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Clean room shoes contamination-free and safe

In laboratories and cleanrooms, it is essential to avoid the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slipping. The focus here is also on the occurrence of possible production errors and malfunctions caused by static discharge. At you will find a large selection of first-class cleanroom shoes from renowned suppliers. You can also benefit from our outstanding service and excellent advice.

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Conditions in the clean room

A clean room is a special environment in which the ambient air is virtually free of particles. In order to remove particles from the ambient air in clean rooms, an air flow is used which is directed from the ceiling to the floor. This pushes any airborne particles to the floor at a speed of up to half a metre per second. There are openings in the floor through which the air in the room is sucked out again. It is transferred through a filter, which subers the air.

Then it can be directed upwards again. The air thus becomes cleaner with each cleaning process. The concentration of dirt particles decreases each time. Clean rooms are categorised into purity classes. Depending on the type and requirements, there are subdivisions from class 10 to class 1,000. The former is considered the cleanest cleanroom category. Here, there are a maximum of 10 particles with a size of no more than 0.0005 millimetres per cubic metre of room air. For comparison: In normal living spaces, there are more than 200,000 dust particles of this size in one cubic metre of air. Discover the full range of cleanroom supplies and cleanroom equipment at MedSolut.

Requirements for cleanroom shoes

Cleanroom shoes must fulfil a protective function with regard to the safety of people and processes in everyday laboratory and institute work. At the same time, you can expect a high degree of wearing comfort from MedSolut cleanroom shoes. Cleanroom shoes are essential to avoid the risk of accidents caused by slipping or tripping.

It is equally important to prevent static discharges. ESD-capable shoes play an essential role in this regard. In premises where you work mainly with liquids or water, you should wear waterproof, non-slip cleanroom shoes. Occupational, safety and cleanroom shoes are classified according to the following EU standards:

  • EN 61340-5-1: These shoes protect electronic components against various electrostatic conditions.

  • EN 4843-100: Cleanroom shoes of this type are slip-resistant.

  • EN ISO 20344: This category has undergone numerous footwear testing procedures and provides a high level of protection against general safety hazards.

  • EN ISO 20345: Classic safety shoes are assigned to this category.

  • EN ISO 20346: Protective footwear for a wide range of work areas belong to this category.

  • EN ISO 20347: Professional shoes for production and trade are grouped in this segment.

Clean room shoes and safety shoes different models

Cleanroom shoes are available in different models. At our online portfolio you will find a selection of models in excellent quality. We are happy to help you find the perfect cleanroom shoes for your laboratory, institute or company. Our friendly experts are always at your service.

Disposable overshoes

You will find high quality and comfortable disposable shoes in our portfolio in standard sizes. They are equally suitable for all shoe sizes. Disposable shoes are also available in the ESD version. Models in this product category have a contact band with a conductive carbon coating to prevent electrostatic discharge.

Reusable overshoes

Reusable overshoes for clean rooms can be ordered directly from us in standard sizes, i.e. suitable for all shoe sizes. They are made of a robust polyester-carbon mix and have a non-slip, soft Hypolon sole. Depending on your needs, we also have autoclavable reusable pull-on shoes available. This ensures an additional level of safety.

ESD shoes

The English translation for electrostatic discharge is electrostatic discharge (ESD). Antistatic shoes for clean rooms and ESD safety shoes are conductive. Efficient protection of your equipment by dissipating electrical energy into the ground is thus literally guaranteed with every step. Added ESD protection shoes are made of breathable lining and also prevent so-called static shocks, sparking or voltage build-up.

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Are you planning a cleanroom? We are happy to support you!

When planning and designing cleanrooms, numerous specifications and regulations must be observed. DIN EN ISO 146 plays an important role here. Trust the professionals right from the start and rely on the individual support of our experienced experts when it comes to planning, execution and initial commissioning.

Together with you, we will develop a quality and implementation plan that fully takes into account all requirements and the specific needs of your institution. It pays to trust our specialists. We look forward to hearing from you. Arrange your individual consultation appointment now.

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