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Safety cabinets for sterile material processing

Hygiene and safety have the highest priority in everyday laboratory work. That is why we offer demanding corporate customers first-class safety cabinets and much more in excellent quality. Let our team of specialists advise you individually and in detail. Find the safety cabinet that best meets your requirements and objectives. Benefit from an outstanding range of products, services and performance with

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When is a sterile workbench used?

A safety cabinet is a sterile workbench used in laboratories, clinics or institutes. If you work with sensitive substances or with cell cultures, you and your teams cannot do without PCR and safety workbenches from the MedSolut range. The sterile bench is particularly relevant when working with semiconductor materials.

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Thanks to the special design and the included ventilation system, you and your staff are optimally protected against the escape of aerosols or microorganisms with a clean bench. Safety cabinets are indispensable in areas such as hematology, virology, microbiology and genetics. 

When working with cell cultures and when handling substances that are dangerous for humans, animals and the environment, you also need a high-quality sterile workbench from the MedSolut store

Function and construction of a safety cabinet

The basic construction of a safety workbench consists of a worktable with a housing designed according to requirements. This is equipped with a special ventilation system. Essentially, the aim is to prevent spores, aerosols or airborne organisms from penetrating to the outside. Therefore, air is extracted from the inside of the sterile bench and transferred through a so-called suspended matter filter.

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Part of the extracted air is returned to the work area through a ventilation system. At MedSolut you will also find safety workbenches equipped with innovative filtering technology that purifies the air drawn in. Which sterile workbench is best suited for your laboratory or institute? We will be happy to find out together with you.

Differentiation between safety cabinets

There are two types of safety cabinets:

  • the microbiological safety workbench
  • the clean room workbench

Both variants basically have one thing in common: they protect the substance by introducing filtered air. The exception to this is the class 1 workbench. In comparison, the cleanroom workbench offers the user no special protection. 

Choose a microbiological safety cabinet or biosafety cabinet (BSC) for additional protection. This will prevent the escape of any contaminated aerosols or microorganisms.

Microbiological safety cabinet

  • Microbiological safety cabinet class 1

Class 1 safety cabinets are used to protect laboratory or institute staff. They are used to store equipment such as centrifuges, as these may generate aerosols. In class 1 sterile and safety cabinets, the ambient air is extracted through an opening over the work surface. 

This transfers any particles and aerosols to a filter. As long as the air flow is not interrupted, the user is optimally protected. On the other hand, the hands are not protected while they are in the housing. Protection of the substance or product is also not guaranteed.

  • Microbiological safety cabinet class 2

Class 2 safety cabinets protect both your employees and the substances or objects being worked or experimented with. A certain part of the exhaust air is blown downwards, fed into a filter and cleaned. Only then does it come into contact with the working materials. Possible particles from the safety chamber can therefore not enter the work area.

  • Microbiological safety cabinet class 3

Class 3 safety cabinets ensure increased protection for the user and the materials or objects being worked with. They are fully enclosed and have permanently implemented locks and gloves. The required working materials and tools can be brought in through these. 

The supply and exhaust air is filtered and a negative pressure is created. In the event of any stresses, the extracted air will therefore not escape. This ensures sustainable user and material protection.

Cleanroom workbench

Compared to the safety workbench, the cleanroom workbench serves exclusively to protect the product or material. A distinction is made between cleanroom workbenches with horizontal and vertical air flow:

  • Horizontal air flow

The pre-filtered ambient air is cleaned with the aid of a HEPA filter. In cleanroom cabinets with horizontal air flow, the filter is attached to the back of the workbench . This means that the air is directed horizontally to the front. Accordingly, it can come into direct contact with the user because it enters the work area unfiltered.

  • Vertical air flow

Cleanroom or product protection workbenches with vertical air flow are also cleaned by using a filter. In models of this product category, the air flow can be directed from top to bottom as well as from bottom to top.

Regulations and standards for safety cabinets according to ABAS

The requirements for microbiological safety cabinets are extremely high. Numerous laws and regulations must be observed to ensure maximum safety and protection. Among others, the focus is on 

  • the Genetic Engineering Act (GenTG), 
  • the Genetic Engineering Safety Ordinance (GenTSV), 
  • the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), 
  • the Biological Substances Ordinance (BioStoffV), 
  • the Technical Rules for Operational Safety (TRBS 1201) 
  • or the Technical Rules for Biological Substances (TRBA 100).


Safety equipment should be checked for safety and functionality at least once a year. Filters, seals as well as internal and external housings must be inspected by an authorised person on the basis of the risk assessment in accordance with 3 para. 3 BetrSichV.

Air velocity monitoring

A clearly defined air velocity is required for cleanroom class A safety cabinets. In accordance with the EU GMP guidelines, a hot-wire anemometer must be used for testing . The air velocity must not fall below 0.36 m/s for a period of at least two minutes.

Air sampler

To ensure optimal air purity for the user, you should order a safety cabinet from that is equipped with an air sampler probe. Our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you to ensure that the technical composition of your safety cabinet fully complies with the legal requirements.

Isokinetic sampler fr particles

With the help of isokinetic samplers for particles, you can ensure continuous monitoring of air purity. Especially with regard to the production of pharmaceuticals, such a measure is indispensable. With isokinetic sam plers, particles can be sampled within a laminar air flow without disturbing the flow. 

The length of the samplers' tubing must not exceed 1.5 to 3 metres, as otherwise particles could settle inside the tubing and thus possibly falsify the measured values.

Sedimentation plate holder

Sedimentation plates, which are used to assess conditions inside the cleanroom, must be firmly and securely implemented. Therefore, the supports for the sedimentation plates must be of excellent quality and must also be tested for strength and solidity during regular inspections.

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