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Analytical instruments - selected manufacturers at MedSolut

MedSolut offers a wide range of analytical instruments for almost any application. The models convince without exception with high-end technologies, robust design and practical, intuitive operation. So you are sure to find the right analyzer for your needs. Take a look at our extensive product range and also take advantage of our distinctive customer service, which will be happy to help you. We look forward to your inquiry!

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These laboratory analyzers are convincing in the MedSolut range.

In the MedSolut selection catalog you will find measuring, testing and analysis instruments for a wide range of applications. From devices for chemical analysis to the need for quality control, we have the right instruments for you. Use them for

  • Biotechnology
  • Physics
  • pharmacy and medicine,
  • Industry, production and crafts,
  • Materials, metal and material testing,
  • food and environmental technology,
  • clinics, medical practices
  • and much more.

Here follows a selection of various analyzers you can choose for your laboratory:

  • Anemometer

The anemometer measures the velocity of a flow field for example wind or liquids. WTW anemometers like the field transmitter pH 298 NTC are characterized by highest precision and stable design. In addition, many instruments have a stability display or calibration data memory, for example the StratosPro EX converter.

The areometer measures the density of liquids according to the Archimedean principle. Ludwig Schneider manufactures instruments for special applications, such as the areometer for must or plastic models for salt water. Plastic models for saline solutions. Alcoholometers and much more are also available at MedSolut.

CO2 meters are mainly used where the carbon dioxide content in the indoor air is to be monitored. They are suitable for offices, schools and seminar rooms, but also for chimney sweep inspections. The DOSTMANN CO2 meters convince with reliable infrared sensors. If you prefer a traffic light system for easier reading, the AirCO2ntrolVision is the best choice.

The filter photometers from MACHEREY-Nagel or WTW are ideal for mobile analysis procedures. MedSolut has instruments for different areas, for example photometers for soil or instruments for drinking water analysis. Drinking water analysis. The advanced technology of both manufacturers enables extremely short measuring times, e.g. the WTW filter photometer photoLab S-12A.

WTW manufactures ion meters for direct and indirect measurement of ions such as potassium, nickel, sulfate or fluoride. You have the choice between larger analyzers for laboratory use and compact pocket ion meters. pocket ion meters for on the road.

For reliable conductivity measurement with meaningful results, MedSolut offers space-efficient conduct ometers for the laboratory as well as practical pocket conductivity meters.

IKA is our preferred manufacturer for calorimeters. In addition to the basic equipment, you will find numerous additional functions such as calorimeters with automated water handling or halogen-resistant models. halogen resistant models. You can also choose between models with or without a chiller.

DOSTMANN moisture meters are practical, durable and accurate. The range of laboratory analyzers includes portable mini-moisture meters, non-contact material moisture analyzers and complete Living climate measuring cases for climate recording or energy consultations.

In the BioSan bioreactors you can easily grow microorganisms or cells and monitor their development. Choose from three sizes: the multi-channel bioreactor, the medium model RTS-1C or the mini model for on-the-go.

KRÜSS polarimeters ensure perfect measurements of light rotation. Use the different models for quality control, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and many more. KRÜSS offers automatic polarimeters as well as manual instruments.

As chemical test kits become increasingly pass, WTW specializes in convenient handheld instruments. Also among the oxygen meters you will find practical mini-modelsbut also larger instruments for extensive laboratory needs.

MedSolut offers various laboratory analyzers for the measurement of particulate solids. solids in a liquid. BioSan and WTW impress here with the highest precision and user-friendly design factors that make the models suitable for a wide range of purposes. Portable turbidimeters for quick application on the go are available, but also larger larger analyzers with even more powerful performance.

To determine the pH of a solution, our manufacturers' analyzers are ideal. Choose from high quality models from PHOENIX Instruments pocket meters from WTW or practical sets from DOSTMANN.

High-end laboratory analyzers: Manufacturer at MedSolut

MedSolut offers laboratory analyzers from selected manufacturers. Most of these are market leaders, established worldwide and offer high-tech of the highest order.

In this way, we ensure that only the best instruments are available to accompany you reliably through your daily laboratory routine.Our manufacturers of analytical instruments for the laboratory are.

  • IKA

With more than 900 employees at 8 locations around the world, IKA convinces customers like Bayer, BASF or Procter & Gamble. IKA specializes in laboratory and process technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

  • Biosan

With four specialized divisions covering the spectrum of research areas, BioSan has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory analysis equipment and supplies Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.

  • WTW

WTW is part of Xylem Analytics and focuses on sustainability and solutions to improve global water management. The manufacturer specializes in premium measurement and analysis instruments for the laboratory, process and field.


With in-house quality control and special testing procedures, the German manufacturer ensures the highest level of quality in chemistry, pharmacy and food production.

  • Kern & Son

Since 1844, the southern German company has stood for the highest precision and reliability in the manufacture of laboratory analysis equipment such as balances and various measuring instruments.

  • Krüss

With 220 years of development history and 30,000 publications, the Hamburg-based company has already convinced over 7,500 satisfied customers. Meanwhile, Krüss is established in the USA, China, Great Britain and France.

  • PHOENIX Instrument

With over 50 years of experience in the development of laboratory analyzers, competitive prices and fast delivery times, PHOENIX Instrument not only guarantees high quality, but also customer satisfaction.

At MedSolut you will find the best laboratory analyzers for your needs.

Our selection includes the best manufacturers of laboratory analyzers worldwide. Whether you prefer a lot of extra features in your order, or basic features with time-tested quality, our catalog has the right model for you.

Please feel free to contact our customer service at +49 30 209 657 900 or by e-mail: We look forward to your inquiry!