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Climate chamber for the laboratory in industry and research

Climatic chambers are used, for example, to test the durability of materials, components and medicines. At you will find a large selection of constant and alternating climate chambers from top manufacturers such as BINDER, RUMED or POL-EKO. On request, we will be happy to advise you on which climatic chamber is best suited for your laboratory.

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Types of climatic chambers

With a climatic chamber for the laboratory, temperature, humidity and lighting can be controlled precisely, so that tests under standardised environmental conditions are possible. Depending on the purpose and function, a distinction is made between constant and alternating climate cabinets.

Constant climate chamber

A constant climate chamber is used when firmly defined, static conditions are to be simulated, usually over a longer period of time. It is particularly important that the environmental parameters remain exactly the same and that a homogeneous climate prevails within the cabinet. In the range you will find, for example, climatic cabinets of the KBF and KBW series from Binder or the climatic chambers of the KK and KKS series from POL-EKO.

Interchangeable climate chamber

In an alternating climate chamber, also known as an environmental simulation chamber, product testing takes place under dynamic conditions. Here, different climatic conditions are simulated within a short period of time, from intense heat to severe cold. This makes it possible to test the resistance of products and components to severe temperature fluctuations. At, for example, we carry the high-quality MK series environmental simulation cabinets from Binder.

Are you looking for a drying cabinet, incubator or laboratory refrigerator in addition to a climate control cabinet for the laboratory? At you get high-quality temperature control technology from leading brands all on one platform!

Applications for the laboratory climate chamber

A laboratory climatic chamber is essential in many areas of industry and research: especially when it comes to the approval of new medicines or products, stability tests in a climatic chamber are usually prescribed.

Material tests in industry

Material tests under simulated environmental conditions play an important role in numerous industries. Among other things, they test the ageing, corrosion and stability of

  • Automotive components,
  • building materials and
  • electronic components.

In order to test the stability of components under extreme conditions, so-called stress tests are carried out.

Tip: Binder's KMF constant climate chambers are particularly suitable for industrial THB tests. Here, even extreme temperatures between -10 and 100 C are possible without any problems.

In the case of products made of plastic or leather, as well as packaging and composite materials, the light fastness is often tested using photostability tests. The BINDER KBF P 720 climatic chamber or the BINDER KBF LQC 240 climatic chamber can be used for this purpose.

Drug tests

Newly developed medicinal products must be tested for stability according to the guidelines of the ICH (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use). This tests the storage conditions under which medicines and vaccines retain their efficacy or whether they develop any harmful effects. The Binder constant climate chambers KBF and KBF S, the precision test chambers of the Premium line from RUMED and the climate chambers from POL-EKO are suitable for the stability testing of medicines and active substances according to ICH guideline Q1A. An additional test of photostability in accordance with ICH guideline Q1B can be carried out, for example, with a Binder KBF P and KBF LQC series laboratory climate chamber.

Are you looking for a special climate chamber for medicines or do you have questions about the technical equipment of the devices? Then you are welcome to send us a non-binding enquiry: The MedSolut experts will advise you free of charge!

Food tests

The climatic cabinet is also used in the laboratory in the field of food technology: for example, when testing the photostability of foods containing dyes or vitamins. Targeted illumination is used to examine how the appearance of the food changes. As there is often no time in the product development of food to test the shelf life in real time, accelerated shelf -life testing (ASLT) is carried out. This allows the minimum shelf life of products to be tested over a shorter period of time.

Cultivation of micro-organisms and insects

Last but not least, a climate chamber can be used in the laboratory for the cultivation of microorganisms and insects. In the case of live insects, however, it is important to note that the operation of the cabinet must be particularly low-noise. A model from our range that meets this requirement is, for example, the POL-EKO climatic chamber KKS.

Climate chamber for laboratories Selection criteria

Whether you want to use the climatic chamber for stability testing of medicines or for material stress tests: On our platform you will find suitable models from leading manufacturers. The following criteria can help you choose the right climatic chamber for your laboratory:

Static vs. dynamic climate

First of all, it is important to decide whether you need constant climate conditions or whether it is necessary to simulate a change. Depending on your requirements, we have various constant climate or environmental simulation cabinets available for you at

Temperature and humidity range

The temperature or humidity range is another important point when choosing a climatic chamber for the laboratory. Here are some temperature ranges of constant climate cabinets at a glance:

Premium line from RUMED 0 C to +50 C
KK series from POL-EKO 0 C to +60 C
KKS series from POLE-EKO 0 C to +100 C
Series KBF from Binder 0 C to +70 C
Series KBF P from Binder 0 C to +70 C
KBF LQC series from Binder 0 C to +70 C
KMF series from Binder -10 C to +100 C

ICH-compliant lighting

For photostability tests of medicinal products, we have various climatic cabinets with ICH-compliant illumination according to guideline Q1B available for you. These include, for example, the KBF P 240, KBF P 720, KBF LGQ 240 and KBF LGC 720 models. Do you have specific technical questions about illumination, e.g. irradiance and distance of the light source? Then simply contact our technical advisors who will be happy to help you!

Water supply

The laboratory climate chamber can be supplied with humidifying water in various ways. It is possible, for example, to connect it to a stationary water supply. Alternatively, a water canister can be installed for supply or disposal, which must then be replaced manually. The water quality is decisive for the longest possible service life of the climatic chamber - as a rule, fully demineralised water is necessary. If the water quality is not sufficient, it must be treated beforehand, for example with an ion exchange system.


Last but not least, the simple and quick operation of the climatic chamber also plays a role in the selection. The models offered on usually have intuitive operation with a touch screen. Real-time programming is particularly convenient, as is possible with the laboratory climatic chambers from BINDER, for example.

Climate chamber manufacturer range on

At you will find high-end laboratory equipment from absolute industry leaders. In the area of climate cabinets, we have, for example, equipment from the following brands available for you.

  • BINDER: With a Binder climatic chamber, you acquire a sophisticated high-tech product which, thanks to high-quality components, is particularly durable.
  • RUMED: The German company based in Laatzen manufactures innovative air-conditioning technology for expert applications in pharmacy, life sciences and food technology.
  • POL-EKO: At the climate specialist POL-EKO you get heat and climate technology that meets the highest standards: The large range of climate chambers includes, for example, suitable equipment for insect breeding, material testing or pharmaceutical stability testing.
  • Witeg: The manufacturer Witeg offers an extensive range of technically sophisticated laboratory equipment, including excellent climate chambers for environmental simulation.

Order a climatic cabinet for the laboratory

Whether for material stress testing or pharmaceutical stability testing, a laboratory climate control cabinet is essential for product development in many areas. At you will find the right equipment from top manufacturers in the industry. Do you have any questions about the cabinets or would you like some non-binding advice? Our experts are at your disposal! Simply contact us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by email at