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Laminar Flow Box - protection for sensitive materials

A laminar flow box enables work under cleanroom conditions and thus protects highly sensitive microelectronics or analysis samples from contamination. At you will find various flow boxes and filter modules from renowned manufacturers as well as accessories such as racks, UV lamps or filters. On request, we will be happy to advise you on the selection, installation and maintenance of the right laminar box for your laboratory.

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Laminar Flow Box Functionality

The Laminar Flow Box is a special safety workbench or clean room workbench for the laboratory. It reduces particles within the work area to a minimum and thus creates dust-free and sterile conditions. It is used, for example, in semiconductor production, optics and many other areas. The Laminar Air Flow Box works by combining a highly effective HEPA filter with a fan. The room air is drawn in, cleaned by a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) and finally fed into the box as low-turbulence laminar air flow. The air flow exits again via an integrated exhaust air system. This creates a low-dust and low-particle cleanroom environment in the laminar flow gate. Employees can reach in through a special opening (e.g. sliding window or curtain) and carry out the necessary work. Depending on whether it is a vertical or horizontal flow model, the air flows through the box from back to front or from top to bottom.

What is laminar flow? Laminar flow is the movement of fluids (i.e. liquids or gases) without turbulence, i.e. swirls or cross-streams. The air or another fluid flows in parallel streamlines that do not mix. In the laminar box, the purified, laminar air flow displaces the contaminated air present and thus discharges particles to the outside.

Laminar Flow Box: Areas of application

Cleanroom technology is becoming increasingly important due to ever higher demands on products and process sequences. Laminar flow boxes help to create a clean environment for manufacturing and processing that meets the guidelines. Laminar boxes also play a major role in proper storage. So it's no wonder that they are particularly in demand in high-tech professions:

  • Medical technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Laser technology
  • Assembly technology
  • Optics, optoelectronics and laser technology
  • Microelectronics and micromechanics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical analytics

But the food and cosmetics industries also rely on sound- and energy-optimised devices when it comes to processing, manufacturing and packaging products. Equally important are cleanroom devices for particle-sensitive processes.

Criteria for selecting a laminar air flow box

Depending on the application and local conditions, different versions of a laminar flow box are suitable. The various manufacturers and models differ, for example, in the following features:

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Flow speed

The speed of the air flow can vary between the individual models. A higher airflow speed results in greater purity, but is also more energy-intensive. Most products, such as Spetec's FBS series, offer a choice of speed levels.

Flow direction

In some models, the laminar airflow flows vertically through the box, in others it flows horizontally.

Dimensions and weight

The appropriate size of the laminar flow box will depend on the work to be done and the space available. Before choosing a laminar flow box, the space in question must be measured precisely. Placement in the laboratory should be in a location where there is little air turbulence. Therefore, the position of windows, doors and ventilation systems should be taken into account. It should also be taken into account whether the weight corresponds to the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling.

Tip: Due to the often large dimensions, the delivery of the box should also be well planned: Check whether elevators, stairwells, corridors and doors are compatible with the dimensions of the workbench.

Filters and air purity class

The type or efficiency of the laminar flow filter also plays an important role in the selection process. HEPA filters of filter classes H13 and H14 are usually used: Here, 99.95 % (H13) or 99.995 % (H14) of the hard-to-filter particles in the range of 0.1-0.3 ?m are separated. The air purity achieved, which can be specified in the purity classes according to ISO standard 14644-1, is also relevant:

  Particles per cubic metre
Purity class ? 0,1 ?m ? 0,2 ?m ? 0,3 ?m ? 0,5 ?m ? 1,0 ?m ? 5,0 ?m
ISO 1 10          
ISO 2 100 24 10      
ISO 3 1.000 237 102 35    
ISO 4 10.000 2.370 1.020 352 83  
ISO 5 100.000 23.700 10.200 3.520 832  
ISO 6 1.000.000 237.000 102.000 35.200 8.320 293
ISO 7       352.000 83.200 2.930
ISO 8       3.520.000 832.000 29.300
ISO 9       35.200.000 8.320.000 293.000

The proven laminar flow boxes of the FBS series from Spetec, for example, produce a purity according to ISO class 5.

