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PCR workstation: high-end equipment for clean analyses

PCR analysis is one of the most important developments of the last decades. With a PCR workstation you can prepare your PCR analyses in an optimal and contamination-proof way. At you will find high-quality PCR workstations from well-known brand manufacturers. Due to the complexity of the equipment and the numerous equipment options, our experts will be happy to advise you on finding the optimal PCR box for your needs.

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What is a PCR workstation for?

A PCR workstation is used for sample preparation for PCR analyses and also enables other contamination-sensitive work with DNA. In a PCR workstation, also known as a PCR hood or PCR cabinet, particularly clean conditions prevail. The box is closed from all sides and is only accessible via the work opening. The work surface has an antimicrobial surface, for example made of stainless steel. The equipment with UV lamps also allows active decontamination of the surfaces. Optimum air flow, air purification using HEPA filters and additional clean air decontamination options using UV lights ensure a cleanroom atmosphere.

PCR workstation: What are the differences between the products?

PCR workstations and laminar flow boxes are available in various designs. The workstations can be purchased as table-top units or with their own substructure. Furthermore, PCR workstations differ in the following variants:


Most PCR stations have a width that allows one employee to work comfortably. Typical dimensions are widths of 60 cm and depths of 55 cm. However, if a larger working area is required, PCR hoods can also reach a width of 120 cm. The front screen can be vertical or slanted for more comfortable working.


The work surface is made of enamel with an antimicrobial surface or can be made of stainless steel. All other surfaces, such as side or rear walls, can also be made of stainless steel or have Plexiglas, glass or steel as a base, which is then equipped with an antimicrobial coating. They stay contaminant free while using.

UV decontamination

All PCR stations are equipped with UV light sterilization, which can specifically remove and reduce the risk of contamination from the surfaces. These are either equipped with a timer or can be controlled electronically. They can also be connected to the working port so that decontamination only takes place when the station is closed. Some PCR stations also have additional UV systems that purify the air.

Air purification

Special air purification systems are used: different flow rates and flow profiles can lead to different air purity classes. HEPA filters and, in some cases, additional pre-filters also ensure a (cross) contamination-free environment.

Our range of PCR cabinets

At MedSolut you will find various PCR stations with different technological approaches like the protection of sample contamination. What they all have in common is high quality, outstanding safety and reliable decontamination. You can buy the following products at our online catalogue:

ESCO Airstream PCR Workbench

ESCO's PCR workbench has a stable table with castors, the size can be selected in three widths and can thus be flexibly adapted to all requirements. Vertical Laminar airflow and a HEPA filter with additional pre-filter guarantee air quality better than ISO class 5. All surfaces are antimicrobial coated and offer the highest level of safety, while the UV lamp with 15 W output also ensures a contamination-free surface.

BioSan UV Cleaner Box

The BioSan PCR-Cabinet is a handy table-top cabinet with a metal frame. The sides can be chosen flexibly from glass, plexiglass or coated steel. An open UV lamp with 15 W output decontaminates the work surface in 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, this box has innovative UV cleaning boxes that contain a bactericidal continuous UV cleaning recirculator AR. During operation, this technology provides constant decontamination for outstanding safety.

Telstar DLF/PCR360

The PCR box DLF/PCR 360 is optimised for PCR work. The work area is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring a sterile, antimicrobial working environment and for example polymerase chain reaction experiments. The vertical airflow is electronically controlled to perfectly compensate for filter variations and the unique "failsafe" plenum ensures optimal quality of the filtered air.

PCR-Hoods: Applications and tasks

PCR workstations can be used in a wide range of applications. In all cases, the main objective is to clean air, purify and isolate cell-derived components of genetic material (DNA or RNA), to amplify specific segments and to derive useful developments. PCR stations can be used in the following sectors.

University laboratories

In universities, intensive research is carried out on the analysis of DNA and RNA materials. On the one hand, this is applied to human DNA, for example in the identification of genetic defects, the prediction of genetic predispositions for certain diseases or the analysis of the entire genome to create a genetic fingerprint. Another field of application is the elucidation of the DNA of viruses and bacteria with the aim of being able to identify them quickly in the case of infections and to offer the pharmaceutical industry incentives for vaccines.


In hospitals, validated tests are already being used to identify diseases in patients , detect pathogens or detect genetic mutations. Here, too, it is essential to extract, purify, multiply and analyse genetic material from human cells. The knowledge gained can then be used to derive diagnoses and treatment plans.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, a PCR hood is mainly used to research new drugs or vaccines and bring them to application. First attempts for vaccines based on RNA have already been developed and are about to be approved.

Powerful PCR workstation from we are happy to advise you!

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