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Hazardous substances workplace safe working thanks to supply and exhaust air

A hazardous substances workstation guarantees you and your employees in the laboratory, institute or company optimal protection while working with harmful, aggressive or toxic substances. At you benefit from an extensive range of top quality products and excellent, customer-oriented advice. We look forward to providing you with professional support in your search for a suitable hazardous substance workplace.

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How does a hazardous materials workstation work?

If you work in a laboratory or institute at a hazardous materials workplace, you benefit from special protection and maximum safety due to the special design. This is because any harmful and toxic substances do not enter the respiratory tract due to the very well thought-out combination of supply and exhaust air. The Workplace Ordinance, the Hazardous Substances Ordinance and current laboratory guidelines, among others, stipulate that hazardous gases and vapours must be fully captured and eliminated at the point of origin. With the aid of high air velocities, toxic or hazardous substances that are generated or already present are hurled directly at the so-called baffle wall and transferred to the rear segment of the hazardous substances workstation. There, suction devices are located through which the vapours are passed on to the exhaust air system. We offer, among other things, workplaces for hazardous substances with built-in air monitoring as standard and with additional functions. You will also find further workpieces, such as a laminar flow box, and safety workplaces in our online catalogue. We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail.

Areas of application for a hazardous substances workplace

Discover hazardous substance workplaces for a wide range of applications in our online shop. We offer you the right equipment for every need and every safety requirement.

Fields of work

In many companies where flammable liquids are filled or toxic powders are weighed, workplaces for hazardous substances are indispensable. In any case, employers are obliged to protect employees effectively from health hazards such as vapours and gases, also with regard to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.
  • in laboratories
  • in schools and universities
  • in pharmacies
  • in medical institutes
  • in science and research
  • in companies where hazardous substances are handled


In many areas of work, hazardous substance workplaces are part of the basic equipment. Whether in science and research, in the pharmaceutical industry or in the craft segment, you benefit in many different ways:
  • during bonding and cleaning or disinfection work
  • when filling flammable substances
  • when weighing toxic powders
  • in forensic investigation and analysis of specific substances


Depending on the amount of various chemicals you work with, order and safe storage must be ensured. Not all substances are dangerous, but for most of them it is essential to take special protective measures, for example:
  • for substances that must be labelled
  • working with explosive mixtures
  • handling toxic and poisonous substances

Hazardous substances workplace: Equipment

Toxic substances, irritants, and liquids and dusts with corrosive properties pose a significant risk to human health and the environment . Depending on the areas in which you and your employees are primarily active, hazardous substance workplaces should be suitably equipped. From exhaust air monitoring to the specific nature of underframes and work surfaces, has thought of everything. So with our professional help, it's easy to find the hazardous materials workstation with the equipment you need.

Exhaust air monitoring

Every hazardous materials workplace must be connected to an adequate on-site exhaust air system. Additionally installed air monitoring systems raise the safety standards even further. The air volume in the supply and exhaust air shafts is successively monitored by pressure measurement. Whether acoustic or visual signalling is required, we will be happy to advise you individually and in detail.

Transparent side windows

Details are often of decisive relevance when it comes to the safety factor in your institute or laboratory. By using transparent side windows, you benefit from more brightness, and corresponding lighting elements, which are arranged glare-free, offer an optimum incidence of light for a perfect view during your work.

Underbench cabinets and racks

With an additional underbench cabinet, you have the option of storing hazardous substances that are regularly used close to your workplace. The storage of flammable liquids is also regulated in this way in accordance with the law . Contact our professional team directly for more information.

The nature of the work surface

The material from which the work surface is made plays a central role with regard to the quality of a hazardous materials workstation. Depending on your requirements, we offer you melamine resin-coated materials that are not only resistant to solvents, but also impress with their easy-care, robust properties. In addition, the high thermal resistance speaks for itself.

Design variants

At you will find numerous hazardous material workplaces in various designs. We show you the most common variants here:

Different materials

If you mainly work with aggressive substances or have to deal with irritating substances in your daily work, you should opt for hazardous material workplaces made of particularly robust materials, for example, plastic-coated sheet steel or a model with a special resin-coated surface. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

With included weighing workstation

Save time and increase efficiency when handling a wide range of substances. A workstation for hazardous substances with a built-in weighing workstation makes it possible to weigh directly without having to go to another workstation in the laboratory.

With underbench cabinet

A base cabinet not only offers more stability overall, but also additional storage space. Dangerous substances can be stored close at hand and at the same time safely and legally at the workplace. At the same time, you increase the efficiency of your laboratory.

Tips for selecting and planning a hazardous substances workplace

At, we offer the right hazardous materials workstation for every work area. It is important that the hazardous substance workstation (GAP) fully corresponds to the individual conditions in your laboratory or institute. Only then is maximum safety guaranteed right from the start. We have prepared a checklist for you to help you select and plan a hazardous substances workplace:
  1. Who works at the GAP or how many people? The more persons, the larger the hazardous substance workplace may have to be.
  2. What is the volume of air that should be fed into the exhaust shaft?
  3. At what pressure should the exhaust air be discharged to the outside?
  4. What chemicals are used in your laboratory or company? The material properties should be designed accordingly.
  5. Do you need lighting elements? If so, what kind? Tip: Make sure to order glare-free luminaires to be able to work without stress.
  6. Are there any additional substances stored at the GAP? Are they dangerous substances that need to be specially secured?
  7. Do employees tend to work sitting down or mainly standing up? Consider whether a height-adjustable workstation might make sense.
  8. How many sockets are needed? We recommend ordering foldable models to prevent dust from entering.
  9. Is it necessary to implement a side safety screen to better protect colleagues working in the direct vicinity?
  10. Inwhich area should the GAP be placed in the middle of the room, in front of a wall or in the corner area?
Contact our friendly team of experts at any time. We will support you in planning and designing your hazardous substances workplace and have valuable tips ready for you.

Set up a hazardous substances workplace with - we'll be happy to advise you!

Whatever hazardous substances workplace you need in your laboratory or institute, you are guaranteed to find the right equipment at Let our GAP specialists advise you and contact us directly by telephone (+49 30 209 657 900) or by e-mail at [email protected] What can we do for you?