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Applications of high temperature furnaces

A high-temperature furnace for the laboratory is designed for different applications. At you will find tabletop and floor models that are characterised by excellent temperature uniformity in the furnace chamber. Order your laboratory furnace conveniently in our shop. The numerous application possibilities speak for themselves. High-temperature furnaces are suitable, for example

  • for metallisation in a carbon-free atmosphere
  • for debinding
  • sintering for precise ceramic fibre insulation
  • for pyrolysis
  • graphitisation
  • for silicizing
  • and much more.

Please contact us. We will be happy to show you which laboratory furnace is best suited for the projects and work in your laboratory, institute or company and what advantages the individual models offer.

Construction of a high-temperature furnace

The basic structure of modern high-temperature furnaces consists of one or more working chambers. The number of chambers can vary depending on the model and the Gre. At Medsolut, the chambers are available in different volumes.

The laboratory furnaces can be heated up to 1,600 degrees Celsius with specially designed heating elements, mostly made of high-quality ceramics. Thanks to the efficient design of the furnaces, the heating phases are relatively short, averaging no more than 30 to 40 minutes.

For maximum efficiency and more safety

SiC protective plates are integrated for safety and to protect against possible heat loss. The robust silicon carbide offers the advantage of being able to specifically compensate for even strong temperature fluctuations inside the furnace. Aluminium oxide plates also perform very well in this regard. This means that the furnace can also be used unattended.

Thermal insulation in the outer and inner segments is an additional guarantee for safety and protection against possible temperature fluctuations and energy losses. Depending on the model, high-temperature furnaces have different heating functions. Preferably, the following features are implemented in the high-quality furnaces:

Resistance heating

Laboratory furnaces with included resistance heating are convincing due to their efficient and energy-saving mode of operation. With this type of heating, heat is generated by transporting energy through a conductor that is subject to electrical resistance. This resistance brings the conductor to temperature so that electrical energy is converted into thermal energy.

Arc heating

Both electrical and chemical energy can be used in laboratory furnaces in this product category to melt the samples or the material to be used. A large part of the current is converted into thermal energy.

Another part is used to heat the furnace lining. The so-called arc, which burns between the sample and the electrode, is primarily transferred to the sample by radiation. Talk to us about AC arc furnaces and find out how you can benefit from them in your everyday laboratory work.

Electron beam heating

Electron beam heaters have been known since the 1950s. The electron beam is an important tool for heating, melting and vaporising chemical compounds or metals. A vacuum is created in a so-called electron gun.

The resulting heat beam is directed at the material to be vaporised or melted and processed in a targeted manner. By using electron beam heating, the coating rates can be increased many times over, thus saving valuable time in the respective work process.

High-frequency heating

When electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency are irradiated onto a material, the plasma particles absorb energy. They transfer this energy to the other particles via Ste. Specific resonances cause the electrons and ions to move around the magnetic field lines.

In this respect, laboratory furnaces with included high-frequency heating can certainly be compared with modern microwave technology. We will be pleased to show you the current solutions that meet your objectives and requirements.

Heat conductor materials for high temperature furnaces

Different heat conductor materials are used for high-temperature furnaces, depending on the model and power volume. Tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum are among the most commonly used materials in this product category. Please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail or telephone if you would like to know more about their properties and functions.


High-temperature furnaces made of graphite with tungsten heating conductor materials enable tempering up to 2,800 degrees Celsius. Tungsten is a valuable material that can withstand heat that can even melt titanium and other solid materials.

In the case of conventional furnaces, contamination with reactive carbons can occur under certain circumstances. These can cause damage to the products or samples being used. Heating elements made of tungsten enable clean tempering. The melting point of tungsten is 3,400 degrees Celsius. The material is durable, corrosion-resistant and creep-resistant.


The melting point of molybdenum is 2,620 degrees Celsius. The low thermal expansion and remarkable thermal conductivity also make the element an excellent material, especially with regard to the manufacture of heating elements for high-quality laboratory furnaces. Not only heating elements for high-temperature furnaces, but also glass melting electrodes are preferably made of this material.


Heating elements made of tantalum are used in particular in so-called sintering furnaces. The base metal reacts with many non-metals, such as halogens, carbon or oxygen, at temperatures from about 300 degrees Celsius.

