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Which areas of application does a Nabertherm muffle furnace cover?

Unlike classic muffle furnaces, laboratory furnaces from Nabertherm are designed in such a way that each model is individually tailored to the requirements and conditions in your daily laboratory routine. Thus, it is suitable for research institutions, schools, universities or even laboratories or dental laboratories.

The control system is extremely user-friendly and convenient and thus also contributes to the fact that laboratory furnaces in this category from Nabertherm are so versatile. For example:

  • for hardening steel in industrial sectors
  • for gravimetric processes in the chemical industry
  • for the thermal treatment of ceramic materials
  • for the production and fixation of artificial tooth and denture segments in dental laboratories
  • in combustion chambers of crematoria
  • for keeping samples warm in the laboratory and in various branches of industry.

How does a muffle furnace from Nabertherm work?

The reliable functionality and outstanding quality of modern muffle furnaces from Nabertherm is virtually proverbial. Find out more about how a muffle furnace from Nabertherm is constructed and how it works:

A Nabertherm muffle kiln is an extremely powerful firing kiln which separates the heat source from the firing chamber by means of a heat-resistant insert called a muffle. As a rule, the muffle is composed of refractory brickwork and stone elements known as fireclay.

Muffle linings from this well-known manufacturer are indispensable, especially in everyday laboratory work, because they optimally protect the firing material from the intense heat of the fire. If you decide on a muffle furnace from Nabertherm, the model favoured in each case will be individually tailored to the project and work-specific requirements in your laboratory or institute in terms of functionality and performance.

On you will find a range of additional features for different purposes, areas of application and requirements in the daily laboratory and institute routine. Contact us if you would like detailed expert advice!

Nabertherm Muffle Furnace the MedSolut Range

The innovative muffle furnaces you will find at offer many advantages. In our top-assorted online shop, you will find the perfect device for every area of application with just a few clicks. Discover a selection of the sought-after muffle furnaces from the brand manufacturer Nabertherm:

Pre-muffle furnace with stone insulation

The Nabertherm muffle furnace with stone insulation is ideal for daily use in dental laboratories. The robust table construction speaks for itself, and the excellent temperature uniformity with three-sided heating also contributes to the high value of this unit.

Thanks to the implemented heating elements, the firing material is heated from two sides and from the bottom. The multi-layered insulation with lightweight refractory bricks in the kiln chamber guarantees particularly gentle heating of your products.

High-temperature furnace with fibre insulation

If you are looking for a muffle kiln with fibre insulation, the Nabertherm high-temperature kiln with parallel swivel with chain guide from our online range is ideal for you. It is a robust floor model in a compact design, which not only convinces with the highest performance, but also with impressive precision.

The temperature uniformity is excellent. You can generate temperatures from 1,600 to 1,800 degrees Celsius. Due to the well thought-out labyrinth seal, hardly any temperature losses are to be expected. Also due to the high-quality fibre insulation with special back insulation, you save time and valuable energy!

Preheating oven with folding door

Compact, lightweight, robust and extremely precise in its operation – that is the Nabertherm muffle furnace for the dental laboratory from the MedSolut online catalogue. Rapid heating is possible without further ado. Thanks to the double-walled stainless steel housing and the heating elements in solid quartz glass tubes , this device is the perfect partner for your daily work.

Tip: The flap is very light and can even be used as a shelf if required.

High temperature drying oven 450C

The high-temperature drying oven with right-hinged swivel is a powerful muffle furnace from Nabertherm, which is characterised by very good temperature uniformity . Whether for preheating or tempering materials, for cooling or crystallising substances, there are numerous possible uses for this high-quality oven variant.

Tip : Please ask our team for the matching equipment. This makes it even easier to adapt the Nabertherm muffle furnace to your individual work and process requirements.

Nabertherm Muffle Furnace with SiC Rod Heating

The Nabertherm muffle furnace with SiC rod heating and practical lift is excellently suited for temperatures from 1,400 to 1,600 degrees. The SiC rods are extremely resistant and make this furnace a true all-rounder in your everyday business. Heating times are around 30 to 40 minutes.

The fibre material with which the entire oven chamber is equipped is convincing due to its durability. The inner casing is double-walled and of excellent stability. Therefore, heat losses are hardly noticeable. If required, you can use the functional NTLog Basic feature for Nabertherm controllers. This enables precise recording of process data with a USB stick .

Muffle Furnace from Nabertherm: Advantages

Ever since the company was founded, Nabertherm has been known for its excellent product and service quality. Since Conrad Naber founded the family business in 1947, laboratories, companies and industries all over the world have been supplied with high-performance innovations. Nabertherm has long since advanced to become one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory and muffle furnaces. The quality Made in Germany speaks for itself. More than 100,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries are enthusiastic about the excellent range of products from Nabertherm.

Find your Nabertherm muffle furnace in the MedSolut assortment.

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