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Applications for the Nabertherm Tube Furnace

The tube furnaces from Nabertherm are characterised by their universal and flexible use, which can be easily integrated into diverse areas of application and different processes. The furnaces offer a double-walled housing made of textured stainless steel sheet and a high degree of stability. In addition, there are heating temperatures of up to 1,800C and low-noise operation, which is achieved by the high-quality heating with semiconductor relays.

A Nabertherm tube furnace is either directly or indirectly heated, so that different operations are conceivable. Furthermore, a distinction can be made between horizontal (RSH) or vertical (RSV) operation. Depending on the model, the Nabertherm tube furnace is equipped with several zones and different carrying guides. These specifications make the furnaces ideal for the following applications in particular:

  • Dental laboratories
  • Crystal growing
  • Thermoprocessing
  • Foundry
  • Technical ceramics
  • Fibre optics and glass production and processing
  • General laboratory applications
  • Universities and schools
  • Arts and crafts

Nabertherm tube furnace in the MedSolut range.

Another outstanding feature of a Nabertherm tube furnace is its outstanding quality. This runs through the range, so you can benefit from high-quality workmanship and the integration of the latest technology in the various models and designs. At MedSolut you can find the following Nabertherm tube furnaces in the range:

RSV tube furnace

The RSV range of tube furnaces can be operated up to either a temperature of 1,100C or a temperature of 1,300C. They are designed for vertical operation and can be equipped with different working tubes. The switchgear including controller is installed separately from the furnace in a separate wall or floor cabinet.

RSH tube furnace

In contrast, the RSH tube furnaces from Nabertherm(1,100C or up to 1,300C) are ideally suited for horizontal operation. This qualifies these models for table-top use and easy accessibility. The switchgear including controller is integrated in the furnace housing; it is a single-zone design.

High-temperature tube furnace RHTV

The RHTV series of high-temperature tube furnaces is also a vertical design. This means that stands and the gassing package 2 can be integrated, which provides additional areas of application. The furnaces are particularly suitable for the production of various materials and have an insulation of vacuum-formed ceramic fibre plates. These allow a maximum temperature of up to 1,800C.

High-temperature tube furnace RHTH

The counterpart in horizontal operation are the high-temperature furnaces of the RHTH model series. These can be found, for example, in dental laboratories and in tool and fitting construction and are distinguished by their sloping MoSi2 heating elements. They offer overtemperature protection and an adjustable maximum temperature gradient.

Rotary kiln

The RSRB series consists of Nabertherm rotary kilns. These are specially developed models for batch operation. By rotating the working tube, the batch is kept in motion. These tube furnaces are equipped with a quartz glass reactor that is open on both sides, so that the batch can be heat treated in the furnace for as long as desired. In addition, temperature profiles can be integrated, which enables controlled heating.

Continuous rotary kiln

If, on the other hand, continuous throughput and short-term heating of the batch is required, the continuous rotary ovens of the RSRC series come into play. Thanks to their high flexibility, they can be used for a variety of applications, which is reinforced by a slight operating gradient. The target time of the heat treatment can be determined from an individual combination of inclination angle, rotation speed, length of the working tube and flow characteristics of the charge.

Universal high-temperature tube furnace

There are also universal high-temperature tube furnaces from Nabertherm, which can be found in the RHTC and RT model series. These tube furnaces are not only inexpensive and universally applicable, but also offer a standard mounting option for accessories, which provides increased flexibility.

Nabertherm Tube Stoves: Functions and Accessories

The modern equipment of expandable accessories is also impressive. A Nabertherm tube furnace not only offers extensive functions, but can also be expanded according to your requirements. The following features can be counted among the extra features and accessories:

  • Tripod: Nabertherm tubes with tripod are used when both horizontal and vertical operation is required. In addition, various angles and working heights can be set, making optimal integration into existing process systems conceivable.
  • Compact table-top unit: Table-top units not only impress with their compact dimensions, but also with their hinged design. They offer a very good price-performance ratio and can be supplemented with accessories.
  • Working tubes: The equipable working tubes are made of different materials (e.g. Sillimantin (C 530), Pythagoras (C 610) or Alsint (C 799), so that they can be adapted to the application and temperature.
  • Fumigation packages: Operation with flammable and non-flammable gases is achievable by using different gas supply packages. For example, gas supply package 1 is suitable for non-flammable protective and reaction gases in static tubes, while packages 15 and 2 are additionally gas-tight. The gas supply packages 25 and 26 were developed for non-flammable protective or reaction gases in rotary furnaces. In addition, there is gassing package 3, which in turn is specified for hydrogen applications from room temperature.
  • Vacuum packages: To enable vacuum operation, the Nabertherm tube furnace can be extended with a vacuum package. This allows the evacuation of the working tube, which subsequently consists of a gas outlet, a ball valve, a pressure gauge and a vacuum pump.
  • Specifications: In addition, it is possible to adapt the individual specifications even more precisely to the work processes and requirements. These include, in particular, properties such as temperatures, system functions, sizes and lengths.

In addition, there are a number of practical functions that make daily work with a Nabertherm tube furnace simple and purposeful. For example, process data can be recorded with a USB stick, which is possible with the NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controllers. Furthermore, there are additional features such as the VCD software package for the documentation and control of processes.

Find your Nabertherm tube furnace at MedSolut

A Nabertherm tube furnace not only offers versatile and specific functions, but can also be ideally integrated into existing processes due to the wide selection and availability of accessories. At MedSolut you will find both a wide range of products and excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or call us at +49 30 2096579 00!