At room temperature, a filigree protective layer of tantalum oxide is formed almost immediately. With regard to its use in industrial furnaces, tantalum offers the advantage of being particularly easy to ignite. In addition, it is combustible for a very long time. Even aggressive substances do not dissolve the metal, making it an indispensable heating element in many laboratory and industrial furnaces.

Services of high temperature furnaces at MedSolut

You will find the right high-temperature furnace for every need and every project in the MedSolut range. Let our experts show you the advantages and the performance portfolio of the laboratory furnaces:

Protective gas chambers

When exposed to high temperatures, protective gases serve to protect the arc in the furnace from hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in the ambient air. This prevents the formation of unwanted deposits or pores on the workpieces.

High-quality shielding gases or specially designed shielding gas boxes therefore prevent damage to materials and also protect the workpiece from the escape of possible gases. Typical protective gases include acetylene and its gas mixtures as well as helium or carbon dioxide.

Lifting unit with pneumatic drive

Numerous laboratory furnaces are equipped with hinged doors that can be used as shelves if required. Pneumatically operated lifting doors also offer advantages to the user. Of course, the hot side is always turned away from the user of the furnace, so that maximum safety is also guaranteed in this area.

Double-walled casing

A high-temperature oven with a double-walled housing is designed for safety and to protect against possible heat loss. The furnaces in the MedSolut catalogue also score points for their double-walled insulation made of special fibre material, which is classified as non-carcinogenic and therefore absolutely safe.

With rapid cooling

Efficiency and economy are always a top priority at MedSolut. This is also true when it comes to high-temperature furnaces. Work with us to find your high-performance high-temperature furnace with included rapid cooling. This is guaranteed by the excellent insulation made of solid fibre material and the adjustable air inlet on the side. The practical exhaust air opening in the rear wall of the oven also contributes to rapid cooling after use.

Find the right high-temperature furnace for the laboratory at MedSolut

Whether you are looking for a tube furnace, vacuum furnace or drying oven, our range is extremely diverse and of outstanding quality. Among others, we have the following furnace variants from selected brand manufacturers available for our discerning customers:

Tube furnace

Tube kilns are versatile and perfectly suited for sintering and firing ceramic materials. The high-performance tube furnaces from our online portfolio are also ideally suited for gas analysis and powder metallurgy.

Vacuum furnace

With their temperature independence, vacuum furnaces are ideal for baking components and assemblies. They are particularly popular in laboratories and institutes as a supplement to so-called fine and ultra-fine cleaning lines.

Drying oven

Drying cabinets convince by their special temperature uniformity. This makes them the perfect equipment for crystallisation, preheating, cooling or for drying processes. Take advantage of our professional support to learn more about the numerous expansion possibilities.

High temperature furnaces from Nabertherm and Thermconcept stands for an excellent product selection from renowned manufacturers as well as for first-class advice and a unique service offer. Do you need a high-temperature furnace of outstanding quality? Then we can highly recommend the innovations from Nabertherm and Thermconzept.


The family business Nabertherm was founded in 1947. Today, the company manufactures high-performance furnaces and heat treatment systems at first-class level and supplies laboratory, institute and corporate customers all over the world. Nabertherm has always offered the widest range of standard furnaces.

Customised system solutions and complex heat engineering products are also part of the range of this internationally renowned company. Precision, functionality and durability are among the aspects that make this manufacturer’s high-temperature furnaces so “hotly sought after”.


For many years, Thermconcept has been manufacturing innovative furnaces and systems for temperature ranges from 50 to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Whether electrically operated or fuel-heated, the range is extremely diverse and company-oriented.

Of course, Thermconcept also offers individual applications according to customer requirements. Laboratories, production companies and institutes in many countries of the world appreciate the excellent performance and services of this manufacturer. Order your new oven easily in the MedSolut online catalogue.

Find the optimal high-temperature furnace at MedSolut

Rely on the highly professional products of the manufacturers and rely on quality and value when it comes to your new high-temperature oven. At MedSolut you can be sure to find the right equipment for your projects and work processes. It’s best to get in touch with our friendly professionals today. Either by phone or conveniently by email to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.