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Medical Protective Clothing for Hospital and Care at

Whether you work in a hospital or in a care setting, medical protective clothing is essential. It ensures the safety of your patients and protects medical staff. In addition to clinical facilities such as doctors’ surgeries or hospitals, laboratories or nursing homes also use protective clothing. Protective equipment is also essential for care in the home environment.

This includes, for example:


Gloves are an essential part of protective clothing. They are used for a variety of tasks in the medical field. For example, they protect your hands from irritating, dangerous substances, infectious material or the transmission of germs . Contamination or pollution of specimens also poses a great risk.

Good protective gloves are therefore absolutely essential and can be used both when working in the laboratory and when treating patients. offers you a wide range of medical gloves from certified manufacturers such as Sempermed. Feel free to enquire about discounts and special promotions for rough orders.

Mouthguards and masks

A mouthguard and other types of protective masks greatly reduce the risk of transmitting germs . Even simple fabric masks can filter the air. Modern, high-quality models hardly restrict breathing, but offer a high level of comfort and optimum protection.

If you work with substances that pose a risk to the respiratory tract, we recommend that you choose appropriate masks for this area of work. You will also find a range of mouthguards for every need in our assortment. Our service team is always available to provide you with detailed information.

Safety goggles

Protective goggles can be used in a wide variety of areas. These include, for example, procedures in which infectious liquids could be transmitted. But these protective aids are also indispensable when handling corrosive substances. They also keep eyelashes from falling out and protect your eyes from damp and splashes.

We also have a selection of safety goggles for you in our portfolio. Whatever your field of work, our team of experts is sure to find the right safety product for you.

Operating theatre clothing

If you work in a hospital, especially in the operating theatre, you can’t do without a good pair of protective clothing. Masks, goggles, gloves and protective gowns prevent direct contact with tissue, blood and other body fluids and keep the operating room sterile.

A distinction is made between disposable protective gowns, washable g owns and gowns. While the disposable versions should be disposed of after wearing, you must ensure that the reusable models are washed at the highest possible temperature.

Medical protective clothing: Areas of application

As you can see, there are numerous areas of application for protective clothing in medicine and nursing. In each case, the appropriate equipment must be selected for the respective application. Gloves and protective gowns are often sufficient to ensure the necessary safety.

Protective clothing in nursing and old people’s homes

With protective clothing in nursing, you avoid direct contact with body fluids, urine and stool. Protective clothing also plays an important role in the care of wounds, such as bedsores or ulcers, as well as in the insertion or care of drafts.

As a rule, gloves and a protective gown are sufficient for many tasks. A mask or mouth guard can be used additionally if the patient is immunocompromised or if there is a risk of infection.

Infection control for contaminated areas

Special care must be taken in contaminated areas. Accordingly, protective clothing must be worn. Masks, gloves and gowns or even suits are not uncommon here. This not only prevents infection, but also the spread of infection.

Protective clothing in the hospital and for the operating theatre

Protective gowns for the hospital and especially for the operating theatre represent an important aspect with regard to the safety of the medical staff and the patients. The right protective clothing should therefore be used even for minor procedures.

Due to the high risk of infection, protective clothing must meet a first-class standard. Moisture-resistant materials and fabrics that can be easily and thoroughly cleaned form the basis for safe working. A simple way to ensure basic protection is to use disposable versions that can be safely disposed of immediately after use.

Protective clothing in the doctor’s office

As a rule, a washable gown, gloves and, if necessary, a mouth guard are suitable protective clothing in the doctor’s office. However, the necessary equipment depends on the respective case of illness and the given circumstances.

For example, if minor outpatient procedures are also performed in your practice, more comprehensive medical protective clothing may be required. For a blood sample or a simple examination, on the other hand, only the basics need to be in place. This prevents the transmission of pathogens during an injection, palpation or the treatment of wounds.

Protective clothing for medicine: our quality promise

At we offer you the right protective clothing for every need in medicine and care. Whether you work in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home or home care, you can increase the safety of your workplace. Hygiene regulations can also be better adhered to with the appropriate equipment.

High quality medical clothing

At we have a comprehensive range of medical protective clothing. We attach great importance to ensuring that the equipment meets your requirements and thus fulfils an absolutely high level of safety. This is absolutely necessary due to the relevance of the field of application. Because high quality standards can save lives.

Comprehensive range at

Our first-class range offers as much choice and protection as necessary and as little restriction as possible. Because freedom of movement and the ability to work without restriction in medical protective clothing are also essential in the medical and care sectors.

Personal advice – suitable solutions

We offer you the possibility of taking advantage of individual advice by telephone or e-mail at any time. If you are unsure or have any questions, our competent service team is at your disposal and can make your decision-making process easier.

Buy protective clothing for medicine now without obligation

The aim of protective clothing in medicine and nursing is to ensure the safety of everyone. Whether staff or patient, maintaining health is of the utmost relevance.

With our advice and our large portfolio, you can obtain the appropriate and optimal protective clothing for every need. Take advantage of our non-binding offer today and equip your workplace with the right protective clothing. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 209 657 900.