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Refrigerators for chemicals: Effective cooling devices

When it comes to safely storing your valuable chemical substances, an effective cooling process is essential - offers you just the right equipment for this! In our online catalog, you will find a wide range of chemical refrigerators for various applications. The units are specifically designed for chemical storage and provide reliable cooling to maintain the stability and integrity of your chemical substances.

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What are the distinguishing features of our chemical refrigerators?

Our refrigerators for chemicals are specially designed for the storage of chemicals and provide reliable cooling in the temperature range from +2 °C to +8 °C. They are equipped with powerful cooling technology that ensures a constant temperature, thus ensuring the shelf life and quality of your chemicals.

Another advantage of our chemical refrigerators is their robust construction. They are made of high-quality materials and offer high resistance to chemicals and other harmful substances. This way, you can be sure that your chemicals are stored safely and securely.

Whether you need a chemical refrigerator for your lab, pharmacy or business, you can find the right model at We offer a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of our customers.

Where is a chemical refrigerator used?

A chemical refrigerator is an indispensable piece of equipment in laboratories that work with chemical substances. In these laboratories, dangerous and sensitive substances are often stored, which can quickly lose their properties or even explode if stored incorrectly.

A chemical refrigerator offers the ideal protection against such danger. The use of a chemical refrigerator is also particularly important when it comes to storing biological samples. These are often very sensitive and must be stored at certain temperatures to prevent them from being destroyed or losing their active ingredients.

Another important factor for the use of the refrigerator is the issue of occupational safety in the laboratory. Handling various chemical substances always involves a certain degree of danger for employees, as well as environmental hazards due to gases possibly escaping from open containers. A special extraction mechanism ensures that all vapors can be directly extracted and discharged outside without affecting other areas.

Buying a chemical refrigerator: these are the criteria you should consider

If you want to buy a chemical refrigerator, there are some important criteria to consider. After all, we're talking about the safe storage of hazardous substances here - and you can't compromise on that.

  • First of all, you should make sure that the chemical refrigerator has sufficient insulation . This means that the walls of the cabinet must be thick enough to keep the temperature inside constant while preventing gases or vapors from escaping.
  • Another important factor is the method of cooling. There are two options here: Either the cabinet works with a compressor (like a conventional refrigerator) or it uses Peltier elements for cooling. The latter are more energy-efficient and quieter than compressors, but they also have their disadvantages - such as lower performance at high temperatures.
  • The material of the interior also plays a role: ideally, this should be made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to avoid chemical reactions with the stored substances.
  • Last but not least, when buying a chemical refrigerator, you should pay attention to certifications - for example, the GS mark for tested safety or special standards such as EN 61010-1 for electrical equipment in laboratories.

Laboratory refrigerators from top brands in our product range

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of chemical refrigerators from top brands such as Liebherr, JULABO or POL-EKO-APARATURA. These refrigerators are specially designed for the storage of chemical substances and offer maximum safety and reliable temperature control. Our experts will be happy to advise you on choosing the right model for your needs - contact us today!

Chemical refrigerators from Liebherr

With their innovative technology, these refrigerators offer excellent performance and keep your chemicals safe and cool. Liebherr refriger ators are distinguished by their high quality. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of laboratories. The units feature a precise temperature management system that ensures temperatures inside the cabinet remain constant.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our chemical refrigerators are extremely energy efficient - saving energy while reducing your CO2-footprint. Furthermore, they are very easy to operate: The intuitive control panel allows you to quickly switch between different modes such as normal, eco or party mode.

Our refrigerators meet the highest safety standards: they have an alarm mechanism to monitor the internal temperature and a door lock with a key or code to protect against unauthorized access to hazardous substances.

Chemical refrigerators from JULABO

With state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality standards, these refrigerators ensure that your valuable substances always remain in top condition. Precise temperature control is the be-all and end-all: thanks to innovative sensors, it is ensured that the desired temperature is maintained exactly at all times - even when ambient temperatures fluctuate.

So you can be sure that your samples are always stored under optimal conditions. But JULABO refrigerators are not only convincing in terms of functionality: they also cut a good figure visually. The simple design fits seamlessly into any laboratory - whether modern or classically furnished.

Chemical refrigerators from CARLO ERBA Reagents GmbH

The high-quality cabinets offer optimal temperature control and protect your valuable substances from spoilage or damage. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, CARLO ERBA refrigerators are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They not only meet the highest safety standards, but also strict environmental regulations.

The robust construction of the cabinets ensures a long service life as well as easy maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, they are available in various sizes, so there is a model to suit every need.

POL-EKO-APARATURA chemical refrigerators

These refrigerators offer precise temperature control and keep your samples safe and secure. POL-EKO-APARATURA chemical refriger ators are equipped with the latest technology to ensure reliable cooling of your samples. They feature an advanced control and monitoring system that provides you with accurate information about the unit's status at all times.

Moreover, these refrigerators are built to be extremely robust and can operate without any problems even in demanding conditions. The high-quality materials ensure that they are durable and maintain their performance even with frequent use.

Find the right chemical refrigerator to safely store your materials - get advice

A chemical refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment for laboratories working with hazardous or sensitive materials. With its special design and features, it offers safe storage of chemical materials at constant low temperatures. To make sure you choose the right model, we are happy to offer you our advice.

Because safety is the top priority in every laboratory - you too can rely on our experience in the field of chemical storage. You can reach us around the clock by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by e-mail at