Lrm load

The operation of the centrifugal fan, which draws in the room air, usually causes a certain level of noise. With modern laminar boxes, however, this noise level has been reduced further and further and is usually in the range of max. 50 dB. In any case, it is advisable to compare the decibel level of the individual products in order to guarantee a low-noise working environment.

Required modules

The individual components of the laminar flow box, such as the filter module, box and (perforated) base, can also be purchased modularly from most manufacturers and combined as required. Spetec, for example, offers the FBS series Standard version without perforated floor and with strip curtain, which can be placed on an existing table. With a combination of only the filter module and strip curtain, for example, a cleanroom environment can be flexibly created for specific machines.

Laminarbox product range on

At we have a wide range of different laminar boxes and filter modules available for you. A small insight into our product range:

Spetec FBS series

The cleanroom specialist Spetec produces the FBS series of high-performance, state-of-the-art laminar flow units that can be used in a wide range of applications. The products consist of a filter attachment with a class H14 HEPA filter and a resistant box made of acrylic glass and anodised aluminium. Models are available in widths from 700 mm to 2000 mm, depending on requirements.

Spetec FBS Series-Standard

The FBS series-Standard is a variant of the FBS series described above and is distinguished by the fact that it is designed as a table-top frame without a perforated plate base and sliding door. This means that the work tasks can be carried out directly on an existing table.

Spetec Box EFBS series

The products of the EFBS series from Spetec consist of the same high-quality components as the FBS series, but are additionally equipped with a movable suction arm. They are used, for example, for work in which volatile combustion gases and vapours are produced. These can thus be directly extracted locally and the clean room conditions are maintained.

Spetec FBS-V series

The FBS-V series from Spetec is suitable for creating a clean room environment for machines or systems that are too large for a regular laminar flow box. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art Laminar Flow Module FMS and a cleanroom strip curtain.

Individual modules

In addition to the fully equipped systems, Spetec also offers individual modules that can be combined and supplemented as required.

Accessories and additional equipment for the Laminar Flow Box

Since the areas of application for the Laminar Flow Box are so varied, there are accordingly many accessories and additional modules with which it can be equipped:

Mobile underframes

Mobile work tables that can be flexibly moved to where they are needed save time and space. Not only does this reduce the size of the cleanroom zone, it also means that it is always exactly where it is practical and necessary.

UV lamps and interior lighting

Interior lighting makes work easier and is a good complement to mobile laminar flow boxes, which cannot always be placed where the light sources are optimal. This ensures sufficient lighting and thus safe working conditions at all times.


The particle filter function in particular is an essential area of operation for the laminar box. Therefore, filters such as HEPA filters, pre-filters and PTFE or HEPA main filters must be replaced regularly.

Sur-resistant plastic coating

The substances you work with are not always harmless. Especially in the field of chemistry, the sure-resistant plastic coating of the metal parts is essential in order to be able to work safely.

ESD equipment

Especially in technical areas, work is often carried out with electricity. In this case, not only ESD steels are needed, but also ESD worktops or earthing modules, so that safety is always guaranteed at work. The accessories for laminar flow boxes offer a wide selection of different frames, shelves, built-in cabinets, destroyers, adapters, coatings and much more. Please contact our customer service team for more information on the options available to meet your requirements.

Average price of a laminar flow box

For a complete laminar flow box with filter attachment, protective box and extraction floor, a price of several thousand euros can usually be expected. The current models from the manufacturer Spetec, for example, range in price from 3,500-7,000 euros, depending on the additional equipment. Individual modules, such as a filter attachment, can be considerably less expensive, with prices starting at around 2,000 euros.

Setting up the laboratory: The MedSolut experts will be happy to advise you!

Are you currently planning a completely new laboratory and need more than just a laminar box? Then contact our experts at MedSolut: they will advise you free of charge on all the details of laboratory furnishing and discuss the ideal room layout and equipment with you. Thanks to their many years of experience, our expert advisors can also provide you with advice and practical support when it comes to cleanroom requirements. We will be happy to prepare an attractive offer for you.

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The Laminar Flow Box is essential in numerous fields of work to create cleanroom conditions at certain points. Thanks to laminar flow, highly sensitive substances and products can be processed almost contamination-free. Whether as a table-top unit, filter module or with an extraction arm: we will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable model. Contact us simply and without obligation by phone (+49 30 2096579 00) or e-mail(