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Ultravision safety goggles for all-round eye protection

To ensure the safety of laboratory personnel, the personal protective equipment of each employee is of utmost importance. Therefore, full-vision goggles are irreplaceable as part of the personal protective equipment. At, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality glasses. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable models for your employees.

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What are full vision goggles or full safety goggles?

Many dangers that lurk in the laboratory affect the eyes. Dust particles, radiation, chemical splashes or metal particles can enter the eyes and cause serious and sometimes irreparable damage. To protect the eyes safety goggles for the laboratory are often prescribed. On the one hand, they offer maximum safety, but on the other hand they are also comfortable to wear and provide sufficient all-round vision. The goggles make this possible by sealing the eye area all around with a flexible sealing edge. This form of safety goggles in the chemical and other industries from the dangers that occur there.

Safety in the workplace: discover even more Protective equipment for the laboratory and for industrial tasks.

Advantages of ultravision safety goggles compared to open safety goggles

For some applications and activities, it may make sense to choose ultravision safety goggles instead of the familiar open safety spectacles. These offer the following advantages, for example

  • additional protection thanks to a circumferential seal

  • optimum occupational safety even in the case of invisible hazards, such as radiation

  • perfect all-round vision , even in the periphery

  • Flexible adjustment and high fitting accuracy

  • can be worn over prescription glasses

However, there are also some disadvantages. These include, for example, a higher weight and the risk of fogging, depending on the model of goggles.

When are full-vision safety spectacles necessary?

When it comes to occupational health and safety, it is essential that employers ensure the personal safety of their employees. Precise details are regulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Ordinance. In addition to chemical aspects, the type of hazard can also include optical, thermal, biological, electrical or mechanical hazards. In many laboratories, full-vision goggles are part of the prescribed personal protective equipment. Other fields of work or application in which full-vision goggles may be prescribed:

  • for welding work

  • in dusty environments

  • when working with laser radiation

  • when handling hazardous chemical substances

All safety eyewear must comply with the applicable standards EN 166 (general basic requirements), EN 169 (welding safety eyewear), EN 170 (UV protection) and EN 172 (solar radiation).

Full-vision goggles - your choice at

At you can purchase a flexible wide vision goggle from two well-known manufacturers of protective equipment. You can rely 100% on the quality and service of the brand manufacturers Dräger and BÜRKLE.

X-pect 8500 welding safety spectacles series from Dräger

The safety spectacles series from Dräger combines reliable eye protection for many industrial applications with high wearing comfort. Maximum UV protection of 99.9 %, high chemical resistance and CE certification in accordance with EN 166 are guaranteed. With a special anti-scratch and anti-fog coating and a close-fitting ergonomic design, these goggles provide optimum protection.

Ultravision goggles from BÜRKLE

With the full-vision goggles UltraVision from BÜRKLE you are always on the safe side. An anti-fog coating, chemical resistant, unrestricted side visibility and an additional ventilation system ensure optimum clarity of vision. The tight fit, low weight and unrestricted side vision offer excellent wearing comfort while complying with all DIN/EN standards.

Full-vision safety glasses for spectacle wearers

When choosing safety spectacles, spectacle wearers should not only consider the safety requirements, but also their personal needs. This is where full-vision goggles have an advantage over conventional safety spectacles, as they are usually wide enough to comfortably wear prescription glasses underneath. Most full-vision goggles models also have an elastic headband, which makes them comfortable to wear with prescription glasses and prevents pressure points on the temples. Alternatively, full-vision spectacles can also be fitted with ground safety lenses, which optically correct individual vision. These corrective full-vision spectacles are specially tailored to the employee's needs and are therefore not easily interchangeable.

Full safety spectacles: design variants and options

Various models are available for the different areas of application, which differ in key features.

Lens materials

The material of the lenses plays a very important role in choosing the right safety spectacles. In addition to chemical resistance, spark-resistant and mechanically stable materials also play a role in increasing protection in the relevant applications. UV filters and protection, weight and optical class are also crucial for practicality. Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings are also included in the list of requirements.

Lens tints

Tinted lenses prove to be useful and extremely beneficial in many cases. Tints can filter out different color frequencies, especially in radiation applications. Furthermore, tinted glasses help to reduce light intensity, which is extremely important for welding work, for example. Unsure about the color choice? Yellow and orange tints, for example, increase contrast in diffuse lighting conditions and optimize depth of field. Our team will be happy to advise you on the correct tint.


Fogged-up glasses are not a necessity. Nevertheless, the condensation of moisture on the inside of the lenses is a frequent issue for laboratory staff. To prevent this, many goggles have an anti-fog coating, which prevents the formation of droplets on the surface by changing the surface tension. There are also ventilation systems with covered ventilation slits that allow air to circulate and still prevent the ingress of liquids.

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