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When is a distance meter worthwhile?

Distance measuring devices are valuable tools for determining areas, lengths, widths, heights and volumes. Whether indoors or outdoors – precision and easy handling are the factors that distinguish high-quality measuring devices in this product category.

Classic areas of application for distance measuring devices:

  • for measuring room boundaries
  • for determining property boundaries
  • for marking out areas or enclosures
  • for the exact alignment of beds with a view to planting experimental plants, trees or shrubs
  • for the precise determination of areas for the goal-oriented execution of tests and experiments

From CO2 meters to anemometers: At MedSolut you will receive numerous other laboratory analysis devices in high quality brand name!

How does a distance meter with laser work?

A distance meter with laser is used for the precise measurement of distances. Thus, the exact distance is determined with the help of a laser beam. The device calculates the time it takes for the beam to travel from the starting point to a specified measuring end point and back again. With laser interferometers, on the other hand, the distance is calculated on the basis of the light reflection of the laser beam.

Distance measurement with laser vs. ultrasound

In addition to the laser distance meter, the ultrasonic distance meter is also well known. Both devices differ significantly with regard to their measurement accuracy and uses.

While the laser distance meter uses a laser beam to determine the distance to the respective target point, the ultrasonic distance meter is different. It emits ultrasonic pulses and measures the distance by analyzing the time duration from the emission of the pulse to the arrival of the echo.

Top-class laser technologies – for precise measurement results

Compared to the distance measuring device that uses laser technology, ultrasonic measurement can be inaccurate and provide false results if necessary. This is because with many devices the target point is not displayed exactly, so that an incorrect point is aimed at. Would you like to know more about laser distance meters? Then let our experts advise you in detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Choosing the right distance meter – selection criteria

If you value the highest precision in your measurements, you should rely on the high-quality distance measuring devices from the MedSolut online catalog. Based on the following criteria, you can easily find the device that fully meets your requirements:

Measuring range

The measuring range plays a central role in the selection of a distance measuring device. For smaller areas, devices with a measuring range of 0.05 to 80 meters are suitable. If, on the other hand, you want to calculate larger areas, you need a laser distance meter that can measure distances from 150 to 300 meters or even up to 1,000 meters.

Meters with smaller measurement ranges are primarily suitable for measurements in houses or individual rooms, while devices with larger measurement capacities are ideal for outdoor measurements.

Pythagoras function

To check right angles with a laser rangefinder, the Pythagoras function is helpful. In doing so, you measure a distance from the corner at both wall areas in order to then determine the distance between the end points of the two previous lines.

This can be two wall lengths that meet in a corner as well as the diagonal line that does not go through the area to be measured. If your device does not include a Pythagoras function, the check can also be performed by manual recalculation.

Minimum-maximum calculation

Particularly powerful distance measuring devices also have the function of the so-called minimum-maximum calculation. Here, a distance is measured several times. Both the smallest and the largest value that can be determined are determined and shown on a well-lit display.

If you frequently measure from edges as part of your work, devices in this product category are recommended because you can switch the reference plane as required. This means that the device will measure the targeted distance from either the bottom or top edge.

Tips for distance measurement

To ensure that you generate accurate measurement results, it is important to use a professional laser distance meter that is easy to operate and impresses with a high performance and function portfolio. We will be happy to take the time to explain the best measuring devices to you in detail.

Our expert tips for precise results

  • With the help of a laser target plate, you can aim at the desired target point particularly easily when measuring outdoors. The board has a special coating that supports accurate measurement results. Foldable boards are particularly easy to set up in open spaces and therefore make the assistance of a second person unnecessary.
  • Because hardly any wall or ceiling is ever 100 percent straight, it is generally a good idea to use a distance measuring device. Always measure the lengths, widths and heights of a room several times to avoid measurement discrepancies. Sloping walls, bay windows or wall projections can easily be measured with a distance measuring device with included Pythagoras function.
  • Use the built-in continuous measurement mode of your device for wall or roof slopes. This allows you to eliminate, correct and re-measure possible inaccuracies in squares and rectangles. It is also possible to determine whether walls are parallel or not.
  • Experience has shown that laser distance meters measure far more accurately than ultrasonic distance meters. Therefore, opt for distance meters with built-in laser technology with a suitable measuring range in each case. This guarantees precise measurement results.

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