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Heidolph Instruments: Stirrers, coolers, shakers and more

Heidolph Instruments GmbH, based in Schwabach, is one of the leading companies in the development and production of laboratory equipment. The company's philosophy focuses primarily on research, quality and outstanding service. The product range is also impressive - it ranges from magnetic stirrers to vacuum pumps and platform shakers. At MedSolut, we offer you a wide selection of equipment from this renowned manufacturer.


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Heidolph Instruments: High-end laboratory technology for your needs

The company history of Heidolph Instruments goes back to the year 1720, but of course a lot has happened since then - this manufacturer is now one of the leading producers of laboratory equipment. In the meantime, pharmaceutical research is supported in over 80 countries in order to be able to improve the quality of life of people worldwide. Heidolph Instruments from Schwabach near Nuremberg focuses on research, outstanding quality, customer orientation and local production.

Research made easy

One of the core themes of Heidolph's corporate philosophy is maximum relief for customers, who ultimately need to be able to concentrate on their research. With reliable products, customer-oriented solutions and fast reaction times, this is perfectly possible.

Quality without compromise

Quality is a top priority at Heidolph Instruments. In addition to multi-stage quality controls of all components and a three-year, uncompromising warranty, the company's products also offer an average life expectancy of more than 10 years. This ensures ideal reliability and high precision. For example, all motors are both powerful and low-maintenance, and smart solutions make them particularly easy to operate.

Certified AMS

Another focus is on customer service, which has been recognised with various awards. With a delivery reliability of over 98%, a short delivery time of less than seven days and a guaranteed repair within four days, you can fully rely on your device from Heidolph Instruments.

Made in Germany

Heidolph Instruments from Schwabach has deliberately chosen Germany as the production location for its premium laboratory instruments - all instruments are developed and manufactured locally. This prevents downtime, reduces maintenance and counteracts costly repairs.

Heidolph Instruments: Products for your laboratory

Heidolph Instruments' equipment and products also impress with their high functionality, excellent build quality and wide range of products. At MedSolut we offer you in particular the following instrument categories from the Heidolph range:

Recirculating coolers

For ideal temperature control of various substances, the recirculating coolers from Heidolph Instruments come into question. They have low heating and cooling phases and can be provided with different volumes and capacities. These include the models Rotacool MiniRotaChill SmallHei-Chill and RotaChill Large.

Laboratory stirrers

The laboratory stirrers are true all-rounders and cover various application parameters. They range from the Hei-TORQUE Value model with a compact design to the smart Hei-TORQUE Precision models with up to 400 Ncm. The stirring element can be replaced without tools thanks to Quick Chuck.

Magnetic stirrers

The company's magnetic stirrers combine fast heat-up times with chemically resistant heating plates to provide gentle yet powerful stirring. The die-cast aluminium housing is fireproof sealed and is combined with a ceramic set-up surface. Magnetic stirrers include, for example, the MR Hei-Mix S and MR Hei-Tec models.

Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are used for filling and emptying reactors as well as for dosing with highest accuracy. Therefore, Heidolph Instruments pays attention to flow rates, tubing dimensions and chemical resistance. At MedSolut, you can obtain individual peristaltic pumps (such as the Hei-FLOW Value 06 model) or interconnected sets (such as the Hei-FLOW Gold set).

Vacuum pumps

The manufacturer's vacuum pumps are used for manual vacuum control, which is why all parts in contact with the medium have a consistent resistance to chemical substances. A PTFE sandwich system additionally extends the service life of the diaphragm. A distinction can be made between valve-controlled pumps (such as the Rotavac Valve Control unit) and speed-controlled pumps (such as Rotavac Vario Tec).

Pumping station

Some laboratory pumps - such as the speed-controlled vacuum pump Hei-VAC Vario Station - are equipped with an independently adjustable pumping station, which allows boiling distortions and sample losses to be reduced to a minimum. Processes can thus be optimised with ease.

Rotary evaporator

For intelligent distillation in the laboratory, the high-quality rotary evaporators and large rotary evaporators from Heidolph Instruments can be used, which focus on safety, ease of use and cost savings. In addition to standard evaporation (such as the Hei-VAP Expert Handlift model), precise vacuum controls can also be equipped.

Mixing and shaking devices

Especially for the preparation of samples, the cultivation of microorganisms or the sedimentation of solids, shakers have become indispensable in the laboratory. They are equipped with different types of movement - from circular vibrating shaking movements to overhead movements. Heidolph Instruments therefore offers a wide range of different mixing and shaking devices, ranging from laboratory shakers and test tube shakers (such as the Reax top device) to overhead shakers (for example the Reax 20/12 model) and platform shakers (such as the Unimax 2010 product). Would you like assistance in choosing the right instrument from this manufacturer or do you still have questions? Our experienced customer service will be happy to assist you in all matters.

Heidolph Instruments: excellent laboratory instruments for industry and research

The company Heidolph Instruments from Schwabach is not only characterised by high manufacturing quality, innovative research approaches and excellent service, but also takes responsibility for social commitment and contributes to the growth of Germany as a business location.

Anyone who chooses a product from this leading manufacturer has made a good choice - this is also confirmed by numerous awards. Do you need more information or are you interested in a device from Heidolph Instruments?

Then simply get in touch with our experienced service team at MedSolut. You can reach us either by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you!