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Blood bank refrigerator: the ideal solution for your needs

A blood storage refrigerator is an important medical device used in the medical field to preserve blood and blood products. At, we offer a wide selection of high quality refrigerators designed specifically for this purpose. Our products from our online catalog are not only technically advanced, but also extremely compact and easy to use.

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Where is a blood storage refrigerator used?

A blood storage refrigerator is used in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and blood donation centers. There, it is used to store blood reserves at an optimal temperature, thus ensuring their quality and shelf life. This is particularly important, as incorrect storage can impair the effectiveness of the preserves and thus endanger patients' lives.

The blood storage refrigerator enables targeted and efficient distribution of blood products. It allows them to be stored in different temperature zones as necessary. State-of-the-art technology and strict controls ensure that the preserves always meet the highest quality standards.

What are the functions of a blood storage refrigerator?

A blood storage refrigerator has the important function of keeping blood at a constant temperature to ensure its quality and effectiveness for medical purposes. 

Furthermore, modern refrigerators often have various safety features such as alarms in case of temperature deviations or automatic data recording to monitor storage conditions. 

Some models may also be equipped with special filters to minimize impurities in the refrigerator to ensure sterility of the stored material.

Criteria for choosing a blood storage refrigerator

A blood storage refrigerator must meet specific requirements to ensure reliable and consistent cooling. Therefore, before purchasing, make sure the refrigerator has the right cooling capacity to meet the facility's needs.

Our models are all equipped with high-quality components, high quality material like stainless steel and are ideal for use in hospitals, research facilities, laboratories and doctors' offices.

Temperature control - high performance

A blood storage refrigerator should be able to maintain the temperature at a constant level while providing precise control over the cooling process. Some units even have a minimum and maximum temperature memory.

This is especially important to ensure that blood supplies are not damaged and that their effectiveness is maintained. A temperature that is too high or too low can cause the blood to become unusable. Some devices also have a USB interface, which simplifies possible data transfer.

Capacity and equipment

The size of the refrigerator depends on the amount of blood that needs to be stored. It is important to make sure that the refrigerator has enough space and is space efficient at the same time. The features of the refrigerator can vary depending on the requirements.

Some models have special shelves or drawers for better organization and storage of blood. Others offer additional features such as UV light for sterilization or an integrated monitoring system for storage time.


Protection against power outages or other unforeseen events, such as overheating or failure of a part of the system, are important factors when choosing a suitable unit. In addition, the refrigerator should be equipped with a visual and audible alarm signal to inform you immediately in case of emergency.

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient refrigerator will not only save you money on electricity bills - which is ultimately easier on your budget - but will also help reduce CO2 emissions.

Maintenance and repair costs

Easy handling as well as quick availability of spare parts should be taken into account to guarantee long operating times without interruptions.

Manufactured according to DIN 58371

Manufacturing according to DIN 58371 guarantees high quality and safety in the production of medical devices. This standard specifies the requirements for design, materials, manufacturing and testing.

This standard ensures that all products meet the high standards and are therefore suitable for use in the medical field. Compliance with these specifications also ensures smooth cooperation between manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Blood storage refrigerator vs. blood plasma freezer - what is the difference?

A blood storage refrigerator and a blood plasma freezer are two different devices used to store different types of blood products.

Blood storage refrigerator: a blood storage refrigerator is used to store whole blood or red blood cell concentrates. These products must be kept at a temperature between 2 °C and 6 °C to maintain their quality. The refrigerator usually has a capacity of up to several hundred liters and is equipped with special shelves to safely store the individual bags.

Blood plasma freezer: in contrast, a blood plasma freezer is used to store frozen plasma. This product must be stored at temperatures below -18 °C to ensure its effectiveness. A typical freezer can hold up to a thousand liters and has special drawers or shelves to safely store the plasma bags.

Blood bank refrigerators from the MedSolut portfolio

Refrigerators from our online catalog are the perfect solution for any medical facility that wants to store blood safely and effectively. Our refrigerators offer precise temperature control and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure reliable operation.

Thanks to their robust design, our blood storage refrigerators are also suitable for use in demanding environments such as hospitals or laboratories. They can easily accommodate large quantities of blood products and ensure that they are always optimally cooled. 

Our range includes various models with different capacities, as well as additional features such as alarms in case of temperature deviations or data recording to monitor storage conditions.

Blood bank refrigerator: The manufacturers at

When it comes to blood storage, a reliable and safe refrigerator is essential. At MedSolut, you will find a wide selection of blood storage refrigerators that meet the highest requirements. 

Our refrigerators not only offer enough space for storing blood units, but also precise temperature control and a reliable alarm system in case of failure.

We work exclusively with reputable manufacturers whose refrigerators meet the latest standards in terms of safety and hygiene. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on choosing the right blood storage refrigerator for your needs.

Blood bank refrigerators from Liebherr

Liebherr appliances are the perfect solution for medical facilities, as they ensure reliable and safe storage of blood products. The high-quality material and precise workmanship ensure that the contents are optimally protected. Liebherr cooling technology is particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The units are equipped with state-of-the-art features, such as an alarm in case of temperature deviations or automatic defrosting. 

Thanks to their ergonomic design, Liebherr's blood storage refrigerators are easy to operate and offer enough space for a large number of materials. Likewise, many models can be custom configured to meet the specific needs of any facility.

Blood storage refrigerators from CARLO ERBA

These refrigerators are specifically designed to maintain a constant temperature, ensuring that blood remains in perfect condition. They are robust and durable, so they can withstand the demands of hospitals and blood banks. CARLO ERBA refrigerators offer ease of use as well as reliable protection against power outages or other unforeseen events.

Due to their high quality, CARLO ERBA blood storage refrigerators ensure optimal storage of the vital material. This means not only more safety for patients, but also a higher level of efficiency in the work of medical institutions.

Blood storage refrigerators from Kirsch

The high quality and reliability of these units ensure that blood products can be stored safely. The design is robust and durable, which guarantees a long service life. The units feature modern technology such as digital temperature control and alarm functions in case of deviations from the preset values.

This ensures a constant cooling temperature to maintain the integrity of the blood products. Furthermore, these refrigerators are energy efficient and quiet in operation - an important factor in a clinical environment with many patients.

Find the optimal blood storage refrigerator online - we will be happy to advise you!

Whether you need a refrigerator with a capacity of 50 liters or more - you are guaranteed to find it with us. We attach great importance to the quality and reliability of our products.

That is why we only offer refrigerators from renowned manufacturers that meet the highest standards. Our experts will be happy to advise you on finding the right model for your needs. 

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