Nabertherm Protective Gas Retort Furnace

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Nabertherm Protective Gas Retort Furnace for a Wide Range of Heat Treatment Processes

The Nabertherm inert gas retort furnace is capable of a performance up to 3000 °C. These industrial furnaces are used for brazing, recycling, carburizing, glass and ceramics production, powder metallurgy and nitriding.

Whether this industrial furnace is something for their purposes, about it our team will advise you very gladly and answer your questions professionally.

Important features of the equipment

The hot-wall furnaces and shaft retort furnaces have different features depending on the application or design of the furnace. Common to all units is that they have a very good safety concept for the inert debinding and pyrolysis processes. The process is carried out under monitored overpressure.

Nabertherm models are also all equipped with a process control system with PLC regulation and a graphic touch panel for data input. In this way, you can perform seamless monitoring of all safety-relevant values. The gas inlet pressure of the process gas is also monitored. In the furnace area, this creates the ideal environment for the various applications in a gas-tight retort.

Thermal post-combustion of the exhaust gases takes place in the unit. The material from which the furnaces are made is very robust and can withstand the conditions that occur during the individual processes. Protection of the special sealing is also provided.

First-class quality from the house of Nabertherm

There are two types of retort furnaces that Nabertherm has in its range: hot-wall furnaces and shaft retort furnaces. In our portfolio you will find them in different designs.

  • Hot-wallretort furnaces up to from 600 °C to 1100 °C: These models are suitable for heat treatment processes of different types where a defined protective application is required. Here you can choose between different sizes, all of which have a capacity of up to 1100 °C. The smallest and most compact furnace provides an output of 600 °C. The medium-sized models are also larger in terms of dimensions and produce 650 °C, 900 °C or the maximum output of 1100 °C. The models differ in design and size. All models are available in a small basic model and in the largest model with 1100 °C output.
  • Cold-wall retort furnaces from 2400 to 3000 °C: There are different models here. Some models perform up to 2400 °C, other models even up to 3000 °C.
  • Lift-bottom retort furnaces: These models are available in different sizes and with an output of up to 2400 °C.
  • Pit-type retort furnaces up to 1100 °C SR and SRA: These units feature gas circulation and are suitable for operation under non-flammable or flammable protective or reaction gases.

Modern design and innovative functions

The high-quality units in this series have different designs. One model is equipped with an electrohydraulically driven lifting floor in all its power versions, which facilitates charging. All models have a compact housing and were manufactured in frame construction and also have inserted stainless steel plates.

Depending on the model, charging from the top is possible. In the larger furnaces, large charge weights can also be placed in the furnace chamber. Some of the models have a swing lid that can be opened from the side.

Inside, all units have a gas supply system , and outside, a device for introducing the gas with the possibility of regulating the overpressure. The panel for process control is also located on the outside and is very easy to reach on all models.

All models have an emergency flood tank or bypass for purging the furnace in case of a problem or fault.

Technical data – an overview

The models of this product series have different technical features, which we would like to introduce to you briefly. However, depending on the model, the dimensions as well as the weight and some specifications may differ. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your desired model.

The ovens are generally kept very compact. This means that the modern technology is housed in the smallest possible space in each model. The models with a higher output of up to 2400 °C or 3000 °C are larger in terms of dimensions than the smallest unit with an output of 600 °C.

The smallest model in this series comes with a usable space dimension of 225 mm x 350 mm x 225 mm and a usable volume of 17 liters. The largest model has an external dimension of 1500 mm x2900 mm x2100 mm.

Models for catalytic debinding, which belong to the larger devices, have a weight of 800 kg or 1650 kg, for example. Energy consumption also increases with the size of the particular model.

Would you like to learn more?

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Additional information

Oven temperature max.

1100°C, 650°C, 950°C

Oven volume

1000 l, 150 l, 17 l, 200 l, 25 l, 300 l, 400 l, 50 l, 500 l, 7,5 l, 700 l, 75 l

Depth inside (oven)

1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1350 mm, 350 mm, 475 mm, 500 mm, 700 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm

Width inside (oven)

225 mm, 325 mm, 450 mm, 590 mm, 720 mm, 870 mm

Height inside (oven)

225 mm, 325 mm, 450 mm, 590 mm, 720 mm, 870 mm

Stove appliance type

retort furnace, Retortenofen