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Test chambers for thermal and climatic simulations

Discover first-class test cabinets for thermal and climatic simulations in our high-quality range. Whether in the laboratory or in the food industry - on you can easily find the test chamber that meets the requirements in your work area with our expert help. We offer you selected quality products, excellent service and much more. What's more, our customer-oriented advice speaks for itself. Get in touch with us now. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!


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How does a test chamber work?

The high-quality cabinets in our range are usually modular and can therefore be expanded or adapted to suit your needs. They are usually operated with R449A refrigerant and can be used in a wide range of applications. Thanks to the specifically coordinated technologies, it is possible to test the influence of light, CO2, humidity, heat or cold on the respective product simply at the touch of a button.

Efficient and highly functional

The functionality of the test cabinets is remarkable and ranges from high-end simulation of specific climatic conditions to high-precision control of humidity and temperature to weathering, ageing and stability tests. Despite the complexity of the applications, the handling is simple and thus ensures maximum efficiency in your work processes. We would be happy to show you the advantages of the innovative test cabinets on

What can a test chamber do in the laboratory?

The possible uses of the powerful test cabinets in our range are extremely extensive. Among other things, you can use them for environmental simulations. Generate exact climate cycles and profiles or carry out temperature change tests. The simulation in the drying cabinet can be carried out both with and without the supply of humidity.

Uniform and stable temperature and humidity distribution is ensured thanks to the included climate chambers. Whether in research or development, for use in production facilities or for conducting laboratory tests: test cabinets from the MedSolut range impress with their professional design and durability. Depending on the model, a test chamber makes a valuable contribution to weathering, ageing and stability tests.

Types of test cabinets

There are many types of test cabinets for you to choose from in the MedSolut online catalogue. Let's find out together which type of test cabinet is best suited for your laboratory, institute or company. Among others, you will find the following models in our range:

Temperature and climate test cabinets

Many products are exposed to various climatic and thermal influences during their production, storage, transport or use. This often affects their specific properties, their functionality and, last but not least, their service life. Temperature and climate shock tests simulate specific environmental influences and test the respective product with regard to durability, usability, safety and much more.

Temperature shock test cabinets

In the food industry, in the automotive sector, but also in science and research, it is important to test the qualitative value of products or substances of various kinds. This is particularly important with regard to how they react to temperature shocks or to severe heat and cold effects.

Shock/ice-water shock testing

Shock/ice-water shock pressure chambers are used for flooding or splitting stationary storage tanks with fully demineralised or saline ice water. The cabinets in this product category are also excellently suited for tempering the existing room environment with circulating air.

Material test chamber

To ensure that certain materials or products function reliably even under extreme conditions, they are tested in a material test chamber. Contact us if you would like to know more about the latest product innovations in the MedSolut online catalogue.

Precision test cabinet

Absolute precision is indispensable for the production of medicines and the performance of medical analyses and examinations. The high quality precision test cabinets in our range are used to examine specific substances such as serums and other substances with the aid of complex technologies and to examine their individual properties.

Corrosion test

Whether it is a question of metallic or electrochemical corrosion protection in industrial areas, but also in science and research, corrosion test equipment is needed to check the functionality and durability of various materials and substances.

Vibration test chamber

In the automotive industry, in steel processing and in many other industrial sectors, the use of powerful vibration test cabinets is essential. Components of different types need to be tested to determine how they react to steels, shocks and vibrations. Talk to us. We will be happy to help you choose the right vibration cabinet.

Seed testing cabinet

Functional seed test cabinets are used in the environmental sector as well as in agriculture and forestry, in genetic research and in many other areas. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right seed testing cabinet. Simply contact us.

Stress screening test cabinets

The use of innovative stress-screening test cabinets is suitable in environmental science, biochemistry as well as in the classic areas of sound technology. With the help of a stress screening test cabinet, you can determine the stress limits of the media in a targeted manner and achieve optimised performance.

Test cabinets in the MedSolut range

Visit and see for yourself the excellent quality of our test cabinets. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice and support when you purchase your new wardrobe. Discover the following cabinets, among others, in our range:

Precision prfcabinet from RUMED

Whether for the cultivation of insect or animal cultures or microorganisms as well as for the monitoring of numerous breeding and development processes: A precision spray cabinet from Rumed will inspire you in view of its remarkable quality and its extensive range of functions. In particular, the ergonomic design, the solid stainless steel interior lining and the environmentally friendly GWP value are indications of the special value of this test chamber.

Material test chamber from BINDER

The material test cabinets from Binder are sought-after all-rounders that are suitable for a wide range of applications. In medical and laboratory practice, you will benefit from the ergonomic operating and information panel, the high-quality stainless steel interior lining and the numerous measuring and analysis functions.

Drying cabinet from IKA

In the daily routine of laboratories and institutes, you cannot do without a functional drying oven from IKA. Especially when it comes to the development and monitoring of eukaryotic and bacterial cells , you should be able to rely on reliable performance. A drying oven from IKA works absolutely reliably, is very energy-efficient and particularly durable. The low noise emission is also a guarantee for maximum comfort in everyday work.

Find the optimal drying cabinet for your laboratory at MedSolut

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