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Laboratory cabinet robust storage space for the laboratory

A laboratory cabinet is the ideal storage space for a wide variety of things. Whether samples, tools or hazardous substances , with you are always on the safe side and find the perfect laboratory cabinet for your laboratory or institute. In our portfolio you will find a large selection of branded articles. Do you have questions about laboratory cabinets and shelving? Then feel free to take advantage of the professional advice of our friendly experts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Requirements for a laboratory cabinet

With regard to laboratory cabinets, a distinction is made on the one hand between the classic universal cabinets for storing laboratory utensils, instruments and documents. On the other hand, at you will find laboratory equipment and safety cabinets in which you can deposit hazardous materials such as substances that are harmful to the water, toxic or flammable . These are some of the requirements placed on laboratory cabinets:
  • Laboratory or safety cabinets must comply with EN 14470-1. This EU standard regulates the structural conditions as well as the requirements that apply to fire-protected models.
  • The size of a laboratory cabinet should be adapted to the respective requirements. Whether half-height or high, whether as a hanging or base cabinet, at you will always find the right models with the required stability.
  • Hazardous material cabinets ideally consist of melamine resin-coated components that are resistant to chemical influences. Stainless steel also performs excellently in this respect.
  • In many areas, laboratory cabinets should be fitted with lightweight castors. This makes it easy to move the goods stored in the cabinet from one workbench to another without risk of damage.
  • In laboratory areas where special safety measures must be observed, it is essential that laboratory cabinets are lockable and equipped with a surveillance camera. This keeps a record of which persons have had access to the contents of the stored goods and when.
  • Laboratory cabinets with viewing windows enable even better monitoring of samples and test specimens. In many laboratories and institutes, splits and exhaust air connections should not be missing from a cabinet in this product category.
Note from the MedSolut experts: Dangerous or toxic substances may only be deposited in lockable laboratory cabinets. We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail about the current legislation and guidelines.

Laboratory cabinets in various designs

Laboratory cabinets are available in a wide variety of designs. At MedSolut we have a comprehensive selection for you to choose from, so you are sure to find the right product for your working environment.

Underbench cabinet

Under-counter cabinets in laboratories offer an additional degree of flexibility. The models you can order in our online catalogue are ideal for installation under washbasins, shelves, mirrors or display cabinets. This allows you to benefit from more storage space and additional safety features as required.

Special cabinet for hazardous substances

Of course, our portfolio of hazardous materials cabinets is also very extensive and of excellent quality. No matter what dimensions and materials you need special cabinets for hazardous substances: We will be happy to help you in your search and provide you with professional and detailed advice.

Special cabinets Laboratory cabinet with extraction and co.

Are chemicals, hazardous substances, toxic substances or flammable liquids stored in your work area? Then you need a suitable special cabinet or an innovative laboratory cabinet with extraction. Other features and safety devices are also often required. We offer you the following models, among others:

Safety cabinet

For the storage of acids and alkalis, toxic substances or flammable liquids, a safety cabinet with a resistant surface is recommended. MedSolut has a wide selection of cabinets for you to choose from, whether they are equipped with an extraction device, recirculating air filters, special compartment shelves or extractors.

Chemical cabinet

Chemical cabinets are characterised by their very well thought-out extraction technologies and excellent filtration qualities. This ensures a high level of user protection against stored extraction and filtration equipment. Toxic gases are captured at the source and directed into the filter system. We will be happy to show you which other factors are important for a chemical cabinet in an individual consultation.

Gas cylinder cabinet

A gas cylinder cabinet must meet specific requirements for the storage of gas cylinders in accordance with TRGS 510. Only then can hazard-free storage in laboratories be guaranteed. For which requirements do you need gas cylinder cabinets in your laboratory or institute? Let our experts advise you in detail.

How to choose the right laboratory cabinet

MedSolut makes it easy for you to find the right laboratory cabinet. Materials and the structural design depend on the industry or work area in which the laboratory cabinet will be used. When choosing a suitable laboratory cabinet, the following questions can help you:
  • Which substances should be stored in the laboratory cabinet? Are they everyday substances or are chemical substances to be deposited?
  • In view of current legislation, flammable substances must be stored in lockable, fireproof laboratory cabinets. Shelves, lockable compartments and hanging devices should be provided as required.
  • What size should the cabinet be? Are you looking for a top, wall or base cabinet for the laboratory? Or do you need a tall cabinet with hinged or sliding doors.
  • Are the substances stored in the cabinet checked and measured at regular intervals? Laboratory cabinets with sliding windows and exhaust devices are ideal under these conditions.

Setting up a laboratory - we help you with the planning

We will be happy to help you with the conceptual design of your laboratory equipment and the search for a suitable laboratory cabinet. Simply contact our experienced team, who will be happy to provide you with helpful suggestions, tips and product information at any time.

Accessories for a laboratory cabinet

From laboratory cabinets to complete laboratory furnishings, we always offer you the right products in outstanding quality at You can also find the corresponding accessories in our store with just a few mouse clicks, for example:
  • Recirculation filters
  • Exhaust air systems
  • Sliding devices for viewing windows
  • Fume cupboards
  • Supports for cupboard shelves

Order laboratory cabinet at

Order the laboratory cabinet that perfectly suits your institution in our first-class structured online shop. Feel free to take advantage of our professional advice and contact us by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by email at [email protected] We are always there for you! How can we help you?