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Data loggers: reliable control of measured values

Data loggers can be of great use in almost every area of medicine, industry and technology . They are always used when certain parameters need to be permanently measured, controlled and logged. Read all the important information here and find the right device for your needs! Discover the top-quality range from With us you enjoy excellent advice from our experts and the good feeling of always finding the right product!

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What is a data logger?

Basically, a data logger consists of a measuring probe or sensor and a computer chip. It can log and store defined parameters such as temperature, CO2 or electricity consumption. The collected data and values recorded in this way are transferred to the computer via an external interface (e.g. USB) and analysed and saved on an internal memory. The devices are used for data logging all over the world. They effectively support compliance and quality management. They also make a significant contribution to energy-efficient working. Applications include:

  • Food control (incl. HACCP regulations)

  • Transport and storage of medical products (e.g. vaccines)

  • Climate research and environmental monitoring

  • Building management (e.g. monitoring of electricity consumption, mould)

Factors in choosing a data logger

  • Are you looking for a data logger? Then you should familiarise yourself in advance with the most important selection criteria. Depending on the area of application, various models with different features are available.Measured Gren: Our manufacturers' models reliably measure important parameters and acquired data such as temperature, humidity, CO2, power consumption or voltage.

  • Accuracy of the measured values: Depending on the nature of the sensor, minor deviations may occur. In the case of measuring temperature, for example, up to 0.3 °C is possible.

  • Battery life: Most models are very energy-efficient while they collect data. Therefore, battery runtimes of 2 years are possible.

  • Disposable or reusable logger: Compared to the reusable logger, the disposable version is inexpensive. It has a USB interface and the lifetime is limited to a certain period (< 1 year). The reusable logger is better suited for long-term monitoring.

  • Software: Export your data acquisition to Excel or download the enclosed software from the internet.

  • Data transfer method: Versions with USB interface do not need any additional cables or interfaces. They are simply plugged into the computer and read out.

Data loggers for different measurement limits at offers you a wide data loggers range of models and very specific devices, tailored to your needs:


Temperature monitoring is extremely reliable and used in many areas: In the food industry, for example, it is used to record cold chains without any gaps. Heating and air conditioning systems can be checked for their efficiency.

Storage temperatures for sensitive reagents or sample materials can also be reliably monitored. Temperature data loggers are mounted directly on the wall of a room, a refrigerator or a truck. There are also mobile devices with immersion sensors and real time measurement.

A lot of the products have an amount of data storage where you can save some of the recent test results and different types of data.


The level of humidity in the air plays a role in the formation of mould in flats and bros as well as in energy management.

Humidity meters are also used to determine the moisture content of buildings, to ensure compliance with HACCP regulations and to monitor the climatic conditions in production facilities and clean rooms. Analogous to temperature monitoring, these devices are also suitable for wall mounting.

Air pressure

Air pressure measurements are useful in cold stores, server rooms or laboratories. They also protect valuable art objects from premature decay in museums or exhibition rooms. For permanent monitoring, simply mount the device on the wall. An alarm signal sounds when critical values are detected.

Current and voltage

A data logger monitors current and voltage fully automatically. Log the power consumption of your devices or monitor the quality of your network. Most of the instruments come with a high battery power.


Measuring the carbon dioxide content helps to monitor the indoor climate. In this way you can, for example, document faulty ventilation in public rooms. You can also use it to determine the general air quality, e.g. in production facilities or hospitals. Combined versions for temperature, humidity and CO2 are simply mounted on the wall.

Safe and robust: our data loggers from brand manufacturers

Data loggers are available in countless variants. We at attach great importance to high-quality products from renowned manufacturers.

Durability and data security are only two factors that we take into account when selecting our devices. You will find the following manufacturers in our portfolio:


The German manufacturer based in Reichholzheim near Wertheim specialises in measuring instruments of all kinds. Dostmann models are compact and easy to handle. Here you will discover simple instruments for single parameters or combined measurements at a price-performance ratio that meets your needs!


Science and laboratory are the target groups of the manufacturer based in Tuttlingen. Specialised in simulation cabinets, Binder offers its instruments as practical kits especially for its products. This means that each wheel fits precisely into the other - all components are ideally matched to each other.

Ludwig Schneider

Since 1910, the name Ludwig Schneider has stood for the highest quality in measurement technology worldwide. In addition to digital thermometers and aerometers, the manufacturer also offers data loggers for temperature monitoring. They are characterised by high precision, wide measuring ranges and easy handling.

Data loggers for your area of application - our experts will be happy to advise you!

Not only do you buy top quality data loggers at, we also want to make sure that you find the ideal device for your needs . That is why we are happy to advise you personally. Send us your enquiry by e-mail to Or call us at +49 30 209 657 900!