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Differential pressure meters - precision for your results

When it comes to precise measurements, a differential pressure meter is indispensable. These devices are particularly suitable for measuring pressure differences in gas or liquid flows and are used in many areas, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology or in the pharmaceutical industry. In our online catalog at you will find a large selection of high-quality differential pressure measuring devices for your individual requirements.


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How does a differential pressure meters work?

A differential pressure gauge is a measuring instrument that measures the difference in pressure between two points in a system. It consists of a diaphragm or piston that is moved by the pressures on either side, producing a change in electrical signal.

The device can be used for various applications, such as monitoring air flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems or measuring the flow of liquids in pipelines. The operation of a differential pressure gauge is based on the principle of hydrodynamic forces.

When a fluid (gas or liquid) moves through a duct, a difference in static pressure occurs at various points within the system. This difference is called differential pressure. To measure it, the gauge uses a type of valve with two ports:one port is connected to the area whose pressure fluctuations are to be measured; the other port is under atmospheric pressure.

The resulting differential pressure presses against a flexible diaphragm inside the device, causing its movement. This movement, in turn, affects a sensor - typically piezoelectric - which then reacts accordingly and deduces what values need to be displayed to represent the current condition.

Where is a differential pressure gauge used?

A differential pressure gauge is used in many different applications. For example, it is often used to measure the air flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Such a device can also be helpful in monitoring filters or pumps. In industry, the differential pressure gauge is also used, for example, to measure the pressure in pipelines or tanks.

Here it is important that the measurement accuracy is very high and that the device works reliably even under difficult conditions. Differential pressure gauges are also used in the medical field, for example to measure the blood flow through arteries or veins.

In summary, a differential pressure gauge is versatile and indispensable for many technical processes as well as for the healthcare industry. It enables precise measurements and thus ensures that important processes can run smoothly.

Calibrating a differential pressure gauge correctly: here's what to look out for

To properly calibrate a differential pressure gauge, there are a few important points to consider.

  • First, you should make sure that the device is in a stable condition and that no external influences such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations can affect the measurement.
  • Next, one must select a suitable reference source to compare the pressure of the gauge against the reference source. This may be, for example, a precision manometer or a calibration device.
  • It is also important to ensure that the differential pressure gauge is connected correctly and that all connections are tight. Incorrect installation can cause air to escape or leakage to occur - this would affect the accuracy of the calibration.
  • During the actual calibration process, several measurement points should be checked to ensure that the instrument is operating within its specification. It is advisable to set at least three different pressures(low/medium/high) and record or compare several values each time - this is the best way to determine if there are any deviations.
  • After the calibration is completed, check again if everything is working properly: Are all connections tight? Are there any vibration problems?

Periodic checking of differential pressure gauges is important to ensure that they are working correctly and providing accurate readings. Incorrect calibration can lead to pressure monitoring errors - which is a major risk, especially in critical applications such as pharmaceutical or chemical applications.

In summary, to properly calibrate a differential pressure gauge, care should be taken to ensure a stable environment, properly install the instrument, and select a suitable reference source.

During the actual calibration process, several measurement points should be checked - this way, deviations can be quickly detected and adjusted if necessary. With a regular check, you can ensure that your differential pressure gauge always delivers accurate results - so you always have full control over your processes!

Differential pressure gauges from Dostmann

The devices from Dostmann are the ideal solution for anyone who needs precise and reliable measurement of differential pressure. Whether in industry, in trade or in the private sector - with the high-quality devices from Dostmann you can always determine exact measured values. The products convince not only by their high accuracy, but also by their ease of use and robust design.

Thus, they can be used even under the most difficult conditions and always provide reliable results. Furthermore, we offer you a comprehensive service for the devices. From advice on selecting the right device to maintenance and repair, experienced experts are at your side.

Convince yourself of the advantages of a differential pressure measuring device from Dostmann - we guarantee you the highest quality at a fair price!

DOSTMANN Differential Pressure Gauge DD 890

This model is the perfect tool for anyone who needs precise measurements of pressure differences. The device is rugged and reliable, making it the ideal choice for use in industrial environments. The DD 890 has a variety of features, including a large backlit LCD display and an intuitive user interface. It can measure both positive and negative pressures and also offers differential pressure measurement capability.

Another major advantage of the DD 890 is its high accuracy. With a resolution of up to 0.001 psi , you can be sure that your readings are accurate - even with small differences in pressure. Furthermore, the device has an internal memory for up to 99 measured values as well as a USB port for easy transfer of your data to your computer or mobile device.

Overall, the DOSTMANN DD 890 differential pressure gauge is an excellent instrument for any professional user who needs accurate and reliable results. Thanks to its robustness, this product is particularly well suited for use in harsh industrial environments such as factories or laboratories.

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