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A half mask for respiratory protection with filter offers safe protection against all kinds of harmful substances. Their compact dimensions and high wearing comfort make them a sensible alternative to full-face masks. At you buy your respiratory protection half mask with filter in top quality and at the best price-performance ratio! We will be happy to advise you in detail so that you can find the right product for your requirements!

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What is a half mask?

A half mask with a filter sits on the bridge of the nose. It encloses the mouth, nose and chin. The integrated filter weighs a maximum of 300 grams.

Use of half masks

Half masks with filters are always used when the wearer is exposed to increased levels of harmful substances. This includes gases, vapours and aerosols as well as particles. Because of the comfortable fit, they are often used in everyday work when conditions are difficult:

  • in dusty environments (e.g. during chiselling work)
  • when handling chemicals (e.g. formaldehyde)
  • when toxic substances escape (e.g. in waste disposal plants)
  • during cleaning work (e.g. hypochlorite)
  • when working with unsafe sample material in the laboratory (e.g. infectious aerosols)

Types of protective masks

Depending on the requirements, different types of protective masks are distinguished.

  • Full face mask: Combines the mask with goggles. Provides maximum protection in harsh environments.
  • FFP Mouth-nose protection: Provides simple protection against dust and liquid and solid particles.
  • Half mask: Available with one or two filters. Ideal protection with high wearing comfort.

Buy half masks at our assortment

Masks from the manufacturer Draeger are characterised by their diversity. Depending on the desired area of application, you are guaranteed to find the right half masks here for your purposes and for your budget.

Half mask Draeger X-plore 3300

The Draeger X-plore 3300 is convincing due to its pleasant wearing comfort. The bayonet system ensures a secure and ergonomic fit. The filters can be replaced if necessary.

  • two filters
  • low-cost, low-maintenance, skin-friendly
  • flat design can be combined with goggles and/or visors
  • special filters for handling chemicals

Half mask Draeger X-plore 3500

Created for demanding jobs and durable protection! The variant Draeger X-plore 3500 fits securely and is hardly to be blown up. Three Gren ensure ideal wearing comfort!

  • two filters
  • robust, skin-friendly, extra tight
  • Flexifit head spider for a secure fit without trapped hair
  • excellent visibility, ideal in combination with protective visors

Draeger complete set X-Plore 2100

Are you looking for an inexpensive 3M half mask with exchangeable filters? Then this Draeger X-Plore 2100 complete set is a good choice. It is available in silicone or EPDM and is comfortable to wear thanks to its low breathing resistance!

  • economical, durable, easy to handle
  • high filtration capacity
  • Permanently wearable
  • two protection levels (FMP2 and FMP3)

Draeger X-Plore Craftsman Set

The Draeger X-Plore craftsman set is specially designed for working in dusty environments. Thanks to DrgerFlex, it fits securely and is kind to the skin. It is available in three sizes (S, M and L) for optimal fit.

  • two filters
  • robust, durable, comfortable
  • for demanding jobs
  • excellent weight distribution

Which filter do I need for my application?

The hazmat masks can be fitted with different filters depending on your needs and expected exposure to pollutants. Particle filters reliably keep out dust and the like. Gas filters effectively prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes, infectious aerosols or harmful gases. Combination filters are effective against both solid and gaseous substances. You can recognise the areas of application by the colour code.

Colour code Filter type Main application
Brown AX Gas and vapour organ. Comp. - Boiling point < 65
Brown A Gas and vapour organ. Verb. - Boiling point > 65 C
Grey B Gas and vapour organ. Comp. e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide Blue acid
Yellow E Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride
Grn K Ammonia
Black CO Carbon monoxide
Red Hg Mercury vapour
Blue NO Nitrous gases, including nitric oxide
Orange Reactor Radioactive iodine
White P Particles, dust

Putting on and using the half mask correctly

Correct application and an optimal fit are essential for the mask to work properly. For this reason, you should refer to the following application tips:

  1. Grasp the mask with one hand and hold it over the mouth and nose.
  2. With your free hand, stretch the band over the neck and head.
  3. Adjust the length if necessary.

A tight fit is essential for your respirator to provide reliable protection. Therefore, always check for leaks immediately after putting on the mask.

  1. Cover the exhalation valve or filters with your hands.
  2. Breathe out slowly. No air should escape between the mask and your face.
  3. Breathe in slowly. The mask body should contract slightly and there should be no airflow around the edges.

Clean your mask with a disinfectant after each use. Airtight containers are suitable for storage.

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Buy your half mask now and be well equipped for your everyday work! Do you have questions? We have the answers. The competent team at will be happy to advise you so that you can find the right model for your purposes. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by email at!