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Safety goggles for chemistry and industry

In many work areas, targeted eye protection is indispensable. At you will find a first-class range of products to protect your eyes in the laboratory, chemistry and industry. Our friendly staff will competently support you in choosing the perfect safety glasses in chemistry. Benefit here from selected quality products, outstanding service and excellent advice. We look forward to meeting you!


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When are chemical safety goggles used?

High-quality chemical safety goggles are indispensable in a wide variety of areas, for example:

  • in chemistry, biology and physics lessons
  • in the context of scientific studies
  • when working with chemicals, dust and other particles.

The eyes are particularly sensitive organs that require appropriate protection. Therefore, special chemical safety goggles protect the eyes from harmful influences such as chemicals, toxic vapours, UV rays and dirt or dust particles. This makes the goggles in this product category indispensable protective equipment for the laboratory in everyday professional or business life.

Safety goggles in the chemical laboratory: Which standards apply?

The regulations for personal eye protection are explicitly laid down in BGR 192. Different DIN standards apply to the use of safety goggles in chemical laboratories. The following standards are relevant in professional, business and private everyday life:

  • DIN EN 166 contains the general basic requirements for personal eye protection.
  • DIN EN 167 refers to personal eye protection with regard to normal optical test methods.
  • DIN EN 168 relates to personal eye protection with regard to non-optical test method standards according to filters or lenses.
  • DIN EN 169 relates to personal eye protection and primarily takes into account filters for welding and related techniques.
  • DIN EN 170 covers the personal eye protection of the user and refers to the existing ultraviolet protection filter.
  • DIN EN 171 concerns personal eye protection and takes into account the infrared protection filters used.
  • DIN EN 172 refers to personal eye protection, whereby the focus is on the implemented sun protection filter for commercial use.

When are safety goggles prescribed for chemistry and industry?

Every entrepreneur or employer must provide his employees with eye and face protection if it is not possible to easily avoid the existing risk potential. Even if other measures are not sufficient to minimise existing risks, protective goggles are indispensable. Mechanical, optical, chemical and thermal impacts as well as biological or electrical hazards are relevant here. The specific labelling of safety goggles in chemistry and industry provides important information about the intended use of the goggles.

Interesting facts about the labelling of protective eyewear

The first digit on a pair of chemical and industrial safety goggles indicates the type of protective filter and the tinting of the goggles. This is followed by a number indicating the level of protection against UV radiation. This is subdivided into further prefixes and also indicates the protection against UV radiation with or without colour recognition. This is followed by the degree of radiolucency and an indication of the respective diopter deviation.

Tip: Get individual advice from our specialists now and find out which safety goggles are best suited for which periods of time and for which areas of application in chemistry and industry.

Versions of the chemist's goggles

On you will find numerous safety goggles for chemistry and industry, which are offered in different versions. Convince yourself of the qualitative value and choose the chemist's goggles that optimally meet the requirements in your laboratory. You can order the following designs directly at

Safety goggles with temples

Laboratory and safety goggles with temples from our store are characterised by their lateral eye area coverage and the adjustable temples. This flexible design makes them suitable for almost any head size and face shape. An implemented anti-fog coating provides additional comfort when handling chemicals and other dangerous utensils.


Especially spectacle wearers who do not want to take off their visual aids while performing their work are excellently advised to wear over-glasses. The models in our portfolio impress with their unrestricted lateral perception and pressure-free fit. The individual temple length adjustment is another plus of this category of glasses. This means that they can be individually adapted to most visual aids and are also scratch-resistant and resistant to chemicals.

Full-vision spectacles

Full vision goggles often have indirect ventilation valves and are the perfect protective cover for your eyes. The lens, which is usually made of polycarbonate and has an integrated anti-fog function, is embedded in an adjustable rubber strap mount. The housing adapts optimally to any face shape and thus ensures full eye protection in any situation.

Protective goggles

Users with light-sensitive eyes do not want to do without tinted safety goggles as part of their daily work. Tinting keeps out external light to a certain extent and therefore offers double protection against injury, radiation, chemicals or other harmful external influences.

Chemical safety eyewear manufacturer

With us you will find high quality safety goggles for laboratory, chemical and industry from renowned manufacturers. Discover the perfect chemical safety goggles to meet your needs now in our online catalogue:


When you choose chemical safety goggles from Bürkle, you are always on the safe side. Since the 1950s, the name Bürkle has been synonymous with outstanding quality and customer orientation. Whether it is sampling systems, drum pumps, laboratory equipment and protective utensils , every single innovation from Bürkle is well thought out down to the last detail and shines with its remarkable functionality.


The renowned company Dräger, based in Lübeck, is highly successful in a wide variety of business fields. Whether in the chemical industry or in mining, whether in the oil and gas industry, in the fire brigade or in medical areas, users in the most diverse industrial sectors rely on the high-quality products from Dräger. Every innovation of the manufacturer is excellently thought out and testifies to excellent quality.

Safety goggles in the chemical industry for spectacle wearers

Spectacle wearers have special demands on their safety glasses. Whether safety goggles or optical safety goggles, the product portfolio on is very comprehensive and shines with a high level of functionality. For every type of solution, we offer our quality-conscious laboratory and institute customers the right chemical safety goggles for spectacle wearers:

Safety glasses

Safety glasses from Brkle or Drger are the ideal companion for everyday laboratory and institute work. They can be individually adjusted so that they can be worn comfortably over your glasses. The adjustable side and front temples offer you maximum comfort when wearing them.

Optical glasses

Optical glasses make even small particles clearly visible and protect your eyes from chemical substances, dusts, splinters and other dangerous impacts. Discover the perfect optical safety glasses for chemistry and industry in our online portfolio now.

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