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KNF Neuberger GmbH: High-end pump systems and laboratory equipment

Freiburg-based KNF Neuberger GmbH is one of Germany's leading manufacturers in the field of pump systems, diaphragm pumps, vacuum controller compressors and laboratory equipment. In addition to advanced technology and a high degree of flexibility thanks to the company's own modular system, the manufacturer is also characterized by a high promise of quality. In the range at MedSolut you will find a wide selection of products from KNF, which we present to you in this overview.

Laboratory pumps and systems with cutting-edge technology

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KNF Neuberger: innovative laboratory pumps and systems

When we talk about KNF Neuberger GmbH, we are talking about an innovative pump and laboratory technology manufacturer with over 75 years of experience. At various locations in different countries, development, design and manufacturing are emphasized at the highest level. Among the outstanding features of the manufacturer are above all the modern company philosophy, the progressiveness and high quality of the products as well as the innovative claim.

Hand in hand with the company's own motivation also goes the high quality promise. At KNF Neuberger, know-how is concentrated from years of experience, several worldwide competence centers and employees from fields such as medicine, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and production, as well as laboratory technology and process engineering. This creates an unmatched core competence when it comes to developing durable, effectiveness, flexible and high-quality pumping systems and laboratory technologies for optimal processes, additional purposes and analyses.

Aerospace, nanotechnology, transplants: KNF demonstrates expertise

KNF Neuberger GmbH is also distinguished by the fact that it is a reliable partner in diverse industries and fields of application, again due to its high flexibility in development, design and manufacturing. Thus, the company demonstrates expertise and has already been able to contribute significantly to the following areas:

  • Space: pump system for recycling used air on the ISS, which was installed in 2018.

  • Nanotechnology: development of a special transfer pump for feed and return in the semiconductor industry.

  • Transplants: Assisted in the design of a mechanical blood pump that simulates heart function.

  • Scientific research: Customized pump development and laboratory equipment for the research laboratories of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).

The KNF product range at MedSolut

Not all pump systems are the same - KNF Neuberger GmbH manufactures a wide range of pumps and laboratory technologies designed for different fields of application. This allows you to find exactly the right specifications for your needs. In our range at MedSolut, you can choose your KNF products from the following categories, among others:

Laboratory Pumps

The laboratory pumps from KNF Neuberger GmbH are characterized by their wide range of applications and customizable specifications. Whether chemical pumps, dispenser pumps or diaphragm metering pumps: this means that there is a high-quality, high-performance solution for every application, which differ from one another in terms of flow rate, possible vacuum and operating specifications.

Diaphragm liquid pumps

Diaphragm liquid pumps from KNF Neuberger can be differentiated into the categories of liquid metering pump and liquid transfer pump. Diaphragm metering pumps (such as the SIMDOS model) are ideal for small footprints and precise material delivery, while liquid transfer pumps (such as the LIQUIPORT) are designed for continuous operation. Vacuum controllers and diaphragm compressors are also available as accessories.

Vacuum pumping systems

With the manufacturer's vacuum pumping systems (such as the model SC 950), you can rely on high steam and condensate compatibility, with an integrated gas ballast valve and speed control. This enables delivery rates of up to a maximum of 20 l/min and an ultimate vacuum of up to 6 mbar. This can provide a decisive advantage in distillation, rotary evaporation and similar applications.

Diaphragm vacuum pump

The diaphragm vacuum pumps from KNF Neuberger, which include the laboratory vacuum pump LABOPORT laboratory vacuum pump, are suitable for a wide range of possible applications in the laboratory. These include, for example, centrifugal concentrations, desiccations, gel drying and liquid suction and delivery. These laboratory pumps feature infinitely variable speed control and completely oil-free operation, making them particularly clean and maintenance-free.

Chemically resistant diaphragm vacuum pump

If you work with aggressive and corrosive materials - for example in the chemical industry - you should choose a chemically resistant diaphragm vacuum pump from the brand manufactrurer. This includes, for example, the model LABOPORT N 820 whose wetted parts are made of TFM, PTFE and FFKM. At the same time, the pumps are quiet, reliable and compact. They are also available as self-drying vacuum pumps.

Chemically resistant vacuum systems

On the other hand, there are chemically resistant vacuum systems, which can optionally be equipped without a diaphragm. In this field, the manufacturer offers, for example, the model LABOPORT SR 820 which consists of a chemically resistant vacuum pump, a base plate and two cutters. Vapors and gases cannot harm the resistant material, which is why the system is also ideally suited for corrosive applications.

Recirculating chiller

The C 900 recirculating cooler from the brand manufacturer combines low energy consumption with a powerful cooling capacity of 250 W and a level indicator for particularly easy filling. The operating temperature can be individually set between -10 °C and 40 °C. It can be used wherever heat has to be dissipated - the splash-proof membrane keypad provides even more safety.

Vacuum Controller

To the category of Vacuum Controller belongs the model VC 900 which provides versatile vacuum control via a digital display. It is compatible with virtually every diaphragm pump from the manufacturer and features a low weight (1.2 kg) and compact design. A total of four different operating modes are possible. Equip your vacuum pumps, vacuum pump systems and other laboratory equipment with the Vacuum Controller to obtain even more precise results and data.

Rotary Evaporator

For the distillation and evaporation of solvents and liquids, systems such as rotary evaporators are used in the laboratory. The model RC 600 from the manufactrurer is one of them. All functions are controlled via a central operating unit, allowing this evaporator to shine as the central piece of equipment in your laboratory. In addition, there is an uncomplicated piston change, a cordless heating bath and fixation of the hose guide on the tower.

SIMDOS diaphragm metering pump

The SIMDOS diaphragm metering pump is available in a variety of models with flow rates ranging from 0.03 to 100 ml/min - so you can always find just the right precision and achieve first-class results. The maximum pressure is 6 bar. All SIMDOS pumps are dry-running and self-priming, which makes your employees' day-to-day work much easier.

High-end pumps and laboratory supplies: KNF Neuberger GmbH at MedSolut

Whether you are looking for industrial pumps, compressors, laboratory pumps or diaphragm gas pumps, when you choose a high-end pump or other laboratory equipment from KNF's product portfolio, you are not only choosing innovation and quality, you are also choosing a traditional company with high research standards. The many customization options allow a tailor-made solution for your area of application. Our team will be happy to help you find exactly the right product. Simply contact us all day by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or via e-mail at We look forward to helping you!