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Oxygen self-rescuer offers protection in case of emergency

Whether in mining, canal construction or in other areas without air or oxygen supply, the high-quality oxygen self-rescuers that you can order at shine through their excellent functionality. Benefit from a wide range of products, excellent service and the best expert advice at Which oxygen self-rescuer do you need for your company or institute?

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What is an oxygen self-rescuer?

An oxygen self-rescuer is a special oxygen girdle, which is also known as an insulating self-rescuer. It is a compact breathing apparatus with pressurised oxygen, which you can use in a wide variety of areas without an adequate air or oxygen supply. Please note that an oxygen self-rescuer is not a classic working apparatus, but a so-called "breathing apparatus". It is of fundamental importance in mining and canal construction.

Applications of a self-rescuer

Discover's excellent range of top-quality self-rescuers. Escape devices in this product category are used in these areas, among others:
  • In mining and canal construction
For example, when there is a risk of gas leaks.
  • In fire fighting
Rescue firefighters cannot do without the self-rescuer to protect either themselves or others from toxic fumes and gases in the event of a fire.
  • Technical emergency services
In the context of disaster relief operations , the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and other institutions need high-performance self-rescuers that comply with the applicable DIN standards, regulations and laws.
  • In the chemical industry and in research and science
In these sectors, toxic gases or vapours can escape in the course of various investigation or control work. Therefore, self-rescuers are also indispensable here.

In which cases is a self-rescuer used?

The sudden occurrence of gases or the outbreak of a fire - all of these can happen suddenly and unexpectedly in a wide variety of areas. It usually happens within a few seconds. In such a case, both the people at risk and the rescuers must have immediate access to a self-rescuer so that they can breathe safely. Every second that the human body is deprived of oxygen or exposed to a toxic concentration of hazardous substances can lead to serious damage to health or even death. The availability of functional escape equipment such as fire escape bonnets and self-rescuers is therefore elementary.
Other escape gear In the event of an emergency, the use of modern oxygen self-rescuers is elementary. At you will find high quality self-rescuers and other escape equipment to protect you and your employees, customers and patients. At, we carry the following escape devices, among others: Industrial Escape Device The high-performance industrial escape apparatuses protect in an emergency against several gases which could frequently occur in hazardous situations in industry. They are available in different versions, for example as a bonnet, as a half mask or as a mouthpiece. Fire escape bonnets Fire escape bonnets protect your eyes and allow unrestricted breathing. People in dangerous situations receive adequate protection from harmful fire gases.

Oxygen self-rescuer product variants

MedSolut offers companies, institutes, laboratories as well as industrial and construction companies oxygen self-rescuers for every need and every requirement. Our experts will be happy to explain to you what you should consider when buying. The following criteria play an important role in the selection process:

Dead weight

Experience has shown that classic self-rescuers have a high dead weight. The higher the weight, the more advisable it is to carry the rescue equipment either on a belt, on the floor near the workplace or in the work vehicle.

Operation time

Seconds are often crucial and can save lives. When buying an oxygen self-rescuer, look at the duration of use. On average, rescue or emergency services can be on the scene within five to 10 minutes. Therefore, the duration of use of the self-rescuer or escape bonnet should not be less than 15 minutes.


Self-rescuers that are used during work, for example in canal construction or mining, should be lightweight and easy to handle. This means that they restrict the user's freedom of movement as little as possible. The ergonomic aspect of the gear should also be as good as possible. Depending on the area of application, the rescue gear must be able to be put on easily and quickly, if possible without the help of a second person. The MedSolut professionals will be happy to help you with any questions you may have in this regard.

Compressed oxygen or chemically stored oxygen

Depending on the hazardous situation, self-rescuers are required which enrich oxygen from the ambient air. For example, some models in this product category from the MedSolut portfolio are used for patients who are regularly or continuously dependent on oxygen enrichment of their breathing air. Furthermore, you will find devices that can be used to prevent or compensate for a lack of oxygen in non-pressurised environments. Here, the oxygen is chemically stored in the housing and can be inhaled with the help of a mouthpiece. Excess breathing gas is discharged to the outside via a release valve. This type of self-rescuer is essential, especially in working areas such as mining.

Structure and function of an oxygen self-rescuer

The function of the oxygen self-rescuer is simple in principle and highly efficient at the same time. Oxygen is inhaled through a breathing tube, which is usually fitted with an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece. The breathing air can be purified via a so-called breathing bag, which is fed to a regeneration cartridge, and then made available for further breathing. The following components are characteristic of self-rescuers:
  • Breathing tube
  • Mouthpiece
  • Partial mask or
  • head mask
  • Belt
  • Oxygen tank
  • Regeneration cartridge
  • mobile sheath or sealed stainless steel container
In this regard, a distinction is made between, among other things, rescue devices that function with compressed oxygen or with chemically stored oxygen . In addition, offers insulating devices that protect the breathing air from harmful gases.
Training gadget for the oxygen self-rescuer In a dangerous situation, quick action is indispensable. Therefore, you are well advised to use a training device for the oxygen self-rescuer. It gives you and your staff the opportunity to train the donning and use of self-rescuers using ambient air. In this way, you avoid the use of breathing canisters, save time and also strengthen the sense of safety in your company. We have different training devices for self-rescuers available for you at Compare the range of products and get advice on the benefits of each training device. For example, there are models where the training breathing bag is filled with oxygen, while other models use a practical heat exchanger for ventilation. Our experts will be happy to show you which version is ideal for your company in an individual consultation.

Buy oxygen self-rescuer with expert advice from MedSolut

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