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Nabertherm Laboratory Ovens: the MedSolut Range

The various Nabertherm laboratory ovens are manufactured in Germany and are suitable for all major business areas from industry and dental to laboratories, universities, research institutes and arts and crafts. With us you will find a large selection and certainly the right Nabertherm oven for your needs. The furnaces of this manufacturer can be divided into the following categories:

Tube kilns

Nabertherm tube furnaces cover a temperature range between 1,100 C and 1,800 C and can be selected in terms of size and operating mode (e.g. horizontal (RSH) or vertical (RSV operation). The working tube is easy to select thanks to the hinged design. The rotary kilns and continuous rotary kilns also keep the charge moving during operation for optimum mixing.

Sintering furnace

Nabertherm sintering furnaces are ideal for the production of various materials or for testing materials in dental laboratories. They are made of robust stainless steel textured sheet and have ceramic heating plates with integrated heating wire. This means that heating is also possible on both sides. One of the leading models is the LT 02/13 CR sintering furnace for cobalt-chrome.

High-temperature furnace

Nabertherm offers a wide range of high-temperature furnaces with various features so that you can optimally adapt each model to your application from laboratory to material production. You can choose between floor-standing and table-top models, which are equipped with SiC rod heating or MoSi2 heating elements, for example. Fibre insulation, scales and temperature limiters are also available.

Shaft furnace

Shaft furnaces are also part of the Nabertherm laboratory furnace repertoire. Here you can choose between a standard version (such as the S 73/HS model) and an additional version with a rolling lid and a preselection timer. The shaft furnaces are used when melting in crucibles is required.

Gradient and pull-through furnaces

The gradient and pull-through furnaces have six control zones of equal length, so that the temperature can be controlled individually. The one-sided parallel swivel allows precise charging, but the Nabertherm laboratory furnace can also be supplemented by a second swivel on the opposite side. The GR1300/13 model is often used, for example, in the tool and fitting industry.

Preheating furnace

A preheating furnace is used when a workpiece has to be brought to temperature before it can be fed into a cold press, for example. Therefore, you will often find a Nabertherm oven in dental technology and in the automotive industry. You can choose between a folding and a lifting oven. In addition, Nabertherm also offers a preheating furnace with stone insulation.

Chamber kiln

Nabertherm chamber ovens can be divided into circulating air models and models with heating elements on support tubes. The second variant ensures free heat radiation. Lightweight refractory bricks(LH models) or a combination of lightweight refractory bricks and fibre material(LF models) are used as insulation. The numerous additional features allow for individual customisation.

Protective gas retort furnace

In addition to different capacities and maximum temperatures from 650 C to 1,100 C, these Nabertherm laboratory furnaces also have an inert gas connection so that the furnace can be purged with non-flammable inert or reaction gases. At MedSolut we can particularly recommend a variant of the protective gas retort furnace.

Vacuum furnace

Some of the manufacturer’s high-temperature furnaces are suitable for vacuum operation. Vacuum-formed fibre plates are used as high-quality insulating materials, which offer low thermal conductivity and storage heat and enable very energy-saving operation. The system is completely gas-tight and equipped with a special gas flushing package.

Fast firing kiln

Special fast firing kilns have been designed to simulate a typical fast firing process with a Nabertherm laboratory kiln. They reach temperatures of up to 1,300 C and combine high performance, low thermal mass and a powerful cooling fan. The cycle time from cold to cold is possible in about 35 minutes.

Melting furnace

It gets even hotter with the K/KC models, which can be used for melting non-ferrous metals and other special alloys. In addition to many technical advantages, such a Nabertherm laboratory furnace also impresses with numerous applications, a practical tilting aid including charging pads and a furnace chamber temperature of up to 1,400C.

Cupola furnace or ashing furnace

The N …/CUP series offers furnaces for copper leaching, whereby precious metals are separated from alloys with base metals. Such a Nabertherm laboratory furnace is specially designed for the demanding process requirements and has a ceramic muffle, so that the insulation and the heating elements are optimally protected from the vapours.

Rotary kiln

RSRB models and RSRC models are Nabertherm’s rotary kilns, which are suitable for batch operation and keep the charge moving. The tapered tube ends allow the charge to remain in the oven and be heat treated for any length of time. In addition, temperature profiles can be integrated, allowing controlled heating of the Nabertherm laboratory oven.

Universal furnace

For universal furnace applications, the Nabertherm product range includes both high-temperature tube furnaces and tube furnaces with stands. In addition, many accessories are possible, which can be easily extended by the standard mounting option.

Drying cabinet

With a maximum working temperature of 300 C and a simultaneous forced air circulation, the drying cabinets from Nabertherm in the TR series are an ideal partner for the requirement of temperature uniformity. Possible applications for this practical Nabertherm laboratory oven include, for example, hot storage, sterilisation and drying of materials.

Annealing and curing oven

The Nabertherm furnaces N7/H-N87/H belong to the chamber furnaces and are designed for annealing, hardening and tempering up to 1,280 C. They offer a robust insulation as well as a high temperature resistance. In addition to a robust insulation made of lightweight refractory brick, they also offer a comprehensive range of accessories such as annealing boxes or cooling stations. This makes them ideal for demanding applications such as the soft annealing of titanium in the medical sector.

Muffle Furnace

A good Nabertherm furnace for everyday use in the laboratory is the so-called muffle furnace. In addition to high-quality workmanship, muffle furnaces convince with their modern design and absolute reliability. Furthermore, there is a choice between a folding and a lifting furnace, the former being found, for example, in the models linked above.

Nabertherm: Your laboratory furnace from one of the leading international manufacturers

The company Nabertherm was founded in 1947 and looks back on more than 70 years of experience in the construction of all kinds of furnaces. With more than 150,000 satisfied customers and 500 employees, it is one of the most successful family-owned companies in its field. Today, Nabertherm builds furnaces and heat treatment systems for a wide range of industries.

In addition to a high technical level and the decision to optimise production continuity, Nabertherm also impresses with its international network. Since 1997, there have been associated sales companies abroad. In the meantime, laboratory furnaces of the latest generation are built with the highest technical know-how with a performance of up to 3,000 C.

Nabertherm laboratory furnaces: state-of-the-art technology for your laboratory at MedSolut

Whoever decides on a Nabertherm laboratory furnace can look back on a combination of high-quality technology and long production experience. Various models and designs ensure ideal suitability for diverse operating requirements.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our first class Customer service of experienced consultants. You can reach us by e-mail at [email protected] or call us at +49 30 2096579 00. We look forward to hearing from you!