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Memmert GmbH: energy-efficient temperature control units for your laboratory

Memmert GmbH is one of the traditional companies and is already the third generation to manufacture climatic refrigerators and waterbaths. In the meantime, they are one of the innovation leaders on the market. What makes the manufacturer special and which products we offer you in our range at MedSolut, you can read in this manufacturer overview.

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Memmert GmbH: Laboratory equipment for industry, medicine and research

Memmert GmbH is a company with tradition that has been producing temperature control technology "made in Germany" for more than 65 years. Thanks to a modern development department and industrial quality testing, the company is now one of the innovation leaders on the market. Added to this are responsible sustainability in production and sales, as well as a focus on integration and practical help with social projects. Memmert GmbH produces climatic chambers and waterbaths at two locations in Germany and is now managed by the third generation. Not least because of the high company standards, the products can be found in diverse industries. The following can be mentioned as examples:


As a technology leader, refrigerators and waterbaths from the brand manufacturer are particularly precise and safe, so that even highly sensitive materials from various production sectors can be stored in them. For example, the refrigerators are commonly found in the electrical industry, automotive industry, cosmetics and various manufacturing industries.


Thanks to its high quality standards, the company has been a reliable partner for medical products for many decades. The devices are certified as medical devices in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and are sold in accordance with Class I of EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR).


Not only medical research, but also the pharmaceutical industry makes use of the devices of this manufacturer. For example, the incubators operate particularly vibration-free and quietly, which is elementary when cultivating samples, crystals and co.

Food industry

Other outstanding features of Memmert cooling solutions include their reliability with regard to homogeneous temperature and humidity conditions. Microbiological cultures can therefore be stored gently and safely throughout the entire interior, which is worth pure money to the food production and distribution industry.

What makes Memmert products unique

Products from Memmert GmbH are characterized by a high standard of quality, progressive development thanks to leading innovations, and by a company with social and economic responsibility . This is also reflected in the individual products, which are particularly impressive due to the following characteristics:

  • Finest stainless steel: function meets design - by using stainless steel, the manufacturer's products not only look good, but also offer scratch-resistant, robust, hygienic and durable surfaces.

  • Fast, intuitive operation: The elegant design of Memmert appliances is complemented by the ControlCOCKPIT. Here, all operating units (such as temperature, humidity, speed and air flap position) can be operated via touch function.

  • Ethernet connection: In addition to a USB port, an Ethernet port is also built into the ControlCOCKPIT so that log data can be read out quickly and easily.

  • TwinDISPLAY: Of course, safety is not neglected either. The integrated TwinDISPLAY acts as a temperature selector monitor by monitoring the temperature and regulating the working temperature function in the event of a fault. In this way, all cooling contents remain safe.

  • Top service: The brand manufacturer's outstanding features also include customer service. The temperature control solutions are improved in constant consultation with the customers in order to be able to supply an optimal device. Spare parts, maintenance, repairs and commissioning as well as customer training can be provided worldwide without any problems.

  • MyAtmoSAFE: You have individual requirements and need appropriate solutions or a special design? MyAtmoSAFE is aimed precisely at these needs. In this way, your refrigerator remains a standard appliance, which means you receive the full warranty period.

The Memmert product range at MedSolut

As a leading manufacturer in the field of temperature control solutions, Memmert GmbH not only impresses with its high quality standard and many innovative functions, but also stands out with its wide range of appliances. At MedSolut, you will find representatives of the following categories in particular:


Behind the product designations IN and IF (respectively also as INplus and IFplus) are hidden Incubator refrigerators and incubators, which are ideally suited for all applications up to 80°C. While models of the IN series work with natural convection, models of the IF series offer forced air circulation.

CO2 incubator

In the model series ICO series offers CO2 incubators that can be used, for example, for incubating cultures. The O2 and CO2 setting range can be varied between 0% and 20%.

Cooled incubator

IPPeco and IPPecoplus stand for cooled incubators for cultivation below room temperature. Depending on the model variant, temperature ranges between 0°C and 70°C and interior volumes between 32 and 2,140 l are possible.

Compressor-cooled incubator

The IPCeco range of compressor-cooled incubators is ideal for rapid temperature changes. This allows rapid temperature changes during storage, cultivation or incubation to be used with the aid of finely adjusted control technology.

Humidity chamber

Perfect environmental simulations under an active humidity control between 20% and 95% rh including a temperature up to 95°C can be achieved with the humidity chambers of the model series HCP can be used.

Climatic chamber

The climatic chambers of the model series ICH and ICHeco are stability-tested according to ICH standards and use a climate-friendly refrigerant. Condensation-free continuous operation can be used in the set temperature-humidity range.

Constant climate chamber

Under the model name HPPeco are constant climate chambers from Memmert GmbH, which enable maximum efficiency in continuous operation and at the same time impress with their powerful Advanced Peltier technology. This means that temperature and humidity remain homogeneous and precise, even with demanding parameters.

Hot air sterilizer

The manufacturer's hot air sterilizers can be divided into SN and SF models (along with SNplus and SFplus), with the difference again being convection (N) and air circulation (F). These hot air sterilizers are manufactured according to all European standards and are suitable even for medical devices.

Environmental test chamber

In order to perfectly simulate a predefined atmosphere and to be able to perform fast temperature changes, the environmental test chambers of the model series CTC and TTC of the manufacturer are used. They are specially designed for testing in accordance with ICE 60068, so they can be used for material and component testing, for example.

Kerosene oven

Kerosene cabinets include the devices of model UNpawhich can be used for specimen preparation in histology and medical technology. They are offered in five different sizes (between 32 l and 161 l) so that sufficient space is available in the interior.

Vacuum oven

The vacuum oven VO from Memmert combines digital pressure regulation in the vacuum range between 5 and 1,100 mbar with precise temperature control up to 200°C. In this way, you save up to 70% of the energy compared to appliances from other manufacturers - and temper the load quickly and gently.

Drying and heating ovens

The drying ovens and heating ovens from Memmert GmbH can be put together according to your specific requirements and can be divided into several model series. These include, for example, the UN, UF and UF1060 models, which have universal suitability for various processes

Pass-through cabinet

To save time during loading and to further reduce the risk of contamination, you can rely on the pass-through cabinet UF TS It offers fast recovery times and an easy-to-clean interior, which is why it can also be used as a material lock between the gray room and the clean room.

Water bath

The units of the WNB, WNE, WPE and WTB belong to the group of water baths. They enable the tempering of ointments, samples, plates and the like in water. A temperature range of up to 100° C can be achieved. Due to the six model sizes (between 7 l and 51 l), there is always sufficient space available.

High-end research equipment for your laboratory: Memmert at MedSolut

The climatic refrigerators and waterbaths from Memmert GmbH are not only characterized by leading innovation technology and high processing quality, but also bring with them various unique functions. As a manufacturer, the company also proves itself through sustainability, tradition and a social claim. At MedSolut, our specialized service team will be happy to advise you on Memmert devices. Simply contact us by phone or send us an email at We will be happy to help you!