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Clean room cells for the highest demands in lab and industry

Cleanroom cells are indispensable in modern industry and laboratories. They are used to create a controlled environment in which no impurities or particles can interfere with work. This product is therefore an important component for quality assurance and productivity in these areas. Discover our wide range of cleanroom cells for versatile applications.

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Clean room cell: design and mode of operation

A cleanroom cell is a specially designed room module used for manufacturing products in a controlled environment. The cells are built to ensure high air quality and sterility. The cleanroom cell structure consists of a sturdy frame made of aluminum profiles or stainless steel frames and panels made of smooth materials such as glass or plastic. These materials are easy to clean and prevent dust particles from accumulating.

The operation of the clean room cell is based on the principle of laminar air flow. In this process, clean air is passed through a filter and then distributed evenly over the entire work area.

This ensures that all particles in the air are trapped, thus preventing contamination of the production process. To ensure that cleanliness requirements are met, regular control measurements must be carried out. Special measuring devices are used to measure particle size and concentration, for example.

Clean room cells from Spetec: Robust materials and special sizes

Spetec's cleanroom cells are known for their high quality and robustness. The cells are made of specially developed materials that ensure a long service life while meeting the highest hygiene standards. Another advantage of Spetec's cleanroom cells is the ability to customize them to meet individual customer needs. For example, special sizes can be made to make optimum use of the space available in production or research facilities.

But it is not only the design of the cleanroom cell that can be customized on request: There are also numerous options to choose from when it comes to equipment. From special lighting to air-conditioning and protective devices - with a customized solution from Spetec, every need is covered.

The company's expertise in cleanroom technology is also evident in other products such as laminar flow boxes or mobile workstations for use under sterile conditions.

Spetec clean room cell special solution

For companies that have special requirements for their cleanroom cells, Spetec offers individual special solutions. In doing so, each cell is tailored and custom-made to meet the exact needs of the customer. Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to find a solution that meets all requirements while being efficient. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and use high-quality materials for maximum durability.

Whether it's special size requirements or special equipment features such as airlock systems or air conditioning units - we offer our customers everything from a single source. Thanks to our many years of experience in cleanroom technology, we can guarantee fast delivery times even for more complex projects.

Our flexible production processes also allow us a high degree of individuality in the manufacture of each individual cell.

With a custom solution from Spetec, you not only get the highest quality and reliability, but also a partner at your side who can turn your vision into reality.

Spetec clean room system

Spetec products are known for their high quality, reliability and efficiency. Each room is individually tailored to the customer's needs to create optimal working conditions . The most advanced technologies are used to ensure a controlled environment with minimal particle contamination.

The company places great emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness in all its products. It works closely with its customers to meet their specific requirements for energy efficiency and material or resource savings .

Spetec has established itself as a trusted partner - not only for its high product quality but also for its excellent customer satisfaction and first-class after-sales service.

Find your individual clean room cell together with us - let us advise you!

We offer you tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements, whether in the field of research, production or medicine. Our team will accompany you throughout the entire process - from the initial consultation to the design and installation of your individual cleanroom cell.

We place particular emphasis on the highest quality and reliability as well as close cooperation with our customers. Benefit from an optimally adapted cleanroom cell for your needs - contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!

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