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Whether Bühler, Gestigkeit or BIOTEC-FISCHER - has a large selection of hot plates from renowned manufacturers ready for you. If you need a high-quality hot plate for laboratory and industry, you are excellently advised in every respect. High-performance hot plates guarantee a homogeneous temperature distribution for various types of laboratory work and shine with a short warm-up time. They also offer many other advantages. In our extensive online catalogue you will find heating plates of first-class quality at attractive conditions. With you benefit from excellent service and individual, competent advice from friendly experts. See for yourself.


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Laboratory hot plate with temperature control: Functions

A heating plate with temperature control for the laboratory is an important device that is used to heat Erlenmeyer flasks, distillation flasks, round-bottomed flasks, beakers and other vessels evenly. A hotplate with heating surface is roughly comparable to a classic cooker or hotplate, but in contrast has additional special features.

These include, among others, heating or magnetic heaters. These enable the uniform redistribution of substances in the vessel to be heated with the aim of achieving even better heat distribution. The heating devices that you can order at are chemical-resistant and temperature-resistant and are ideally suited for safe use in laboratories in a wide variety of areas.

Thanks to their special design, precise heating and temperature control is easily possible with laboratory heating plates, even over longer periods of time.

Applications of laboratory heating panels

Laboratory heating plates with temperature control are used in various medical, scientific and industrial areas. The main focus here is on heating at precise temperatures. With a high-quality chemistry heating plate, you can heat different laboratory vessels and containers.

  • For the examination or experimentation with certain substances or liquids, it is necessary to bring them to temperature in the Erlenmeyer flask, distillation flask or round bottom flask. A heating plate for the laboratory ensures precise heat distribution.
  • A heating plate for industry or for the laboratory is often equipped with a magnetic stirrer. This tool, also called a heating rod, ensures the use of magnetic rods. These are advantageous for circulating the heated liquids with a view to better heat distribution.
  • Laboratory heating plates are indispensable in biology as well as in chemistry and physics.
  • The robust heating plates, which you can order at, are also ideally suited for safe continuous use.

Laboratory hot plate: Special design variants

Take a look at MedSolut's extensive range and choose the laboratory or industrial hot plate that best suits your business. Among other things, we carry high-quality laboratory heating plates in various designs:Heating plate with temperature control for the laboratory [incl. thermostat].

The high-quality electric heating plate with thermostat for the laboratory from Harry Gestigkeit heats materials, samples or vessels in biology or chemistry to a previously precisely set temperature range .

We will be happy to advise you on the respective service portfolio and the possible temperature ranges. Let our experienced team of experts show you which heating plate with temperature control for the laboratory is best suited for your projects.

Heating element: Laboratory hot plate with magnetic heating element

The use of a laboratory heating plate with magnetic stirrer is recommended for a wide range of applications. Discover highly professional heaters with a robust design and solid construction in our range. The durable models with their smoothly starting motor prove to be particularly functional and precise.

If you have any questions about the respective volumes, the control system or the tube drive of the devices, we look forward to hearing from you.

Ordering a laboratory heating plate with temperature control Criteria for selection

Depending on the area of application and the project, the requirements for electric heating units for the laboratory vary. You can find out directly from us which hot plate is particularly advantageous in your laboratory.Temperature range

At, you can choose the temperature-controlled laboratory heating plate that perfectly matches the temperature ranges used in your company or institute. We carry highly functional models that are safe even in continuous operation and suitable for temperatures from 99.9 C to 600 C. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to assist you with advice and practical help.

Single or series heating plates

You can order top-quality laboratory heating plates from us as required, either as single or serial heating plates. Models with several plates connected side by side can of course be controlled separately and offer an additional degree of comfort and flexibility in everyday professional or business life.

Top plate material

Depending on your needs, you have the option of ordering heating plates made of cast iron, glass-ceramic, anodised aluminium or titanium. An aluminium hotplate or a robust Ceran hotplate from our portfolio also shines with its excellent functionality.

Which design you choose depends, for example, on the substances you work with in the laboratory. In any case, the heating plates made of the materials mentioned are characterised by their excellent resistance to soiling, chemicals and temperature changes.Size or diameter of the heating area

With regard to the materials and substances to be heated, the available installation area is one of the most important factors. With our expert assistance, you are welcome to choose the heating plate for the laboratory that is best suited to your projects. Find out more about the optimum sizes and diameters of the individual heating areas during a consultation with our team.

Accessories for the laboratory, industrial and chemical hot plate

In our MedSolut portfolio we offer you first-class accessories that are specially tailored to your heating plate with temperature control. It goes without saying that these accessories are made of high-quality materials and meet the highest safety requirements. No matter whether you want to replace individual parts or supplement them, we will be happy to help you.

  • Stand rods are the indispensable accessory segment if you want more safety and stability from the start when working with the substances to be heated. A tripod rod ensures maximum strength and stability.
  • Electronic contact thermometers for the heating plate for the industry are a useful addition to the implemented thermometers. Let our specialists show you the further advantages of these tools.
  • Support trays for the chemistry heating plate offer an additional degree of comfort when working in the laboratory in chemical and biological as well as in medical and scientific areas. Discover the high quality range of accessories with a view to support trays and holders.

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