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Laboratory freezer professional cooling technology for your laboratory

A laboratory freezer is indispensable in the daily routine of hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories as well as in research and science. At you benefit from an extensive product portfolio and first-class service. Even if you would like individual professional advice, the MedSolut experts will be happy to help you at any time by phone or e-mail.

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Laboratory freezer applications and uses

A laboratory freezer must be of excellent quality and highly functional. Only then can highly sensitive substances be optimally stored at constant temperatures: In clinics, laboratories and medical institutes, research is usually conducted on highly sensitive substances. Liquids of the most varied kinds as well as cultures, sera and the like must be kept as usable as possible through cool storage in order to ensure reliable process controls, test runs and measuring methods. Therefore, the requirements for laboratory freezers with regard to temperature safety, hygiene, etc. are very high.

Laboratory freezers - special requirements

Unlike classic commercial or private freezers, laboratory freezers are equipped with numerous additional features. While conventional freezers are primarily designed to ensure constant temperatures, modern refrigeration technology for the laboratory has, among other things, special temperature safety technology. Even slight deviations can affect the shelf life and usability of the stored substances and, in the worst case, render them unusable. Elementary equipment features for a modern laboratory freezer:
  • Particularly robust housing
  • Lockable
  • Technical device for maximum temperature safety
  • precise control modules for constant interior temperatures and low energy consumption at the same time
  • Optical and acoustic alarm functions for optimum safety in case of stress
  • Recirculating air cooling
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Defrost water evaporation module
  • easy-to-read LED temperature displays: MedSolut even offers laboratory freezers with touch screens that can be operated with laboratory gloves.
  • temperature memory
  • Readable data documentation modules

Criteria for the selection of a laboratory freezer

Find the laboratory freezer that best suits the requirements and conditions in your company, institute or clinic at The following criteria should be taken into account when selecting a suitable laboratory freezer:

Temperature range

Depending on the substances you want to store in the laboratory freezer, a specific temperature range must be given. Our experts will be happy to inform you about the current design variants and show you which freezer is optimal for the laboratory.


The capacity must be designed with the intended volume of the substances to be stored in mind. In this respect, the number of individual shelves in the unit also plays an important role. Let the MedSolut professionals advise you individually.

Locking device

In some facilities it is indispensable that the laboratory freezer can be locked or is equipped with a special safety device. This is essential, for example, in the context of important experiments or test procedures. At you will find a wide range of special laboratory freezers that feature very well thought-out safety devices.

Glass freezer

Some substances need to be inspected regularly, even during storage. In order to ensure this, a glass door should be available which is designed in such a way that it does not become tarnished from the inside. This is the only way to ensure an additional degree of transparency. Also useful in this regard are models whose temperature level does not drop easily due to additional features when the door is opened temporarily for control purposes.

Laboratory freezer special models offers the right freezer models for every need and every requirement. From laboratory freezers to ultra-low temperature freezers, the portfolio is extremely diverse. Let yourself be inspired by the high-quality range:

Laboratory freezer

A laboratory freezer is similar in design to a classic chest. Accordingly, it convinces with a particularly large amount of space. Shelves or room dividers are usually not present, so that the materials to be stored can be stacked next to or on top of each other.

Ultra-low freezer

An ultra-low freezer is characterised by the lowest temperatures that can be set as required, so that sensitive contents such as biologicals, medicines or pharmaceutical substances can be stored under the best conditions thanks to a harmonious temperature distribution. The special recirculating air cooling system plays a particularly important role here.

Built-in and under-counter models

A laboratory freezer is also available from us in special sizes, so that you also have the option of choosing between small and larger units as well as built-in and under-counter models. Together with the friendly MedSolut specialists, you will find the right laboratory freezer for your company.

Leading manufacturers of laboratory freezers

We only stock first-class laboratory freezers from well-known manufacturers. You will find the following brands, among others, here on


The renowned company POL-EKO, based in Poland, has been successful on the market since 1990 and sells a wide range of first-class laboratory equipment. With POL-EKO's cooling technology, you can rely on excellent product quality and the highest level of functionality.


Philipp Kirsch GmbH was founded in 1865 and is still a family-run company today. Regardless of whether it is a matter of refrigerators or freezers for medical areas, demanding company and institute customers benefit from the best brand quality with every laboratory freezer from Kirsch.


The brand name Liebherr has been synonymous with quality, value and durability for more than 100 years. Hans Liebherr once founded the company and today it has grown into a globally active group that makes a name for itself with outstanding innovations. Discover the freezers of the renowned manufacturer with us.


witeg Labortechnik GmbH is the market leader when it comes to liquid handling articles as well as laboratory and cooling equipment. The company was founded in 1960 and is today the epitome of first-class quality and future orientation in more than 100 countries. At MedSolut we have numerous laboratory freezers from the company witeg ready for you.

Accessories for laboratory freezers

At you can order exactly the laboratory freezer that best suits your company or clinic. We also carry the appropriate accessories portfolio, such as:


For additional storage space and a better overview , we recommend the implementation of shelves. You will also find these in high quality in our online catalogue.

Deep pen

With a data recorder or chart recorder, it is possible to note and record temperature changes over several days in specific refrigeration conditions.


Some storage conditions require the use of additional racks to freeze additional samples or materials. The robust racks are available from us in the right size for every laboratory freezer.

Order a laboratory freezer - our experts will be happy to advise you!

If you need a laboratory freezer now, let our MedSolut team of experts advise you individually. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call us on +49 30 209 657 900. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to assist you personally.