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Julabo laboratory technology: Product range

Julabo laboratory technology is characterised by high product quality and sophisticated technology for demanding tasks, which is why you will find a wide selection of temperature control solutions from Julabo at Medsolut. We have summarised here which categories are available and which advantages the individual devices offer.

Water bath

The Julabo PURA range of waterbenders are true all-rounders in everyday work. They combine intuitive operation with an outstanding temperature consistency of +/- 0.15C. Working temperature ranges between +18C and +99.9C can be easily covered, making these units ideal for laboratory work, material testing, incubation and the like.

Water bath

Julabo’s water baths are grouped together in the SW product range, from which you can choose between different filling volumes (0.8 to 36 l) at MedSolut. These models feature a splash-proof membrane keypad and a bright LED display for a high degree of operating convenience. The shaking frequency can be set between 20 and 200 revolutions per minute.

Chemical refrigerator

The KRC 50 and KRC 180 chemical refrigerators have been specially designed for the storage and cooling of hazardous substances . They can be adjusted to a working temperature range between -2c and +12C and are manufactured in two sizes.

To ensure optimum safety even in the event of a power failure, the units are equipped with an audible and visual warning signal. The intrinsically safe control circuit and the compressor protection further increase safety.

Temperature control systems

Julabo’s temperature control systems can be divided into two product ranges: the PRESTO process thermostats (such as the PRESTO W91 model) and the Forte HT high-temperature thermostats (such as the Forte HT30-M1 model).

This means that even difficult temperature control tasks can be handled, as the devices have short heat-up and cool-down times and high performance data. The temperature control fluid can also be used for a considerably longer time than with conventional thermostats.

Recirculating chillers

Julabo recirculating chillers are available in a wide range of models, so that there is an ideal variant for every application . The units provide an economical alternative to tap water cooling by combining short cooling times with high efficiency and space-saving installation. In addition, extensive safety functions allow continuous operation.

The MedSolut product range includes various model series, such as the FL recirculating chillers with a cooling capacity of up to 4.3 kW and SemiChill.

Immersion coolers

In contrast to recirculating chillers, Julabo’s immersion chillers are equipped with an immersion probe, which is used for rapid cooling of liquids. Even low temperature ranges can be reached quickly and easily. The units require only a small footprint, which is why they can be installed in a particularly space-saving manner. The immersion coolers of the FT series cover a temperature range between -90C and +30C depending on the model and are easy to operate.

Flow-through coolers

The same also applies to the continuous flow coolers from this manufacturer. They are grouped together in the FD series and are intended for use in combination with heating thermostats for work below ambient temperature .

By using these devices, you not only save cooling water, but can also benefit from low energy consumption. In addition, they are compact in size and easy to use, such as the FD 200 model.


Julabo’s thermostats can be divided into two main categories: air-conditioning thermostats and heating thermostats. They are manufactured in various product groups, ranging from bath thermostats and single-use thermostats to oven and circulator thermostats.

As a masthead, the manufacturer relies on proven and reliable technology that is constantly being further developed through intensive research. In this way, different heating techniques and temperature ranges can be covered for users in all sectors.

Bath thermostat

Julabo’s whisper-less bath thermostats are temperature control units designed for internal and direct use in the thermostatic bath. They have a white and luminous display that makes it easy for you to check and control them. In our selection at MedSolut, you will find the compact model CORIO C as well as the versions ED with stainless steel bath gates and ED with transparent bath gates.

Immersion circulators

Julabo single-use thermostats offer the decisive advantage that they are suitable for both internal and external applications. The quiet models also have a high heating capacity for fast heat-up and high-quality contact components made of stainless steel or plastic. Depending on the product range, they can be used to control the temperature of baths with a capacity of up to 50 litres. The CORIO and DYNEO DD series belong to the single-jacket thermostats.

Bridge thermostats

Julabo’s bridge thermostats (e.g. the SE-Z model) are manufactured with a high-quality stainless steel bridge, so that they can be used flexibly over any type of bath. This means that both external and internal temperature control tasks with a maximum volume of 100 l can be easily fulfilled. The extension width is specified by the manufacturer as 31 to 66 cm.


Julabo circulators are also available from MedSolut, such as the MA series of Klte circulators. The devices are produced by Julabo Labortechnik with closed baths, which ensures high-quality insulation and an integrated cooling coil for counter-cooling at all times.

Do you still have questions or would you like help in selecting a suitable Julabo temperature control unit? Our highly qualified customer service team will be happy to help you! You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected] We look forward to advising you!

Julabo: Top-class laboratory technology

With more than 400 employees and 11 branches as well as numerous sales partners at home and abroad, Julabo Labortechnik GmbH is one of the most successful and largest manufacturers of temperature control units. The company was founded in 1967 in Seelbach, where it still has its headquarters and technology centre. It is still an owner-managed family business today.

Several factors can be cited as the basis for its international success, including in particular the reliable and high-performance devices and their suitability for diverse areas of application, from laboratories and production plants to research facilities.

The aim of Julabo Labortechnik GmbH is always to develop sophisticated technology for demanding customers . To this end, research, development and production are carried out from a single source. The vision of “Superior Temperature Technology for a better Life” is at the centre of the company’s future-oriented philosophy.

Julabo laboratory technology: large selection for your laboratory at MedSolut

Anyone who chooses a temperature control solution from Julabo Labortechnik GmbH can benefit from years of research and an innovative approach. In addition to quality at the highest level and customer-oriented manufacturing, the family-owned company focuses on durability, sustainability and optimal usability of the devices.

In our range at MedSolut, we offer you a wide selection of Julabo products, so that there is exactly the right model for every application. For further information and questions, please contact our excellent customer service by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected].