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Clean room smock for the laboratory and clean room

Clean room smocks are mostly made of PE or PP and are therefore particularly hygienic. Order the disposable lab coats and cleanroom gowns that perfectly suit your laboratory or institute at Benefit from our excellent advice, remarkable customer orientation and comprehensive services. You will be thrilled!

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Applications for clean room smocks: laboratory and cleanroom

The high-quality disposable gowns or clean room smocks as protective clothing for laboratories and cleanrooms are comfortable, dust-tight, lightweight and environmentally friendly. Disposable visitor gowns in this product category are used in a wide variety of areas. As cleanroom requirements they are ideal for laboratories, hospitals, the construction industry or for use in industry. Whatever the sector, disposable gowns help you to comply with the strict hygiene guidelines and safety regulations in laboratories and cleanrooms.

You can quickly put them on over your usual clothing so that they can be worn as examination or visitor gowns. A high level of protection against damp contamination or residue is guaranteed while wearing them. The breathable material ensures a high level of working comfort and offers plenty of freedom of movement. Wherever you, your visitors or patients move around in hygienically sensitive environments, disposable lab coats are necessary in order to comply with safety and hygiene standards.

Clean room smock - materials

We offer you the ideal disposable lab coats for laboratories and cleanrooms to suit the conditions and requirements in your company or institute. Discover our clearly structured range of top-quality disposable lab coats made from high-quality materials. We will be happy to show you the properties as well as the advantages and possible disadvantages of the materials:


The material polypropylene (PP) is characterized by numerous positive properties and can be used universally. Disposable lab coats made from non-woven PP are impressively lightweight and highly permeable to air. They are also very comfortable to wear and comply with numerous hygiene regulations.


Tyvek is a polyethylene fiber spunbond that provides a very good barrier against particles and fibers. The nonwoven material is extremely light, lint-free, tear-resistant and antistatic. You can print or paint on it if required. These lab coats are also water-resistant, safe and recyclable.

Disposable lab coats for the laboratory - closures

The modern disposable lab coats are comfortable to wear, very light and have other impressive benefits. At, you can buy visitor and lab coats made of high-quality disposable materials with different types of closures. We will be happy to show you the models with the closures that are best suited to your needs and objectives in the laboratory.

Snap fastener

Disposable lab and cleanroom gowns with a snap fastener are particularly popular in everyday laboratory and institute work. This is because the snap fastener version is easy to close as required in just a few simple steps, but can be removed more quickly in an emergency, for example in the event of a fire or spillage of aggressive substances or acids.


Disposable lab and cleanroom smocks that can be opened or closed with a zipper are considered to be particularly reliable. Thanks to the fine interlocking of the zipper, no drops can get onto clothing when handling liquids because the gown fabric cannot open due to the movements of the upper body. The seams of the zipper are on the inside so that they cannot get caught anywhere. At, you can order disposable gowns with either snap fasteners or zippers. Snap fasteners offer more safety in everyday laboratory and institute work, as gowns in this product category can be opened quickly and easily "just in case".

Disposable visitor gowns: choose the gown in the right size

You can order disposable visitor gowns in your desired size from our online range. Many of the models are washable and particularly robust. We are happy to show you the high-quality disposable visitor gowns in practical standard sizes. Disposable lab and cleanroom gowns are also available in sizes L to XXL. Women of average height are well advised to choose size L. Sizes XL or XXL are usually suitable for men of normal height. It is generally advisable to order at least two sizes larger than the regular size for everyday wear. This way, you benefit from maximum freedom of movement when wearing the disposable gown.

Which gown for which cleanroom class?

Cleanrooms and laboratories are assigned to specific cleanroom or cleanliness classes depending on the particle density. Strict requirements apply to the maximum permissible particle concentration per cubic meter of ambient air. The limit values are defined in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1, VDI 2083 and the official EC GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) . In order to maintain the cleanliness level in the laboratory by wearing the right disposable lab coats, we recommend that you seek individual advice from our experienced specialists. How to find the right disposable lab coats for visitors. Disposable gowns in the corresponding cleanliness categories do not release any fragments of fiber and are equipped with edging and capped seams so that the clothing does not release any particles into the environment. Implemented carbon threads also prevent electrostatic charging.

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Would you like to order first-class disposable gowns at Then you will be impressed by our extensive product portfolio and excellent service. We offer you all this and more when you buy disposable lab coats:

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Not quite sure which disposable lab coats from our online catalog are right for your laboratory or institute? Simply send us an e-mail or contact us by phone. We will be happy to assist you personally and help you choose the perfect disposable lab coats. Our excellently trained team of specialists is very knowledgeable and will be happy to take the time to answer all your questions and requests. Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

High-quality items from selected brand manufacturers

All the items you will find in our assorted store are of first-class quality. We offer high-quality disposable lab coats and cleanroom gowns from proven brand manufacturers that have stood out from the competition for many years thanks to their outstanding product portfolio. See for yourself!

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