catalog are made of sturdy materials to last a long time. They have a rounded edge that allows you to open and close them easily. Furthermore, they are equipped with a special desiccator that controls humidity and protects the protective gloves from damage.

Our glove boxes are suitable for all types of laboratory work. They are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. In particular, we offer a range of SICCO glove boxes, which are made of food-grade plastic and offer excellent resistance to chemicals, acids and alkalis.

The boxes are a cost-effective solution for your laboratory. They are also easy to install and maintain. They are a useful addition to your lab and will protect you and your employees from injury.

Glove boxes from SICCO

When it comes to storing sensitive materials and products, glove boxes are an indispensable solution. Especially in laboratories or research facilities they are used to create a controlled working environment . The glove boxes from SICCO offer not only the highest quality and safety, but also a high level of comfort for the user.

The boxes are made of robust acrylic glass and have integrated protective gloves with an excellent fit. The transparent design of the box makes it easy to check the work process at any time. In addition, the gloves can be changed quickly if necessary without having to open the entire system. SICCO offers various models - ranging from compact table-top units to large floor units with multiple chambers.

SICCO glove box Air Stream with airlock

The SICCO glove box Air Stream with airlock is an innovative solution for those who work with hazardous substances in their working environment. The box provides safe and controlled access to the gloves while simultaneously directing an air stream through the box.

This technology prevents harmful particles or gases from escaping the box. This keeps the work environment clean and safe for everyone involved.

Likewise, the SICCO glove box also impresses with its ease of use and cleaning options. The airlock allows the user to get into the box quickly without having to interrupt the air flow.

SICCO glove box DUO1 with air locks

The SICCO glove box DUO1 with air locks is the perfect solution for all those who have to handle hazardous materials in their working environment. The box is made of robust material and has a double airlock to safely control access to the gloves. In addition, the integrated airlock ensures that no unwanted particles enter your work environment.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to open and close the box, even with frequent use. Due to its compact size, it can be placed flexibly and takes up little space.

SICCO glove box DUO2 with locks

The SICCO glove box DUO2 with sluices is a high-quality solution for all those who have to meet the highest hygiene requirements in their work area. The box is made of robust stainless steel and has two separate chambers, each with its own airlock. This allows you to separate your work steps even more effectively, preventing contamination or germs from entering.

Each chamber holds up to three pairs of gloves, so you'll always have plenty of clean gloves on hand. Due to its high quality, this box is especially suitable for laboratories or other areas in the medical environment as well as food production or processing. Convince yourself of this practical solution!

SICCO glove box Vitrum with lock

The SICCO glove box Vitrum with air lock is a high quality product designed for use in laboratories and other research facilities. The box is made of robust material and has a special airlock that ensures that no air from outside enters the box . This ensures that all work inside the box can be carried out under controlled conditions.

In addition, the glove box offers a high level of comfort for the user: its generous dimensions make it easy to use, enabling precise work results. Another advantage of the SICCO Vitrum glove box with airlock is its ease of cleaning: Thanks to the smooth material, soiling can be removed quickly.

All in all, this is a first-class product that meets the highest demands - both in terms of quality and functionality.

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