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Laboratory equipment for chemistry, medicine, biotechnology and many more.

Whether in the health sector, pharmaceutical industry or food technology, work in many important industries today requires reliable laboratory equipment and accessories at a high-end level. The highest quality, safety and resilience of the equipment are prerequisites here. has made it its business to find reliable and tailor-made solutions for your laboratory needs: We support you with equipment that enables you to work precisely, safely and efficiently. We offer high-quality laboratory equipment for chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, food industry, dentistry, biotechnology and other scientific fields.

All the equipment in our portfolio comes from renowned top manufacturers in the industry and is certified according to all applicable standards. As a specialist dealer for laboratory equipment, we know the requirements in the various fields of work and are available to advise on the selection of equipment.

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Specialist advice and contacts for laboratory technology

Are you planning to set up or redesign your laboratory? We will be happy to support youinconception and planning! Our experts have been working in the industry for years and are familiar with the work processes in the various laboratory areas. In addition, they know the market for laboratory technology and can therefore provide you with the best offers.

In a detailed discussion, we will jointly determine your requirements for laboratory equipment. In addition, we will advise you on the various designs and manufacturers so that we can choose a suitable offer for you and then discuss the shipping.

After delivery, we will of course assist you with commissioning and calibration, and later with maintenance and repair. At you receive comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle of the laboratory instruments.

Large selection of laboratory instruments: all manufacturers at a glance! makes laboratory equipment as uncomplicated as possible for you: we offer an extensive selection of laboratory instruments from all well-known manufacturers, all on one platform. The ordering process and communication are thus significantly simplified.

Thanks to the good cooperation with our manufacturers, we can quickly pass on questions, requests for changes, etc. and you as a customer will receive immediate feedback. When it comes to delivery, we also benefit from our good dealer relations and can assure you of rapid dispatch.

Our large product portfolio includes laboratory instruments from the following manufacturers:

International shipping and customised delivery

We ship our laboratory instruments daily and, if required, worldwide. In addition, your goods are insured up to a value of 25,000 euros.

The delivery time depends on the ordered item and the delivery time of the manufacturer. If you need a product urgently by a certain deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us: We will do our best to find a tailor-made shipping solution for you!

Buy chemistry labware and more: our assortment offers chemistry laboratory equipment for all common work processes, be it analysis, measurement, sterilisation, heating and much more. In addition to chemical laboratory equipment, our products are also used in medicine, pharmacy and other scientific fields.

If you have special requirements and cannot find the equipment you are looking for on our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical advisors will be happy to help you!

A small insight into our range of chemical/medical/technical laboratory equipment:

Cleaning equipment and autoclaves

The highest standards of hygiene are a prerequisite for safe work in medical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories. offers you the necessary equipment for this: from laboratory washers to powerful laboratory vacuums to sterilisation apparatus and autoclaves. On request, we will be happy to work out a hygiene concept with you and advise you on the necessary laboratory equipment.

Chemical laboratory equipment for mixing and stirring

Careful mixing, stirring or dispersing of samples is essential for many laboratory tasks. offers you a wide range of stirrers, agitators, vortexers, laboratory shakers and dispersers from leading manufacturers such as IKA, Bhler and Heidolph.


Microscopes belong to the classic laboratory instruments and are used, for example, for the examination of microorganisms, cell or tissue samples. will be happy to advise you on the range of different microscopes available and help you find powerful, cost-effective instruments that are suitable for your purposes.


Choose from a wide range of precision balances, analytical balances, counting scales etc. that meet the requirements of the most modern measuring technology. Laboratory balances are used, for example, in the magistral preparation of medicines, medical laboratories or university research. We are happy to advise you on legal metrology, calibration of scales and much more.

Incubators, refrigerators, drying cabinets

Incubators are used for the controlled propagation and cultivation of microorganisms, as they are necessary for many medical or biological experiments. Drying cabinets, on the other hand, specifically remove moisture from the test material. At you can obtain high-quality incubators and drying cabinets as well as refrigerators that have been specially developed for laboratory tasks.

Furnaces, burners and heating plates

Precise heating to sometimes high temperatures is the basis of many chemical reactions. Accordingly, powerful heaters are part of the basic equipment of most laboratories. We offer a wide range of laboratory equipment for heating processes, be it laboratory furnaces, heating elements, gas burners, Bunsen burners or hot plates.

Chemical equipment for water treatment

Distilled water is used, for example, for the preparation of medical samples or for the production of various medicines. At you can get various chemical devices, such as distillation devices, which carry out the treatment of water reliably and efficiently. We carry all the well-known brands, such as BioSan, CertoClav, ELGA and many more.

Buy laboratory equipment at low prices: Top quality at attractive prices

You should not compromise on the performance, safety and durability of laboratory equipment. Nevertheless, the price must be right, because research funds are usually only available in limited amounts. strives to offer you the highest quality laboratory equipment and supplies at the lowest possible prices: To this end, we rely on long-term relationships with our cooperation partners and negotiate attractive conditions with the manufacturers.

Within the framework of discount campaigns and sales of special items, you can acquire particularly favourable laboratory equipment from our brand manufacturers. Simply contact us and ask for corresponding offers! Our aim is to offer our customers excellent value for money.

Get a non-binding consultation now!

Outstanding service is a matter of great concern to us: No matter whether you have a quick question about a special instrument or accessory or whether you need comprehensive advice on laboratory equipment: Our expert advisors are ready to answer all your questions. Feel free to send us an enquiry for an initial, non-binding discussion! You can reach us by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by email at [email protected]