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BioSan Laboratories: Shakers, Rotators and Incubators

BioSan Laboratories is one of the most noteworthy companies for modern products in the field of genomics, proteonics and cell research. Product development focuses strongly on diagnostic technology that helps identify biopolymorphisms in metabolic and genetic cellular diseases. What makes BioSan special as a manufacturer, why the development concept is unique and which products of this manufacturer are available at MedSolut, are briefly summarised here for you.

Optimal results with BioSan scrapers, rotators and incubators

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Innovative laboratory technology at BioSan Laboratories

BioSan was founded 29 years ago in Latvia and since then has been one of the top manufacturers in the field of sample preparation. It is constantly developing instruments for microbiological testing, mixing, tempering, culturing and working with samples in the fields of genomics, proteonics and cell research.

The company is committed to the Terra Innovatica philosophy of making the various diagnostic levels of biomaterial tangible at the research stage. Since 2014, certification of the ISO 9001:2015 framework of requirements has been added, certifying the company's high-quality quality management and compliance with EMS requirements.

Anyone who decides in favour of BioSan products is not only relying on a convincing company philosophy and a successful company history, but also on the highest production quality.

BioSan in the laboratory: the products

In the meantime, BioSan manufactures numerous products that are used in many application areas and laboratories. These models not only impress with their high quality of workmanship and state-of-the-art standards, but also with their innovation and design. In the MedSolut range you will find a variety of instruments in the following categories:

  • Vortexers: Vortexers from BioSan Laboratories are used for applications such as mixing and resuspending liquid components. Particularly noteworthy are the Vortex V-1 plus and the BioSan Multi-Vortex V-32 models, which offer different modes and quiet operation.
  • Orbital shredders: The BioSan Multi Speed Vortex MSV-3500 serves here as an example of the orbital shredder category. These are used for mixing reagents in plastic tubes and can reach a speed range of up to 3,500 rpm. This makes them suitable for applications in the fields of biochemistry and cell and molecular biology.
  • Thermostats: To achieve heat stabilisation of materials at temperatures between -3 C and 150 C, BioSan manufactures high-quality heating and cooling thermostats. These include the BioSan Thermostat Combitherm-2 CH 3-150, which has a small footprint and two independent heating and cooling circuits.
  • UV cleaners: The manufacturer's UV cleaners (e.g. the BioSan UVT-S-AR and BioSan UVC/T-AR versions) allow clean working with DNA samples and have a stainless steel working surface. The UV radiation of the open UV lamp disinfects the working area, which can be controlled by a timer.
  • Incubators: The range also includes incubators and incubators, to which the model BioSan Orbital Shakers Incubator ES-20/80 can be added. The incubators feature a simple user interface as well as heat-absorbing materials, a parameter PID control and a modern motor.

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BioSan: The development concept

An important unique selling point of BioSan is the company's philosophy. This is based on the development concept "The World of Biotech-Innovatica", which describes four planetary systems with the biomaterial in the research stage. The company thus distinguishes four modern diagnostic levels, which also give the associated products a colour coding:

  • Terra Genomica: This covers diagnostics at the genetic level, including for example DNA analysis, ONP and SNP.
  • Terra Immunologica: The second level includes immunology diagnostics, such as the detection of antibody polymorphism and immune defence.
  • Terra Biochemica: This level, on the other hand, includes the diagnostics of metabolic products and fermentative activity, so that it can be described as the research stage of metabolomics.
  • Terra Cellomica: Last in the group is Terra Cellomica, the diagnostics on the level of cellular polymorphism or cellular morphogenesis.

Not least because of its convincing concept, we at MedSolut are pleased to be able to call BioSan Laboratories a cooperative partner for several years now. You can find more information about our personal cooperation in this blog post.

BioSan Laboratories equipment for all laboratories

BioSan Laboratories, as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, not only impresses with a wide range of products and an innovative design, but also convinces with a modern company concept and the creation of individual and customer-oriented solutions.

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